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Our Kittens. . .

Please contact us if you are interested in being on the waiting list for one of our kittens in the near future. 

Our formula for exceptional cats is to start with a great pedigree (Thai physical attributes), deliberately choosing to only breed parents that have great dispositions and personalities, and then socializing their offspring (“the kittens”) as early and often as possible in many varied and unique situations. Ensuring the kittens turn out to be the best possible companions anyone could hope for takes much love, devotion, and a whole lot of time and attention in the early stages of their development. 

We have been averaging about 70% Seal Points, 20% Blue Points, and 10% Chocolate Points in our litters. The seal points are the darkest of the four main colors (seal, blue, choc, lilac) and the original color point of the breed. The seal point is the color point most that people visualize when they think of a Thai (Siamese) cat.

What you need to know about kittens that come from somewhere else (...and our kittens)

  • You may find a cattery with kittens that...

    • only have a couple of testimonials. We have 125+ positive testimonials (read a few!)

    • won't be placed with older clients. NOT US! We have a dynamic rehoming program! 

    • are far less expensive. Why is that? Ask me, I will tell you why ours are such a bargain!

    • you don't have to be on a waitlist for months. Red flag! Good breeders always have waitlists. Ours, Worth the wait!

    • are taken home before 11 weeks. Way too early and that is not good for them!

    • don't receive shots or microchips. Ours have their 1st and 2nd shots and are microchipped.

    • are very difficult to care for - clipping nails, baths, going in a pet carrier or taking car rides. All a non-issue for ours.

    • only has a few testimonials and very old and outdated ones at that. We have 125+ positive testimonials (read a few!).

    • come spayed or neutered? What is way too soon and very healthy for them!

    • test positive for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). All of ours are PRA negative.

    • are closer to your location. We fly with the kittens (in-cabin) all over the continental United States!

    • have parents without pedigree documents. We have TICA 5 generation pedigrees for all our Kings & Queens.

    • have fleas and are underweight. Our kittens will look and feel healthy.

    • don't use the litter box consistently and scratch the furniture. Not ours, ever!

    • don't come with a $100+ Kitten Care Package - wet/dry food, time-tested toys. Helps the kittens adjust smoothly!

However, you will NOT find more social, affectionate, and confident kittens anywhere!

*** The kittens in these photos were not staged.  They are just doing what they do! *** 

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