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Testimonials...  2019 

Testimonials are requested from each and every one of our clients and are posted in their entirety without any editing by us (just Grammarly). These clients have also graciously offered to be contactable via email if you have any questions regarding their testimonial or their kitten(s). We try to be totally transparent here at BTC.

Sarah, Glendale, CA, "Kipper", seal point male, (Maya & Brody, 10/19)

Kipper has been an ideal companion cat and a delight since the day I picked him up in February 2020. He slept the whole ride home on my lap and settled in faster than any kitten I have ever had.


Thomas and I had been corresponding via email and phone for a couple of months preceding the litter and he has always been awesome about answering questions and sending updates as the kittens' age. I knew that I wanted a seal point male and it was clear that Thomas works hard to ensure everyone on the waitlist gets accommodated. Even after we took him home, Thomas continued to give us advice, answer questions and send any paperwork whenever we needed it. 

Kip is playful, affectionate, curious, absolutely fearless, and FULL of personality. He’s also a big fan of fetch and will sometimes bring us odd items from around the house! Very helpful!  Needless to say, having Kipper to keep us company (and having his big kitten energy to keep us on our toes,) during long months of social isolation has been a blessing. When he is not playing with toys or our other cat (whom he became fast friends with), he is cuddling with us in bed or hanging out nearby. Actually, he is curled up next to me as I type this up.

In short, I am so glad to have this little guy. He is so well-adjusted and unique. I’d recommend Black Thai Cattery to anyone looking for a Siamese of their own.

Carolyn, Palo Alto, CA, "Intergesi & Ltepes", seal point males, (Cleopatra/Maya & Bjorn/Brody, 10/19)

Benji & Toto, now Intergesi & Ltepes (Samburu names) have become our beloved fur babies. Extremely active and intelligent, royal, and a chatterbox. This has to do with Thomas’s care @ Blackthaicattery. We received them after 3 months and by then they had been potty trained :), used the litter box in an hour of being at home, and were very highly socialized. 


I choose the Siamese breed because I wanted cats that were great companionship and not venerable to disease like my prior. However not all breeders are alike, Thomas assured me within an hour of interviewing him of his approach to breeding -only a few in a year to ensure the safety and quality of his kittens. We had weekly communication before and after birth with pictures of mom with her kittens until the last week of pick up! A lot of details on how to care for them including food for a week. We knew that Siamese is extraordinary cats needing hands-on care and playtime. Indeed you must be ready to dedicate time to them. They do not eat until I’ve listened and played with them for at least 10 mins. They get anxious without human contact and touch. They will literally jump at you for touch and affection, rubbing onto your fingers and looking directly to your eyes for attention and affirmation. This is exactly what I was looking for really, as an empty nester. I’m no longer talking to myself :) especially with Shelter at Place COVID-19. I could have gone crazy by now!!!

Ltepes has taken to my adult son and Intergesi with me. Ltepes will run to my son's bedroom as soon as he gets in the house chatting in a very strong vocal sound. Ltepes is male & Ntergesi is female. They will be the 6-month-old at the end of the month. I get home at 7.30 am and they’re waiting for me to feed them chatting & stretching. One peculiar behavior; every morning after serving them, they run straight to the litter box first before eating :)

I highly recommend Blackthaicattery especially due to Thomas's care for these kittens that it was such a smooth transition from his care to mine. I also recommend you get two otherwise they do not or might not thrive without a playmate. Please make sure they have higher places to climb and are safe too. The top of our kitchen cabinets has become their hangout. Soo much love -Thank you, Thomas. Blackthaicattery is the best!

Lynn, Kent, WA, "jAIRee", seal point male, (Cleopatra & Bjorn, 10/19) -  repeat client 

I confess, I'm a Siameserholic, if there is such a thing and I never thought I would end up with THREE, but I did!  ...and here's how it started...

I fell in love with the Siamese cat breed as a young girl. My dad brought home 2 kittens, a brother, and a sister, we named Sing and Sam. It was the early 60's. Those two cats ruled my childhood and I was totally in love with them. They were my constant companions. For me, the home has always been where the Siamese lives and I don't think I could endure life without "one". There have been numerous Siamese in my life.


About 2 1/2 years ago, my male Siamese passed away leaving me my 15 years old female alone. It has been my experience with this breed, that they do better with a buddy. So my search began for a Siamese kitten.


There are very few breeders of the Siamese in my state of Washington. Most are involved in breeding several breeds of cats. I was interested in a purebred Siamese and found Black Thai Cattery on the internet. The part that intrigued me was Tom's way of socializing the kittens from the start. As newborns, they bond with Tom and his family and they thrive on their loving care. By the time you get to take your kitten home, they are trained with the basic necessities ready to face the world, including interfacing with whatever pets you might already have in your household.


From their website, I discovered that Black Thai Cattery had one kitten available in about 6 or 7 weeks. I really thought hard about whether I was ready to take on a new kitten yet and I finally called Tom. We talked for quite a while on the phone and I thought some more and then finally called him back and made a deposit for the  kitten.  He sent pictures and a weekly update with photos of the kittens so I got to "watch" them grow!

Finally, the wait was over and my husband and I flew down to pick up our first kitten. We brought him home and he and my older female cat got along pretty well but it was obvious after a  while that the age difference between the two cats wasn't fair to either one of them. My older female was trying to enjoy her golden years while being ambushed out of the left-field from the kitten. Tom had suggested from the beginning that I should get 2 kittens but I was concerned that my female would feel like an outsider. I thought long and hard about a third kitten.  Finally, I looked on the website again to see if Tom had any available....he did (yay, and a 1/2 brother to "Thai",...Tom sent pictures and that's when my heart had the kitten meltdown.....

I brought jAIRee home, February 4th, 2020. It took him all of 2 days to convince his half-brother, ThaiLure, that he adored him. They eat together, play together, and sleep together. A match made in heaven! KadeeSoo, the Queen of the Clan, tolerates the newbie jAIRee, but puts him in his place if necessary. I couldn't be happier about my decision to get another Black Thai Cattery kitten! Our family of three Siams has turned out better than expected, and I think that has a lot to do with the great beginning he gives them in a loving and caring environment and the respect that he gives the Siamese breed.


If you've never had a Siamese cat, I must warn you, they want to bond to you, they are really a companion and expect a conversation with you. They can learn words if you use them consistently, such as, "are you ready for supper?"...and then the singing begins. They are really intelligent and with a little patience, you can train them with simple commands. jAIRee is already learning to sit, shake, up, stay, and give momma kisses. Thai is starting to learn to roll over! They will be your lifelong companion, all you add is LOVE!


I'm happy I found Black Thai Cattery and Thomas GO To Siamese breeder and grateful for his experience and friendship too!

Thank you, Tom

Hugs from the boys, Thai and jAIRee

Heide, Hayward, CA, "Ziggy & Layla", seal point male & blue point female, (Cleopatra & Bjorn, 10/19)

I have been a cat owner most of my life, but I did not have any specific breed until the early 90’s, and then one of the first was a Siamese.


Of all the cats that I have acquired from a breeder, these two kittens have been the easiest to bring home and integrate into my household of other cats, without too much trauma, they are lovable, athletic, curious and beautiful, and I attribute much of their character to their early handling and care, from the breeder, Black Thai Cattery.

I can’t express how much joy they have brought to my life.

Judy, Meadow Vista, CA, "Louie", seal point male, (Cleopatra & Bjorn, 10/19)

Tom was terrific from start to finish. His kitties are a little more expensive but worth it. I had contacted two other breeders who had kittens available earlier than Tom’s kittens but felt from the beginning that he was someone who considered breeding his passion and decided to wait for one from his liter. Once the kitties were old enough, he sent photos and commentary once a week. It was great to see the progress and hear about their antics. He worked hard to socialize them every day so that the adjustment to a new home would be easy. I had questions and no matter how insignificant, he would respond right away with an answer for me. We have a 6-year-old Siamese and I had some concerns about his adjustment. He adapted beautifully and now they are best buddies. The temperament of our new kitty, Louie, is lots of love, lots of play. And the total joy in our life.

Even after we got Louie, and we had other questions, Tom was very responsive.

George, Ashland, OR, "Rico & Moonbeam", SP male & female,  (Maya/Cleopatra & Brody/Bjorn, 10/19)

Ms. Moonbeam is really athletic, she is jumping on & off of every high surface we have, Rico cannot keep up with her no matter how hard he tries, poor fellow. Anyway, we love them. She was a little shy at first but has come around & is now very affectionate. I am so happy we found you & BlackThaiCattery, your cats are wonderfully social & well-trained, & I am happy we didn’t have to put them on an airplane when they were little kittens. We still have some challenges with off-limit locations but they are kitties & it’s nothing a few treats can’t resolve. We would recommend you & your kitties to anyone & everyone! 


We hope everyone is as lucky to have these wonderful little pets!

Jennifer, San Jose, CA, "Sallah & Indy", seal point males, (Mae & Bjorn, 10/19)

We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Black Thai Cattery. Tom was very prompt in answering questions and providing information and was very willing to discuss any cat-related topic to understand what we were looking for. We did call around to different breeders, but settled on Tom and are very happy with our two baby boys. The hardest part was waiting for our kittens to be born. The first litter did not quite match our "ideal", and we choose to wait for the next batch. We went in committed to one kitten, but ended up taking TWO and could not be happier. We received weekly updates on the kittens and that was the highlight of our week while we waited. The day after we brought the kittens home, one developed a slight eye infection, and Tom, drove right to our house to bring us some eye ointment, and our younger son exclaimed, it's Motorcycle Cat Guy to the rescue! They've grown and blossomed so much since coming home and both boys bring us so much joy and pleasure. They are rough and tumble and cuddly and into everything. If you are thinking of getting a kitten from BTC, please do not hesitate. We love our guys so much!

Janet, Rocklin, CA, "Buzzy", seal point males, (Phoenix & Bjorn, 09/19)

My experience with Black Thai Cattery has been such a positive one. I lost my beautiful male seal point Siamese last Aug to cancer, whom I’ve had since a kitten for 11 wonderful years. I was devastated. I began my search shortly after that for not a replacement because he couldn’t be replaced but for another male seal point since I can’t imagine my life without one. I searched the internet & found Black Thai Cattery. I loved what their website said about how social their kittens were & how closely they worked with them in their formative first few months. That was really important to me. So I emailed them & got a call back very fast. Tom the owner was very informative & friendly. Lucky for me he had some kittens getting ready to be born in Sept. I was adamant about getting a male seal point & as luck would have it, 4 kittens were born & only one was a male. Tom sends weekly emails with darling pictures of the kittens as they grew. I looked forward every week to that email with the cutest pictures & info about the kittens. I almost felt as if I already knew my kitten before I even picked him up. I already had a name way in advance for him & that is “Buzzy”. I told Tom I was naming him that. When the time came to pick up Buzzy, I couldn’t wait. I went over to Tom’s house & was surprised at how many kittens were running around. All stages of life. It was kitten heaven. Tom & his daughters were so nice & very helpful. I could tell the daughters really love the kittens and treat them so wonderfully. Thankfully I don’t live too far away so once I got Buzzy home it only took about 1/2 hr before he was curled in my lap sleeping & comfortable. I’ve only had him 2 1/2 mos but he’s such a big part of our family and we love him so much. Recently I had to put down another cat of mine I had for 11 yrs also & I’m just glad we have Buzzy to soften the blow. Plus my remaining cat Snowy & Buzzy have become best buddies.

I would highly recommend Black Thai Cattery if you are looking for a new kitten of high quality & especially well-adjusted & confident. Thanks, Tom & girls for all that you do

Michael, Berkeley, CA, "Kit Annie Alexander", blue point female, (Malee & Bjorn, 08/19)

Kit came to my cat family at 4 months of age to be a companion for the other cat of the house, Phoenix who is a

“Kit” is the nickname that she received from Black Thai Cattery. After moving to her permanent home, her proper name was added to her nickname. In honor of her adventurous spirit, I named her after Annie Alexander, who was a California pioneer in the early twentieth century. She funded and founded two prominent natural history museums at the University of California in Berkeley during the nascent period of the university. Kit came to my cat family at 4 months of age to be a companion for the other cat in the house, Phoenix who is a male seal point Siamese. She entered her new home without hesitation and immediately sought out Phoenix. She rapidly adjusted to her new home and family, explored her new territory, and within a few days had a full run of the house. Kit is highly intelligent and has learned to sit in response to vocal commands and hand signals. She occasionally enjoys fetching. She initiates this game by bringing a favored toy to my feet so that it can be thrown, chased, batted, and then returned to my feet.

Kit is extremely secure in the home and has tolerated the intrusion by various strangers such as the plumber and different furniture delivery people. She does not hide. When my parents and little brother, who are not cat people, came to visit as guests for a weekend, Kit welcomed them to the home and served as the cat ambassador. My mother initially wasn’t too excited about the presence of a second cat in the house. Kit, with charm and grace, quickly won over my mother. She is an enthusiastic entertainer. When my parents and brother teased her with the wand and feather toy, she actively showed her athleticism and chased and climbed various cat structures.

She is a fearless playmate. Her companion, Phoenix, is a much larger cat. When she first arrived, Phoenix’s weight was four times that of Kit. They played so enthusiastically that I feared for her safety. Kit’s enthusiasm for play does eventually annoy Phoenix. His rough reprimands do not deter Kit from seeking affection. They enjoy rough cat play – wrestling, nipping, etc.

Kit loves handling and grooming. It is clear to me that she was raised to be a companion cat. We don’t have a dog, but I have no doubt that she would have integrated into a household with children or dogs. Kit is the runt of the litter but is very healthy and energetic. Additionally, she is well mannered and enjoys snuggling, petting, being held, sitting in my lap. She enjoys sleeping on my lap or in my arms when I am sitting on the couch and watching TV. She was passed over in favor of her six littermates by the other buyers. With the last pick, I was lucky to get her. She is an excellent companion!! We are very happy that Kit came to us.

Denis & Vicky, Victoria, B.C., Canada, "Sheru & Saoirse", SP male & BP female, (Malee & Bjorn, 08/19)

After losing our 9 ½-year-old blue point male, Molokai, to illness in January 2019, we knew we would look for another Siamese or two to fill our void as we had no other pets. We live in Victoria, B. C., Canada so I searched for a Siamese breeder in Canada. The few I did find were not breeding any time soon so when I came across Black Thai Cattery I e-mailed Tom and he responded promptly. After speaking with Tom and reading ALL of the testimonials more than once and understanding how he nurtured the kittens I felt this was the way to go. We wanted two, preferably a brother and sister as we previously had a male and female Balinese pair that kept each other company and we loved to watch them interact as well.

Our kittens were born on August 5th, 2019 and we drove to California to pick them up in October 2019. Saoirse is a blue point female and Sheru is a seal point male. We had arrived in California two days early since we weren’t sure how long it would take us to drive there. Tom invited us to visit with all of the kittens and their moms and then we picked them up the next day and headed home. They needed verbal comfort but soon settled. We couldn’t believe how tiny they were, three pounds each. And now we can’t believe how much they’ve grown! Saoirse likes to jump on our shoulders and rub her head against ours. Sheru throws his head back for a neck pat when we pick him up. They’re fun to watch when they chase each other and chase their toys. We also have a large “hamster” wheel that they are learning to use. Saoirse will run around with a stuffed red heart and growl! They purr almost as soon as you get near them. We love them dearly. Of course, they sleep with us at night but sometimes they have to run all around the bedroom and over us before they curl up for the night. Also, Tom sends you home with food, toys, and their own blanket to begin their new life!  I almost forgot about the pictures Tom sends every week from the time they are born until we picked them up which keeps us up to date and informed on their growth.

We are so happy with our babies. Thank you, Tom.

Sandra & Christopher, Gresham, OR, "Suki & Sasha", BP male & female, (Malee & Bjorn, 08/19)

If everybody in the world had Siamese cats, we would all be much happier! Our two siblings from the 'League of our Own' litter were called Mae and Walt, and we renamed them Sasha and Suki (which means 'beloved' in Japanese). I specifically asked for two blue point kittens, because my other beloved cats were all blue points, and I just love their colors. Having had Siamese all my life, I can't imagine having any other cats.

When our last two wonderful cats passed on a couple of years ago, we were resigned to not having any other cats because we are old enough that the cats may outlive us. But our wonderful son told us we needed cats for our emotional health and that he would take them if they outlived us. I am so thankful to him! Right away, I began the search for kittens. I knew I needed to be extremely careful about my selection, since these were indeed the last cats we would have, and we needed to choose a breeder carefully for personality, beauty, and health. Knowing Siameses are sensitive to their surroundings, I also was looking for somebody who loved them for the little individuals they are. Tom and Black Thai Cattery are definitely that! He did warn me that he didn't have many blue points, and I'd probably have to wait a long time, which was true. It was probably about six months from when I first got on the waiting list. But we were in luck that Malee, a beautiful blue point mom, had a big batch of kittens of which 5 were blue points. That meant we could have two siblings at the same time.

The first one I chose was Sasha, who is dark, svelte, and athletic, with a watchful and affectionate personality. The second one was a little boy, very light, rounder, super inquisitive, and a total love bug who loves to be held while you're walking around. For siblings, they have very different personalities and looks, and even shapes. Both are smart as whips, but interestingly in different ways. Sasha learned how to retrieve almost immediately, and can predict where a thrown toy will land even if she can't see it, although Suki apparently doesn't see why he should bring a toy back to us if we go and get it ourselves (who's doing the training here?). Suki figured out how to extract food kibbles from a play tower right away, but Sasha doesn't see the point.

As others have mentioned, these kitties seem to find vacuum cleaners interesting instead of frightening, and toenail-clipping all in a day's work. Loving, super humorous, eye candy cats! I laugh all the time at their curiosity, retrieving toys, and just wrapping themselves into pretzels when they're sleeping. So all in all, we are very happy with our new family. I think I'm going to go and cuddle with them right now! Thanks, Tom!"


Keevan, Rocklin, CA, "Aubee", seal point male, (Cleopatra & Bjorn, 07/19)

We got our kitten from BTC in September, the only boy kitten in a litter full of girls. We named him the Persian word “آبی”, which Romanized, reads: “Aubee”. (Meaning the color: blue) 

Aubee is such a great kitten, he is without a doubt the friendliest cat I have ever owned. He will follow you wherever you go around the house, and I am amazed at how quickly he bonds to new dogs, humans, and other cats. I have fun taking him to new houses, as he has a blast exploring and meeting new people and animals. It feels as though he has all the friendliness of a dog, but still with the great personality quirks of a cat. There is no ignoring Aubree, as he will quickly tell you if he is not getting enough attention! My expectations were completely exceeded with Aubee, this little boy was raised great.


I cannot recommend BTC enough. Tom gave us weekly pictures and updates, a guide for when we took them home, supplies for the first month, and was always prompt and quick to reply to my questions. For reference, we also used another TICA breeder for a different breed at the same time we got Aubee. It was a nightmare, and I really regret it. In retrospect, we should have just gotten a 2nd kitten from BTC! I will continue to recommend BTC to anybody who is looking for a new kitten.


If I want another kitten or adult cat in the future, BTC will be the breeder for me!

Scott & Karon, Arroyo Grande, CA, "Little Monster", seal point female, (Cleopatra & Bjorn, 07/19)

We changed Autumn’s name to Little Monster because she fearlessly took over our house, displacing our two grown cats, and promptly joining us to sleep as soon as we went to bed. She is a very good sleeping cat. One of our grown cats immediately adopted her, and they chase each other up and down the cat trees endlessly. The big cat has taught her to stalk things, and we gave her all sorts of toys with which to play. One is a stuffed kitten as large as she is that she drags around the house and another is a catnip kitten that she carries around by the tail. The big cat who adopted her now sleeps with us as well. Before we got Little Monster, neither of the big cats slept with us. We love her to pieces.

Adelaide, Cloverdale, CA, "Cosmo", seal point male, (Maya & Brody, 05/19)

Cosmo is doing really well. He was formally named Donnie from the Donnie and Marie litter. We love that he likes to snuggle up with us and take a nap. He is very intelligent and smart and he talks to us when he wants food or wants to lie down with us. He has a lot in common with my grandma’s cat, Suma. He eats flies just like her and talks a lot too. He’s very handsome and clean. I just love his sapphire eyes and soft white fur. We loved getting photos of him before we got him. His behavior is loving and crazy. In the morning he gets jumpy, and he goes all over the place. I and my brother love playing with him and when we come home from school, the first thing we do is run to get him. His points are getting darker and we all think that Siamese cats are the best. You guys did the best job making Cosmo. He is also super funny. He climbs curtains and sometimes stands on his hind legs.

Thank you for raising such a unique kitten!!!

Kathy, Surprise AZ, "Leia", seal point female, (Maya & Brody, 05/19) -  repeat client 

Leia is my second kitten from Tom. I have to say that this experience was not what I expected and not like the first experience which was wonderful. When I arrived to pick her up she was sick with a runny nose and sneezing. I had to take her to the vet the next day and get medicine. She had to be segregated from my boys for almost three weeks and I had to give her medicine the whole time. Because I had to give her medicine she did not bond well with me. We are still having issues and she is getting better about being picked up and not running from me. She is a beautiful cat and very intelligent. Even with all the issues, I'm still glad that I got her. The cattery does a wonderful job with their kittens and I highly recommend them.

Melissa, Oakland, CA, "Stevie & Maz", seal point females, (Mae & Bjorn, 05/19)

I adopted two sister kittens from Black Thai Cattery over the Summer. Having had Siamese cats most of my life, I am so impressed with how confident and well socialized my girls are. They bonded right away with my kids and our French bulldog. They welcome our friends and extended family. This is a reflection of the degree of care and attention Black Thai Cattery kittens and their parents receive being raised in a family home with Tom's family. I highly recommend Black Thai Cattery and their Siamese kittens if you are considering adoption. Grade: A+

Thank you, Tom!

Keith & Karen, San Jose, CA, "Finn", seal point male, (Mae & Bjorn, 05/19)

We had a wonderful experience with Black Thai Cattery. Tom gave us an update on the litter along with pictures for 10 weeks. Our male seal point named Finn is perfect. He gets along great with our two older Siamese ages 14 and 16. Finn has so much energy and is very smart. When we decide to get another kitten we will go with the Black Thai Cattery.

Pat & Stephanie, Merlin, OR, "Loki & Moxi ", blue point male and seal point female, (Mae & Bjorn, 05/19)

We LOVE our kittens. Absolutely love our beautiful siblings:   Loki, a male Blue Point, and Moxi, a female Seal Point. And what a pair they are. My daughter Steph states "these little creatures are dogs in sleek gorgeous kitty bodies."  They are smart, affectionate, happy, silly, and highly interactive kittens. They assist us in all our tasks (if both weren't napping right now they'd be observing me type this testimonial). And fearless -- both fall asleep while nails are being trimmed, and neither flinches with the vacuum noise. Altho Loki and Moxi adore each other's company and play and nap with each other, they usually are where the activity is taking place: with us and/or the dogs (a German Shepherd and a Corgi). To elaborate on "smart":  both are RIGHT THERE if you open a door (to a room, a cabinet, a closet) and neither likes a closed door if you're on the other side of it (I watched Moxi behind one - she stood up on her hind legs, "studied" the back of the door, reached up with her paw to try to touch the knob - not reachable yet! Daily they are finding new things to explore and get into. They are such a joy to live with.

So - we feel fortunate to have found Tom's Black Thai Cattery while searching on the web. We wanted what his website stated:  "you will not find more social, affectionate, and confident kittens anywhere". Our kittens demonstrate fully the results of his extraordinary socialization process. A plus:  living in Oregon we couldn't visit his cattery until pick-up. Weekly updates with pictures, however, helped us wait. And Tom also had

recommendations for transporting kittens by car for a six-hour ride (they ended up sleeping all the way). 

If we should ever decide on "more" kittens, Black Thai Cattery is where we'll go.

Lorraine, Riverbank, CA, "Mia", blue point female, (Mae & Bjorn, 05/19)

My experience with Black Thai Cattery was positive. My husband contacted Tom and we were able to schedule a visit to meet the kittens a few hours later. It was a difficult choice to pick a kitten since they all so very cute. It was apparent that the kittens were well cared for and loved. Ultimately, Mia a Blue Point kitten found her way into my arms and became a member of our family. We had a two-drive hour drive to Central Valley since it was late evening on Friday, and I was amazed by how Mia handled the drive home. She nestled into my lap and did not seem to notice she was in a car. She immediately adapted to our home and got along great with our 3-year-old Abyssinian Male cat (Jasper) and 9-year-old son. 


Mia is a great cat, she has a great personality. She has a unique Meow that grabs your attention, loves to cuddle, and is quite active. She spends her day chasing and playing with Jasper and anyone that will give her the time of day. She has a hearty appetite and has grown quite a bit in the last two months. In all my years of experience as a cat owner, she has the perfect balance of being a lap cat, friendly, vocal, and active. 


Overall, my experience with Black Thai Cattery was exceptional, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique addition to their family. 

Sara, Los Angeles, CA, "Mondu", seal point male, (Mae & Bjorn, 05/19)

August 2019 - I came home with my little Angel from Black Thai Cattery (BTC) - Mondu!  Integrating Mondu with his half-brother Honcho (a 3 yr old rehomed from another client of BTC's) took about a week, it took longer for Canelo (my Balinese redpoint) to accept him about 2 full weeks. Mondo is great, he is the talkative Siamese I have been looking forward to, has a lot of energy, and keeps the other 2 kitties on their paws!  He is super playful and goes out of his way to psych the other cats out and pounce on them. He is a lil stingy though and likes to take the toys and run with them and then he tries to taunt the other two cats by bringing the toys back in his mouth and growling a bit to let them know this is my toy and you can't have it!!! Mondu also can't stand when I clip the other kitties' nails, he runs in front of the kitties and attacks the kitty clipper, he thinks it is a toy. One morning I was in the shower and he was so curious he got on the ledge of the bathtub and accidentally fell in and of course, ran out! Mondu is so funny. My nickname for him is my lil tater tot, my lil tike. Mondu also gets a lil greedy with the food, he wants it ALL. Canelo has a habit where he likes to lick our face in the morning to tell us - hey you guys can you feed us now?  Mondu has that special twinkle in his eyes for me, he has that spark, it will never be like my beloved Miko but it is pretty darn close. I hope they end up sleeping next to me on the bed, Honcho has a couple of times and in the beginning, Mondu was sleeping right next to my head on the pillow, I really miss how Miko would cuddle every night with me for about 30 minutes and do his kneading and then he would go to the foot of the bed. Perhaps in the winter when they need warmth they will want snuggles.


All the cats are doing well - they all groom each other, they all love each other, it is very sweet indeed. In the morning when it is breakfast time they all come running like a little trio, a gang of kitties, it really warms my heart to have my house filled with these adorable little guys. Even when I come home from work, as I come up the steps they all rush to the windowsill waiting for me. I pick each one up and give them a cuddle and a kiss. I was very content with the 3 cats, but I saw a black oriental which reminded me of a cat I was very fond of when I was a kid and I went ahead and got her, just brought her home on 9/14/19 (from another breeder I also really like who is in his 70's, so this may have been my last chance to get another great cat from him). I prefer the males but this black oriental (Midnight is her name, too bad I did not think of Salem first!) was female with striking green eyes and reminded me so much of that kitten I had as a kid (Moonshine), so I went ahead and bought her and brought her home. She purrs a lot and kneads a lot, she is so sweet and affectionate, just like my other babies. On the second day, Midnight was interacting with all the kitties. As many know this is a process, that can take 1 - 2 weeks of separation, sniffing thru the door, having them eat on the other side of the door, mixing different towels and blankies to mix the scents up, but on day 2 she was playing in the living room, now she did get a lot of hissing at first as to be expected, and Midnight is still separated from the other cats when my husband and I are not home, but she is integrating well. Mondu got a little sad/jealous, but 3rd, 4th day they are playing together, the hissing is becoming less and less as the days pass. Honcho really likes her and sniffs her out. The Siamese are both warming up to her nicely/pretty quickly. My wild card and hold out, as usual, is Canelo, I suspect he will take the full 2 weeks to accept her, but all in all, they are very content, loving, friendly kitties who love us and love each other. My heart just really cannot live without them, they have pounced into my heart. Sometimes it still hits me hard that Miko and Saki are gone, and sometimes Honcho looks so much like my Miko I have to stop myself when I am about to call him Miiko, honestly though thank you, Tom, for helping me heal my grieving heart with 2 of these little angels.

Susie & Stephen, Toluca Lake CA, "Lucy & Elvis", seal point female and seal point male, (Phoenix/Bjorn, 03/19)

During the past year, both of our cats had passed away. They were littermates, brother & sister. They have rescued Siamese mixes and they had a lot of Siamese traits. They had big personalities and we used to call them "cadogs". We were not sure we were ready for new kittens as the loss of our cats was still fresh. When we decided we were ready, we decided we wanted Siamese.


I started searching for breeders. I discovered the Thai breed (Old Style/Traditional Siamese). As a kid, my grandmother had Siamese cats. These cats looked like my grandmother's cats.

One breeder stood out to me, Black Thai Cattery. I liked the fact the cats were bred in their home and were a family affair. We decided to contact the Black Thai Cattery. Tom contacted me right away. He explained the process and answered all of my questions. He kept us up to date throughout the breeding process. Once the kittens were born, he and his daughters would send weekly photos and updates. On pickup day, Tom and the kittens picked me up from the airport. His family welcomed me into their home to meet the kitten family and see where they were brought up. It was sweet to see his daughter say goodbye to Lucy & Elvis. I could tell she spent a lot of time caring for them.

Lucy & Elvis are amazing kittens. They are smart, sweet, energetic, and beautiful. They play fetch. They sleep on our laps. They greet us at the door. Their coloring & marking continue to get more defined and beautiful as they grow.

I highly recommend the Black Thai Cattery. If you want beautiful, well-socialized Thais this is your cattery.

Joh, Redwood City, CA, "Tanuki &  Kitsune", seal point female and blue point female, (Phoenix/Bjorn, 03/19)

Our journey to Black Thai Cattery started 4 or 5 years ago when we were living in the mid-West and were thinking about adding a pair of Thai kittens to our home (we had 3 older cats at the time already). I spent quite a few hours looking at catteries across the country because there were none within driving distance of our home at the time. I found a number of well-respected catteries in various locations but from my initial research, I could tell that Tom’s kittens were special. The evidence is easy to see in the innumerable pictures and testimonials that cover his webpage. As a family, we agreed that adopting kittens from Tom would be the way to go. Unfortunately, personal and professional changes at that time made adding two new kittens to our home an impossibility and we moved on with life.


After relocating to the Bay Area a few years ago I recalled Tom and his Black Thai Cattery but it wasn’t until the unexpected death of one of our beloved cats that I begin to consider adding more kittens into our home again. When the time was right my family agreed that we should contact Tom to learn more about his cattery as we now lived only about 30 minutes away and could easily visit.


I remember emailing on a Saturday and being somewhat surprised that Tom called me within a few minutes of my initial contact. We chatted for quite a while about Thai kittens and Tom graciously invited us to come and visit the cattery. Needless to say, we were hooked at first sight. Adorable, rambunctious, inquisitive, friendly—each kitten greeted us without reservation, including both my 9-year-old and 18-month-old.


Our only real debate was whether to get 1 or 2. With some hesitation (for the short run), but knowing it was the right decision (in the long run), we agreed to a pair of sisters. We ended up visiting Tom and his cattery 4 or 5 times over the coming months and he was always gracious with his time and welcoming when we arrived at his home. Tom’s way of raising the kittens, and sharing them with prospective owners, really convinced us that we were making the right decision with Black Thai Cattery.


At first, our anticipated litter was going to be available in September 2019 but we were unexpectedly offered two sisters from the June 2019 litter instead. After meeting them, we immediately fell in love and agreed to adopt Kitsune (a blue point, originally named Rainbow) and Tanuki (a chocolate point, originally named Lucky). Bringing them home for the first time was a special experience as we had not had a new kitten in our home for more than 12 years. Although the girls were shy for the first few hours they quickly decided that their new home was to their liking. We worried at first about how the kittens would connect (or not) with our two remaining older cats but these fears turned out to be unfounded. All four cats got along well, without any real issues, aside from a few poofy tails and brief hisses. Sadly, we lost one of our remaining old kitties to cancer shortly after bringing the new kittens into our home. Grieving can be hard but we are so grateful to have our new kittens as a part of our home.


Over the past 3 months, we have loved every minute with Kitsune and Tanuki. Here are some highlights and considerations for other prospective owners.


Our kittens are loving and affectionate (they leap in our laps and on our backs, sleep in our beds, and hog our laps, sometimes both at a time!). They are intelligent and mischievous (they already know and respond to their names, have figured out how to open two-door handles in our house, and like to “steal” small toys from my toddler that they reclaim as their own, sometimes "washing" them in water before "burying" them in the litter). They are very companionate (they wait at the door when we arrive, run to see us when we have been gone for part of the day, and generally want to be wherever we are). And they are highly socialized (every neighbor child on our block and most of the parents have handled both kittens and commented on how relaxed they are with new people and situations). Most of these traits are a credit to their excellent breeding and, above all, Tom’s way of raising them.


Our kittens are also wild things that run through the house, sometimes for hours, as if they have just mainlined espresso. They can (and have) scaled our curtains, climbed the tallest part of our cat tree and leaped off (sometimes rolled off while attacking each other playfully), and woken us up in the middle of the night while running over our bed (sometimes landing in our very faces or playfully biting a wiggling toe underneath our covers), and they have turned virtually any object in our house (especially things that move or roll) into toys for their own amusement (I am learning the hard way to protect toilet paper rolls because they can become instant “cat confetti”).


Although initially unsure, I absolutely recommend a pair of kittens if you and your space can accommodate them; having them as a pair is so adorable because they sleep/groom/play fight with one another constantly when they are not seeking attention from their human family. I believe it is also beneficial to them socially, when we are away, as they have one another for companionship. I look forward to seeing them grow and spend many long years together as a huge part of our family.


In short, Kitsune and Tanuki are both adorable live wires that alternate between purring or talking loudly and staring you in your eyes just before launching into a rowdy charge throughout all corners of the house that can last for quite a while. If this combination—both parts—sounds like an ideal pet for you then I can think of no better place to adopt a Thai kitten than from Tom and Black Thai Cattery.

Marie-Louise, Tigard, OR, "Louis", blue point male, (Maya/Brody 02/19) 

There is no better feline companion than a Siamese cat. Affectionate, smart, playful, talkative, elegant—the ultimate Cool Cat. And there is no family that breeds these wonderful cats with more care and attention than Thomas and his daughters at Black Thai Cattery. 

Forty years ago a friend gave me a Siamese kitten. She grew into a cat who looked and acted as if she had stepped out of the Disney classic “That Darned Cat.”  Since then we’ve never considered our house a home unless it was graced by one of these fabulous creatures. Unfortunately, over the years I’ve adopted a few kittens from breeders who were less than scrupulous about breeding, health, and socialization. I learned an important lesson. Do some homework and find a breeder you can trust. 

Sara, Los Angeles, CA, "Honcho" (Turbo), seal point male -  A rehomed 3yr old BTC Cat  (2/19)

(See Kevin, Prescott Valley, AZ, "Turbo & Asenka", Annalisa/Bjorn, 01/16)  in 2016

Upon much research, I was able to find Thomas on TICA and call him regarding getting a kitten from him. He responded immediately and we spoke at length regarding the health of his lines. I recently lost both of my beloved cats Miko and Saki (18.5 years and 16.5 years) to cancer and kidney disease. Miko was a seal point Siamese and Saki was a redpoint Javanese. I was absolutely heartbroken when I lost Miko in January and then Saki in February. I made full payment for a seal point Siamese kitten this year, unfortunately, the entire litter was blue points. My heart desires a seal, just does. So I set myself up to wait for that kitten at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. I also made arrangements to obtain a redpoint Balinese around 3/23 – my heart just hurt and really depressed that reds are so rare and I may never have another like Saki. The Balinese I was looking at was 1 year and 1 month old, he was discounted as he was older and when I saw his picture I fell in love with his sweet kind face. Losing my beloved pets, my thoughts were to get three cats, because then hopefully I would never be in a “kitty-less” household. I absolutely love Siamese, I wanted a Siamese no matter what, a Balinese or Javanese and/or a Burmese. Thomas is very straightforward, and professional, and sent a contract right away. Thomas was also very honest about when they expected litter and what cats they had available. Going through this terrible grieving process I really appreciated that Thomas was empathetic and made this process of obtaining a cat a simple transaction after we spoke.


Thomas called me with an idea, he had sold a cat to a client who had become ill/serious health issues and was no longer able to care for a 3-year-old Seal Point male, and I could take him for about the same price as adopting a cat from a shelter and I said yes right away, I am going to get that kitty, my house is too empty and silent with my other babies passing and I need to care for something and in my heart, the new ones never replace the ones you had but your heart can heal and you can have room for more in your heart. To me, three is still a kitty, maybe more like a tween. I drove to AZ from CA and picked up Turbo, I re-named him, Honcho!  This kitty has pounced into my heart!  With a little patience I introduced him slowly, room to room, mini kitty litter pan was slowly moved from my room to the living room and then to the washroom where he finally graduated to the large hooded kitty litters (I have 2). He is such a beautiful and soft and gorgeous cat, he acclimated to his new home within 2-3 days. Honcho sleeps with me on the bed, next to me with his head on my pillow or on my chest, he head butts me and rubs his face against my face, he blinks at me and is very adorable and loving. I did get a little sad because the side view of him reminded me of Miko and when I got sad he came right up to me like it is time for a new chapter momma, I am here now. When I park in my driveway he is in the window waiting for me, he already knows the sound of my car, he is super smart and mischievous. When I come into the house, I pick him up and give him kisses right away, I just love him so much. Honcho definitely knows where the food is and already tons of bite marks on the bag, I wedged one of the kitty scratchers there so he can’t open the door to it now. Honcho loves all his toys esp. ones with feathers. He likes to sunbathe in the window too.

Then came the big challenge, the very next weekend I brought Canelo home (f/k/a Mr. Marmalade!) – with patience it has taken about a week for them to get used to each other and the 2nd week they finally take cat naps on the same bed together. Right now no hissing and they touch each other nose to nose randomly. They are starting to play with each other and Honcho will meow for Canelo from another room. Honcho is a little jealous (I pick Honcho up – then I have to pick Canelo up) but Honcho does like Canelo, he tried to groom Canelo the other day, so slowly but surely I think they will be best friends soon. I am kind of glad the ages will be staggered out a bit, I have a 3-year-old, a 1 year, 1-month-old and I will get another kitten from Thomas soon. My house isn’t silent and my heart is filled with love from these little angels once more. I can’t wait to meet and bring home Mondu. I want to really thank Thomas for everything, these little 99guys bring so much joy, comfort, and love in our hearts and I want to thank Thomas for giving that back to me.

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