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Testimonials...  2022 

Testimonials are requested from each and every one of our clients and are posted in their entirety without any editing by us (just Grammarly). These clients have also graciously offered to be contactable via email if you have any questions regarding their testimonial or their kitten(s). We try to be totally transparent here at BTC.

Dr. Sam, Boerne, TX, "Jacob & Jasmine", seal point male & female, (Emily & Bryce, 10/22)

I am not sure how to encapsulate in mere words the profoundly amazing kittens you breed and raise. First, let me say both my husband and I are veterinarians. Both practicing for the last 30 years. We see and handle many animals. The personality and love that radiates from these kittens are beyond words. They are incredibly healthy, love to be held, and love people. They have given my family immense joy.

I am SO happy you advised me to get 2 kittens. They are a testament to your professionalism as a breeder.

Jen, Oakland, CA, "  ", seal point female, (Emily & Bryce, 10/22) -  repeat client 

Rebecca, now named Billie has fit into our household so seamlessly, it's amazing!  Having had a kitten from Black Thai once in the past, we knew to expect a bundle of crazy energy and cuteness, and Billie does not disappoint.  She rapidly made friends with our three resident cats (whom she really gave no choice in the matter), and now gives her distant Aunt Dobby a workout on a daily basis.  She is completely fearless--no running from people, our very large dog, or even vacuum cleaners!  She is a complete joy! 

Sebastien, Castro Valley, CA, "Hunter & Adeline", seal point male & female, (Emily & Bryce, 10/22)

We had always chosen our family kittens from shelters and loved them, but not since childhood had I owned a Siamese. So we began looking for a reputable breeder and came across Tom and Black Thai Cattery. Right from the beginning he was friendly and welcoming. Our family went to view the kittens and loved them so much that we took two!

You could see immediately that Tom cares about where the kittens are being placed and that it's not simply a transaction. The kittens are friendly, socialized, litter-trained, and bundles of love and energy. Get one or two but get them from Tom! "You won't be sorry."

Nancy, San Rafael, CA, "Nico & Remy", seal point males, (Summer & Bryce, 10/22)

We adopted Nico (Dolce) and Remy (Gabbana) on December 31, 2022. After losing Charley (previous Siamese) in the fall of 2022, I set out to find a seal point Thai cat. I have had many wonderful years with traditional/apple head Siamese going back to my first at age 10. I am completely sold on the personality and characteristics of the breed.


Luckily, we found Black Thai Cattery and the timing was perfect. Tom is an outstanding breeder and “kitten whisperer”. He spends the time to understand what potential adopters’ needs are. In our case, we were looking for a single male kitten and Tom recommended that for our environment I needed to consider 2 kittens.


Our two boys are handsome, confident, athletic, and smart; and, very different from one another. Remy is into everything. Everything. If something is going on, Remy is there to investigate (can I eat this?), learn (should I remember this?), and assist (Hi! Can I help?). Nico is cool. He lays back. He observes. He wears virtual Wayfarers. He has a huge purr. And both want nothing more in this life than to find a human somewhere in the house who (a) isn’t moving and (b) presents a lap.


Two was the right decision, the boys are wonderful together and play madly as kittens should.  We could not be happier! 


Tom and Black Thai Cattery are the best and I highly recommend them!!

Wendy, Navato, CA, "Ziggy Stardust", seal point male, (Ellie & Bryce, 10/22)

We are incredibly pleased with the very beautiful kitten that we got from Tom the owner of Black Thai Cattery. I have been looking for a healthy, traditional-looking “Siamese” that was confident, outgoing, and very loving. I am amazed that this is exactly what we have living with us now. Confidence was important as we have 3 other cats (one is a playful cat of about a year) and 3 big dogs. I am astonished at how quickly Hershey and our other pets adjusted to each other. This is also due to the great advice Tom gave us on how to introduce the kitten to our home.  

I have had cats most of my life including Siamese but Tom is so knowledgeable that I have learned so much from him. The written information he emailed to us that included suggested cat products have been invaluable. I was so interested to see how Tom handled Hershey and how much all the kittens and their Mommas loved him. They live freely in his home and are happy, very well cared for, and so well adjusted. Hershey came home with a blanket that reminded him of home as well as a bag full of food and toys that eased his transition. He adored my husband right from the beginning and quickly has become my cuddly kitten as well. He is so friendly with my family and friends when they visit. Nothing worries this little guy.

It is clear that these cats mean the world to Tom. He is concerned about their genetic diversity, their physical health, and that they are emotionally well-adjusted and happy. I have to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all that he is doing to ensure the well-being of the Siamese/Thai breed. Most of all, I want to thank him for all that he has done in breeding and rearing Hershey so that I now have such a wonderful kitten.

With a kitten from Black Thai Cattery what you get is worth far, far more than the price of these kittens. 

Youngwook, Mountain View, CA, "Boba", seal point female, (Ellie & Bryce, 10/22)

We're having quite the time with Godiva - now called Boba. She's very affectionate, and energetic and even dominates play time against our other cat, Mocha, who is now about 10 lbs (and more than 2x larger than Boba).

She'll often come to me before I head out for work or hop onto my wife's lap when she's working or when we're eating, but she usually follows Mocha around. The two of them like to run around together and jump at each other - while Mocha usually wins with size, Boba can definitely make Mocha run away too. For the first week or so, we were very skeptical that the two of them would play nice (they would hiss at each other), but Boba has shown boundless resilience and really made her place in our family. We're very happy to have Boba as a part of our family

Jeff, San Jose, CA, "Dolphin & Echo", seal point male & female, (Ellie & Bryce, 10/22)

Our family has been filled with endless joy since adopting our two kittens, Dolphin and Echo. Working with Tom during the adoption process was a smooth and easy experience. He excels at communication and made sure we were fully prepared for bringing the kittens into our home.

Tom went above and beyond by providing us with a detailed set of instructions and a starter kit, ensuring a successful first day with our new furry friends. He also socialized the kittens exceptionally well, making the transition to their new home as stress-free as possible. The kittens even displayed their comfort with car rides and new surroundings on the day we picked them up.

Since bringing them home, Dolphin and Echo have grown and become more playful each day. They greet us with their enthusiastic purrs every morning and nap in our arms every evening. These affectionate and talkative cats have already stolen our hearts with their unique personalities. Dolphin is the adventurous one, always eager to explore and pounce on his brother. Echo, on the other hand, loves belly rubs and is always eager to meow and purr.

Thanks, Tom. "We're absolutely smitten by our kittens!"

Colleen, Denver, CO, "Cee Cee & Callie", seal point females, (Willow & Bryce, 10/22)

We lost our 16-year-old Siamese in October, so I searched all over the US to find Siamese Seal Point kittens. Many breeders did not even respond back to my kitten inquiries, but Tom called me within 10 minutes of me sending him an email.

The entire process of working with Tom was OUTSTANDING. The constant information he shared, the weekly litter photos he sent, and his professionalism were beyond my expectations. Tom was a complete stranger to me, but he instantly earned my trust and was extremely professional. Tom was flying across the country to deliver 2 kittens to Florida, so he scheduled a layover in Denver to deliver my two kittens. This took place during the horrible Christmas 2022 chaos at most airports due to bad weather and thousands of flight cancellations. Tom persevered by sleeping in airports for 2 consecutive nights due to canceled flights and delivering all of the kittens and finally returning to his family on Christmas Day.

The two kittens we adopted are beyond my expectations. Both kittens are very loving and very happy kittens who absolutely adore each other. I give 100% of this credit to Tom for how he and his family raised and loved them from birth. Adopting these two kittens at the same time will provide them with lifelong joy and companionship. I am so grateful to have these two beautiful Seal Point kittens and to care for them for many, many years to come. 

David, Oakley, CA, "Rose", seal point female, (Willow & Bryce, 10/22) -  repeat client 

Rose came home around Christmas and she met our other BTC cats and she quickly fit right in. She was home with my kids during the day and immediately jumped in on playtime and meal times. She’s confident and loving and loves riding in the car on my shoulder. She’s quite the family cat spreading the love with the kids and adults alike. The comment I get from friends and family is she’s always so calm.

As always, Tom was helpful with any concerns and was happy to help when needed. Another great experience with Tom and Black Thai Cattery. Absolutely recommend BTC to anyone looking for Siamese cats. 

Jeff, Fairfield, CA, "Louie & Lexie", seal pt. male & chocolate pt. female, (Willow/Ellie & Bryce, 10/22)

Within an hour of my inquiry about kitten availability, Tom emailed me back. Ten minutes later was on phone with him and found out he had exactly the kittens I wanted (one chocolate point, one seal point). After a nice long chat, we made an appointment to see them the next day. Got to meet Tom, 10 kittens, and a few of the kitten moms- which was overwhelming! Was very cool checking them all out. The only difficulty was picking them out- they were ALL great kittens. Ended up taking home a female chocolate point, and a male seal point. Have had them for about a month now with ZERO issues- other than them being TOO cute. No issues with the litter box, or eating. They get along with our dog as well. 


They took about 48 hours to rule our home… Am very glad to have gotten two- they play, hang out, and sleep together constantly. Don’t feel too bad if we leave them at home for a while. The whole meeting/buying experience was excellent, ended up with two awesome additions to our home. Thank you, Tom-

Mari, St Helena, CA, "Lou & Nobu", seal point male & female, (Aspen/Ellie & Bryce, 10/22)

Thank you, Tom. We love both our cats. From the get-go, they're so confident and have integrated seamlessly with our family - kids, and dogs. Could not be happier. Thank you for racing such healthy, outgoing social kitties!   

Marsha, Winter Garden, FL, "Milo & Loki", seal point males, (Aspen & Bryce, 10/22)

Will start this by saying that Tom is by far the most communicative and responsive breeder I have ever dealt with (after buying from 3 previous breeders). I will never deal with a different Siamese breeder in the future. We lost our beloved Meeko to kidney failure in October 2021 when he was almost 15 years old. I needed some time before bringing other kitties into our home but felt we were ready in late 2022. After corresponding and speaking with 6 other breeders I stumbled across Black Thai's listing in FBRL and after going through his website and reading his story my gut told me he was the one I needed to work with. We spoke several times and he never rushed me (even though I know he was very busy with multiple litters). Once he sent me pictures of the kittens I could tell from their eyes that these kittens were magic.

Tom flew to Orlando to deliver the kittens the day before Christmas Eve. He actually made two deliveries on that trip which meant he got stranded (with our kitties) at the Denver airport when the bomb cyclone wreaked havoc and canceled thousands of flights around the country. But, he sent us videos of them playing with kids at the airport and even Facetimed us so we could see them. I could see that these were not timid or shy kittens which were exactly what we were looking for. My husband met Tom at the airport and brought him home so he could help the kitties acclimate.

I don't think I have ever seen such dedication to ensuring the kittens are okay as I have witnessed with Tom. Even after he went back to California he checked in every couple of days to ask how they were adjusting and to see if I had any questions and still checks in periodically. They have definitely adjusted very well. They are incredibly loving, playful, inquisitive, intelligent, and definitely not shy. They walk right up to anyone who comes to our house and is extremely social. And stunning....their eyes are absolutely mesmerizing! Milo is starting to talk...he is going to be quite loud and Loki I think will get more vocal as time goes by.

If you are looking for high-quality, intelligent, loving in your face Siamese kittens you need to only go to Tom. He is hands down the best breeder I have ever dealt with and will go to him again in the future if I want more. Thank you so much Tom for raising such loving kitties and letting us welcome them into our home.

Kit, Bishop, CA, "Jasmine & Jingles", seal point males, (Aspen & Bryce, 10/22)

Our family has grown for the better. Daphne and Reuben, now Jasmine and Jingles are delightfully well-adjusted. They have been persistent to make connections with our older kitty, Misha, who now joins them in the morning Olympics as they gallop through the house while our large Borador dog watches.

We were absolutely amazed at how well the kittens traveled for the ten hours we took to drive home. Although we brought a pet carrier with us, they were perfectly comfortable riding on the console on a padded jacket for much of the way. Later on, they crawled into the blanket-lined carrier and slept there with the door open, coming out to use the catbox and to drink water or eat. By the time we received our kitties, they had been very well-socialized and accustomed to riding in a vehicle.

Black Thai Cattery is a breeder that we highly recommend. We met Tom, who definitely cares about his cat family. He puts so much thought and effort and consideration into their well-being. We were sent home with lots of food and toys for them as well as the offer to consult Tom as a resource, should we have questions or concerns.
Overall, this has been a great experience. Thanks, Tom.

On behalf of Roger, Martinez, CA, "Brian & Frances", seal point male & female, (Ella & Bryce, 10/22)

Our stepfather Roger had recently lost the second of his two kitties (19 and 18 years old, respectively). He was lonely in the now quiet house (Mom passed away in 2020), and was ready for new friends. He spends the majority of his time alone at home so we needed kittens who would fit his lifestyle and preferences. This means that since we were bad human children and never provided grandkids, we needed kittens who would enjoy constant companionship, would be good cuddlers, could hold up their end of a conversation, and would tolerate some mild to moderate spoiling and adoration. Shy, aloof, or fearful cats just wouldn’t fit the bill. 

Tom was so great to work with. He was immediately available for a chat, he answered all of my questions, and the process was very smooth and organized. I live in Connecticut and was managing the process on behalf of Roger before I traveled out for the holidays, and Tom made everything easy. We brought the kittens home a couple of days before Christmas to a very excited Roger. As Tom predicted, the two kittens adapted very quickly. Within the first hour, they were on Roger’s lap, settling in. The level of confidence, affection, and playfulness was just amazing- they made themselves right at home. Kirk is now named “Brian Joseph,” after a brother that Roger lost, and Carol is “Frances Elizabeth” -  Frances was my mother's middle name. Brian is always up for a sweet snuggle, whereas Frances will play a little bit longer before she tires out and joins Brian.


The two are inseparable and have settled into a great routine of playtime, afternoon naps, more play, and eventually settling down for bedtime. They are smart, gorgeous, and exactly the kind of companions we had hoped for. Having them has brought Roger a new step in life. They are so much fun and so sweet - he just adores them.  Whenever I call Roger, it's all about them (as I listen to Brian purring through the telephone), and when my brother visits him 2 to 3 times each week, Roger barely wants to leave the house to go to dinner because he hates leaving them.

Thank you so much, they have been a perfect addition to our family!!

Karen, Richmond, CA, "Gigi & Bella", seal point & chocolate point females, (Ella/Summer & Bryce, 10/22)

We are so in love with our two new family members Gigi and Bella. They are so smart and inquisitive, what I absolutely love about the Siamese breed. They did not need to be coaxed to use their litter box when they arrived home with us, they went to it straight away.

They bonded with us immediately, following us everywhere. They have such wonderful personalities. They are so calm and trusting around people, which is a testament to their breeding and care as kittens. They love to be held and love “uppies” as my kids say. It is also fun to see their hunter prowess come out as they carry their little toy mice around, so proud of themselves after pouncing on their prey. I had been looking for purebred Siamese cats for a while, having grown up with them as a kid, and many of the breeders had such long waitlists. I was so pleased to find out that Tom had kittens right away and the whole process was so easy from beginning to end. He was patient with us and answered all our questions as we tried to decide which kittens to pick out – which was not an easy decision as all the kittens were so cute and friendly. In the end, we chose a seal point and chocolate point, and couldn’t be happier with our beautiful Siamese family members.


Debra, Modesto, CA, "Max & Sophie", seal point male & female, (Ella & Bryce, 10/22)

I've been gifted with two of the most intelligent, loving, trainable, and fun kids that you and God created!
Spock is now Max, and Una is Sophie! I love every minute with them. Max is the lover, and Sophie is the fun, busy girl! She loves one particular toy, you show it to her and hide it, and she will spend 20 min looking for it, and she hunts like a dog and always finds it. The two of them love everyone. They are so kind! Thank you ever so much!

Sara, La Quinta, CA, "Messi", seal point male, (Elise & Bryce, 9/22)

Messi brings so much joy to our household and invigorates our two existing cats. I can’t wait to come home from work every day and play with him. He is fearless, confident, loving, and funny. I enjoy seeing the gears turning in his little head as he tries to figure things out. I couldn’t bear to leave him at home over the holidays, so he came with our family in the car for an eight-hour road trip. He behaved better on that car trip than anyone in my family.

When I first heard the price of the kitten, I was a bit surprised – he is worth every penny and then some. I know that Tom works very hard to give these kittens the very best upbringing and it really shows. My other two cats hide whenever visitors come over. Not Messi. Messi wants to meet everyone. He also likes helping me put away laundry and watching sports on tv.

I also enjoyed Tom’s weekly update emails and photos. I really felt like I knew Messi when he arrived through his photos. Our next cat will definitely be from Black Thai Cattery.

Arrissa, Houston, TX, "Shuir & McCoy", seal point female & male, (Elise & Bryce, 09/22)

I absolutely love my kittens from The Black Thai Cattery. Both of them are affectionate, active, and so much fun to be around. They adjusted to their new home quickly plus they're welcoming and friendly to all of our visitors. My favorite part about having them is seeing that they have such distinctive personalities and learning their preferences. They're like little people to me! This is my first time having kittens on my own. Tom made the process easy. He is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to answer questions. I have enjoyed my experience and would 100% recommend them!

David, Oakley, CA, "Raina", seal point female, (Elise & Bryce, 09/22)

My experience with BTC started when my mom purchased her two kittens Ra and Ramses. At the time I will say I was not much of a cat person and leaned more toward dogs. I have two cats and they are older and I wasn’t planning on getting any more.

Well, Tom came for a socialization visit and I started to change my position on more cats. The kittens were extremely friendly and confident. They were unphased by my two large dogs. The following weekend I visited BTC with my mom and met the kings and queens and I was very impressed. I was greeted by several queens and also met the two studs, Bryce and Bodie. Tom's knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge are very welcoming and impressive. I bonded with Bodie during this visit whom Tom later decided to retire and I was able to adopt, he's got an amazing spot in my heart so now we are up to 3 BTC cats in the family and couldn't be happier.

Later in the year, I decided I wanted to go for a kitten of my own, and here comes Raina. My daughter bonded with Raina during a BTC kitten field trip and later found she was available. Once she got home she went thru the gantlet of Ra and Ramses and Bodie and their new kitty hazing process to which she was unaffected. Within 24 hours they were all best friends. Raina did end up with an upper respiratory infection and Tom promptly sent me the correct meds and she cleared up quickly.

Overall I couldn't be more pleased with my experience and ongoing relationship with BTC I highly recommend them. Tom's customer service is top-notch. His care, passion, and love for his cats are abundantly clear just from the way he cares for them. His beautiful well tempered and highly adaptive cats are a testament to both their rock-solid genes and Tom's way of raising them. Trust in the process it is proven and you will not be disappointed.     

Zandria, Kent, WA, "Samwise & Floki", seal point males, (Winter & Bryce, 11/22)

I contacted Tom shortly after my loyal Siamese companion of 19.5 years passed away. I had brought him home with me from a breeder in Germany who is no longer breeding cats. I quickly learned how difficult it is to find purebred traditional Siamese cats. Black Thai Cattery appeared to be not only the nearest but also the most reputable breeder.

Tom kept us up to date, answering our questions, and providing weekly photos of the kittens. Since we live in Washington, I was nervous that we couldn’t see the cats before we took them home. I had reservations that what was supposed to be my cats would prefer another family member or that they would only spend time together. My previous cat was absolutely perfect and I wanted to ensure I was making a good choice for a 20-year companion. I needn’t worry since when we got them they were so little and mostly slept that I wouldn’t have been able to pick one out based on personality anyway. And also, now they are more active and unique, they are both great in their own way. And both like me just fine.

I only wanted one kitten since we already had a cat but Tom said I had to get a pair. I got two seal point males and while they love playing and sleeping together, they have no issues being away from each other to spend time alone or with us. They get along with our large 110lb Bernese Mountain Dog and our older Siamese-mix cat although it is taking some time for him to warm up to them. The three cats have learned to occasionally sleep together peacefully at night in our bed. 

Both Floki and Samwise are friendly, curious, loving, and playful. Samwise loves playing fetch with mice. Floki wants to eat whatever we’re eating which is a new experience for us. Both cats are easily trainable and learn quickly. I only had to show them a couple of times the correct place to scratch is not furniture but a scratching post. Both enjoy visitors and don’t mind being picked up and petted by strangers.

They aren’t as vocal as many Siamese cats, but Samwise will meow if he loses a mouse or if he wants food. Floki can meow but he usually just opens his mouth in a silent meow. We’re working on it. Overall, choosing Black Thai Cattery has been a great experience for us. Tom does an excellent job preparing and socializing the kittens for family life. 

Jane, Dallas, TX, "Gilbert, Melvin, & Harriet", seal point males & female, (Winter & Bodie, 09/22)

My husband and I lost our two elderly Siameses last year and were heartbroken. As lifelong Siamese owners, we began a search for traditional Siamese kittens and chose Black Thai Cattery because Tom was responsive, easy to communicate with, quickly answering all our questions with phone calls, texts, and FaceTime,  and providing photos and information about any concerns we had.  We think his breeding program is exceptionally well thought out for the health and social adjustment of the kittens and the breeding parents. Tom delivered three healthy, active, affectionate kittens to us in Dallas last December.


We could not be more pleased. Melvin, Gilbert, and Harriet are a delight. They each have a distinct personality but all three are curious, intelligent, affectionate, and extraordinarily easy to handle.  Tom pays exceptional attention to socializing his kittens with children, dogs, and car rides, giving them a variety of experiences and comfort with different people and places. Our kittens are well-adjusted, non-neurotic, active, and sweet-natured. They play together, wrestle, chase, and sleep together and each comes looking for cuddles and petting from my husband and me. I am a proponent of adopting two or three at one time if possible as the kittens entertain and calm each other, not to mention the fact that they are a constant source of entertainment and hilarity for us as they interact with each other. Tom was helpful through every step of the process and I would definitely choose another kitten (or three!) from him if the need arises.

Patt, Oakland, CA, "Coco", seal point female, (Winter & Bodie, 09/22) -  repeat client 

This is our second kitten from Black Thai Cattery and we couldn't be happier! Coco at 3 months is bright, inquisitive, fearless, and rambunctious (as kittens are), but also loving, purring whenever she’s around us. From the beginning, she adjusted to her new home very well, coming out of the carrier ready to explore and discover what mischief she could get into!


And of course, we love and adore our beautiful Bella, who is almost 6 years old, with a great temperament, and is still easy-going (really chill), curious and loving – the most wonderful cat I’ve had. And I’ve had cats almost my whole life. We wanted a companion for our Bella and were a little worried that she would resent her new ‘sister’, being the queen of the house for so long, but before long they bonded – at Coco’s insistence - and now they are almost inseparable, playing, sleeping, eating together. Bella is so much better off having a sister to grow up with. I only wish I knew that when we got her 6 years ago. I totally understand and agree with Tom’s policy of adopting 2 kittens together.


Both are truly special and have become an important part of our family. I can’t say enough about the love, affection, and connection we have with both of them. We attribute that to the care, nurturing, attention, and training Tom and his family provide. It’s amazing and evident from the first time you see the kittens – they’re loving, well-adjusted, and confident.  It’s clear that Tom is dedicated to the health and well-being of each kitten, making sure they have a great start.


Tom again, made the experience of adopting our new family member a pleasure, and I was especially impressed with the ‘home visits’, where he brings a couple of litters to visit a potential ‘kitten home’. The minute the kittens are out of the carrier, they’re all over the place…exploring, chasing, investigating. No fear or hesitation at all. It’s wonderful to watch and experience. Just imagine having 10 beautiful blue-eyed felines running around!


I highly recommend Black Thai Cattery to anyone considering adopting an amazing super-intelligent Old Style (Thai) Siamese. BTC is one of the best places to go to learn about this special breed and get a kitten. 

Thanks again Tom, to you and your family for our wonderful Bella and Coco, you have given us the best ‘ladies’ in the world.

Andri, Oakland, CA, "Aiko & Kenji", seal point female & male, (Emelia & Bryce, 09/22)

I am very happy with how the whole process went. After growing up with siamese cats I wanted to get back into the experience. Tom made it super easy to get in touch with him which led to a great onboarding experience. I specifically liked how he did not just impose his views and wisdom on me but first asked about why I thought certain ways and let me explain my side (even though he probably did this multiple times with other people). 

One example would be me thinking one cat is less effort, but I have to agree with Tom that it was better to go with two. They are just a lot (a loooooot) of energy and even as someone that is mostly at home and can do remote work, I'm not quite sure how I would make up enough time to get all that energy out of a cat's system. Seeing all the playing and fighting they do on top of what I play with them it seems really obvious.

The kittens had absolutely no problem adapting to their new environment. Out of the carrier within minutes, exploring the place for 45 minutes, detecting litter boxes without advice before crashing and purring at a napping place in a cat tree. I also appreciated that I was invited to one of the kitten meetups where Tom introduces the kittens to other kittens/animals/environments and for me brought the opportunity to meet my two fur balls a few days ahead of taking them home. Imho it really showed when they came home with me that they are so used to these environmental changes.

I also want to emphasize how helpful Tom is. He is always available and patient with every question and was super helpful when Aiko developed a little eye infection in this new environment. The solution was quite simple in hindsight, but it is very calming and reassuring for a new owner to have the confidence of a long-term owner and breeder as a backup. The issue was resolved in 1 or 2 days and she has been a happy cat since then. 

I was thinking if there was any kind of constructive feedback I could give, but I'd say this was a nearly perfect process for someone like me that grew up with siamese cats and wanted to get back to it. I would definitely recommend Tom or contact him if I ever wanted to get into more cats :)


Genevieve, San Jose, CA, "Joey", seal point male, (Willowmae & Bryce, 08/22) -  repeat client 

I called Black Thai Cattery over two years ago inquiring about Bjorn, their retiring stud. It had been six years since I last had a cat of my own. It took six years to get over the loss of my first Siamese, Blue, my very first pet at 12 years old, who lived for 18 beautiful years. Blue lived through dating my husband, getting married, and having my three children. He was indeed part of the family, and we were devastated when he passed.


Fast forward six years later, I missed having a furry family member. Within those six years, our family gained a happy and too friendly female lab and a lovely female Siamese. Although they brought great joy to our family, I still had a missing piece. I entertained the idea of a male Siamese just like Blue. I stumbled across Black Thai Cattery and decided to give Tom a call. Talking with Tom, I immediately sensed that Tom was a breeder who truly loved his Siamese and was very picky about who Bjorn would be placed with. A trait right off the bat I knew was unique- this was more than a business; it was a passion and love for the Siamese.


After meeting Bjorn and Tom, we decided to have Bjorn be part of our family. To say Bjorn had big shoes to fill was an understatement. To live up to Blue would be no easy feat, but Bjorn has exceeded all expectations! I constantly taunt Tom, yet thank him for giving me the best little boy in the world. I felt complete once more, and Bjorn filled a hole I thought would never be possible to fill again. Bjorn has even made my husband a cat person! Something unexpected as he was always indifferent to cats.


To make this long story even longer =), two years later, my daughter wanted a cat of her own. Without hesitation, we went to Tom. The experience with Black Thai Cattery receiving a kitten is incomparable. Tom gives weekly updates with pictures and suggested preparations and socializes their kittens to make the most effortless transition into any household. From exposing them to dogs, small children, and even kitten field trips to any type of household you may have, Tom will prepare your kitten. He even sends your kitten home with a care package to get you started. At the end of the 12 weeks, we took home our little Joey.


Joey has been a fireball of joy who seamlessly joined our family. Tom trains his kittens to be prepared for family life. From their wonderful playful, kind demeanor, to knowing the essentials such as using the potty, etc. Tom has you covered. We travel a lot and love to remain active. You can see in our pictures what we mean. =)


It is a no-brainer if you are on the fence about whether to go with Black Thai Cattery. You will never find another cattery like Tom’s. Somehow Tom’s magic has filled a hole in my heart with Bjorn and now brought immense joy (again) to our family with Joey. To top this all off, Bjorn is Joey’s great-grandpa. How cool is that?


I like to end this testimonial by thanking Tom once again. You truly have given me the best boy in the world. Joey is now my daughter’s world. Not everyone can provide such joy as you do with your kittens. Thank you for all you do, especially caring and loving these kittens so others may experience the same joy. 


Carol, Menlo Park, CA, "Oliver", seal point male, (Willowmae & Bryce, 08/22)

I've had many Siamese kittens/cats over the decades, but I never get tired of them, because, though they look alike, their personalities are always so different. Oliver Ross is no exception. As is so often the case, many Siamese are not lap-sitters, but Ollie loves to snuggle next to me on the couch and also in my husband, Doug's, arms. He and Indigo (Indy), our blue point Siamese, already get along like old friends. If all the humans are gone, they love to sleep in a pile, and they spend a lot of time licking each other, but sometimes they engage in competition for household domination, with lots of hissing and growling. But as soon as Ollie cries, Indy runs right to him to find out what the trouble is; he takes his role as caretaker seriously. Sometimes they run and play together like two kittens. Other times Indy wants more respect than Ollie feels like giving him, and a minor standoff occurs. Another thing I love about Siamese is how long their kitten phase lasts: much longer than for most cats. Ollie has become a spokesman for both cats when it comes to requesting/demanding, with lots of yowling, more, or better food. Sometimes Indy just likes to watch Ollie's antics as a spectator sport; other times he joins in, and both of them do zoomies through the house, especially in the morning.  


As you can tell, we're thrilled with our sweet new furry family member, Ollie.

Carol, San Francisco, CA, " Benjamin & Phoebe", seal point male & female, (Willowmae & Bryce, 08/22)

I contacted Tom at Black Thai Cattery in early September when I learned that my 14-year-old feral Siamese cat Ginger had lymphoma and didn't have a long life span. She has always been a special needs cat, but I love her. At my age (retired), I didn't feel I could risk getting another rescue cat and I didn't want a home without a cat. I only wanted to get one kitten, but Tom explained that he wouldn't place just one kitten with a cat as old as Ginger because kittens need energetic playmates. Was he ever right about that! My kittens, Benjamin and Phoebe, were born on August 23, 2022, and I picked them up on November 7. They look almost identical, but Phoebe has an adorable kinked tail to help me not get confused. Also, she is much more laid back than hyperactive Ben. I've lost weight trying to keep up with him. They have been such a joy and Ginger has sprung to life again. It's a challenge keeping Ben out of Ginger's food, but I have a good routine now.

Ben and Phoebe are such charmers. They have had so many visitors because kittens are a novelty among my older friends. Many of them have cats they had since kittens and this brings back sweet memories of them. The kittens have met their new vet and charmed her. They get some shots next weekend and then will be neutered within a couple of months I think. Tom sent me home with a lot of food and toys. The kittens will eat anything and seem hungry all the time. The quietest day I have had with them was the first day they were here when they went straight to sunny windows and slept all day, neither eating nor using the litter box. By the second day, they were all over the place. I play with them every day for 5-10 minutes and Ginger enjoys playtime too. Before the kittens came, she was never interested in toys. Now she doesn't want to be left out.

In short, adopting these kittens is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. I know they have long life spans and could outlive me, but all my cat-loving brothers are younger than I am and have assured me they will take care of them if I go first.

Steve & Diane, Napa, CA, "Sir Rockwell & Lady Remington", SP male & female, (Summer & Bryce, 07/22)

We lost our Siamese of 15 years back in January of this year and we both swore that we didn't want to go through that pain again, so we decided, no more cats. About 3 months later we missed her so much we couldn't take it anymore and decided to fill out the family again. So, we contacted 5 different Siamese Breeders in the Northern California area. We had e-mailed them all about what we were looking for and if they were interested in working with us. We got e-mail responses from 4 of the 5 with a lot of general information. But Tom's e-mail simply said, give me a call and we can talk. From the first, Tom was willing to make the extra effort to work with us and help us get the right fit for our family. We were amazed at the amount of information he gave us about his cats, the house training, and the outside socialization that he gives his kittens before they are ready to leave the BTC. He even starts clipping their nails at a young age so they can do it themselves and actually enjoy it.


Tom's cats were the most expensive but believe me, they are worth the extra money to get these beautiful kittens with no social issues. We even decided to get 2, a brother and a sister. Tom originally named them Mike and Molly, but they are so beautiful we thought they needed more royal names, so we renamed them, Sir Rockwell and Lady Remington, aka Rocky and Remi. Tom gave us weekly updates on the kitten experiences and developments complete with pictures as they grew until the day, we picked them up to bring them home. He even invited us to his home to meet the kittens which we did at about 8 weeks of age. From the 1 1/2-hour ride home in the car with both kittens in our laps, they have brought so much love and joy to our home. Upon arriving home, the kittens immediately located the food, water, and two litter boxes and they have made themselves at home. These cats are so beautiful, so intelligent, and give so much love, we are glad we decided to replace the missing part of our family. Thank you, Tom, for helping us make it happen.

Matt & Andrea, Cloverdale, CA, "Bluebelle", seal point female, (Belle & Bodie, 07/22) -  repeat client 

Bluebelle is our second kitten from Black Thai Cattery and joins her three-year-old “brother” Cosmo in our home. After a few hisses and complaining moans, Cosmo adjusted to Bluebelle and these days can be found grooming her and napping with her on a beanbag in our daughter’s room. They also love to chase each other up and down the hallway and Cosmo is teaching Bluebelle how to sit in the windows and keep an eye on neighborhood happenings. We were concerned about the transition to two cats as Cosmo had been alone for a few years but Thomas assured us it wouldn’t be a problem and he was right. Thomas was quite patient with our many questions about this issue. I can’t say enough about the quality of Black Thai kittens. Those of us who grew up with Siamese cats in the 80s and 90s will understand what I mean when I say these are the cats you remember— funny, incredibly loving, talkative, athletic, and super smart. Both Cosmo and Bluebelle are VERY good-looking (biased cat mom talked here)! Bluebelle especially has been wonderful with our two children— very gentle and playful and allowing herself to be carried and cuddled endlessly. We all loved getting the weekly updates and pictures from Thomas. These cats are just wonderful companions and truly are members of the family. They greet us at the door when we get home. They come to sit with us in whatever room we are in— they are truly in a relationship with us.

Devi, Carmel, CA, "Kip & Henry", blue point & seal point males, (Belle & Bodie, 07/22)

We are first-time cat owners and I was fortunate to stumble across the Black Thai Cattery website whilst researching Siamese cats as pets.

After speaking with Tom, we decided to take the plunge and I signed up for two siblings. Tom would send us weekly updates and photos of the kittens and would be always available to answer questions and offer advice. 
Welcoming these two kittens (Frankie and Cosmo) into our home has been the highlight of our year. They are both sweet-natured, extremely affectionate, intelligent, and playful. They transitioned into their new home very smoothly and are confident, curious, and very gentle. They handle interacting with my boisterous seven-year-old son and other children with incredible patience. 
Everyone that meets them is enamored by their temperaments and their beauty. 


I highly recommend choosing Black Thai Cattery as the Siamese cats that Tom raises are exceptional pets. Our two have brought so much joy into our home.



Sophie, Hayward, CA, "Macchi", seal point female, (Aspen & Bodie, 06/22)

Black Thai Cattery was my first experience with a cat breeder- we had a one-year-old domestic medium-hair cat that we adopted from a shelter several months earlier, and were looking for a playmate. When I first reached out to Tom, I was looking for a loving and social kitten that would get along with our resident cat and become a companion for both me and my husband.

When we visited Tom for the first time, both of us were absolutely captivated by the family of cats. They were the most social and playful cats we had ever seen, immediately climbing over us and eager for attention. We fell in love immediately and nearly lost track of time. Over the course of the next month, we visited several times, and Tom emailed us each week with updated photos of our kitten as she was growing up. The whole process was very exciting.

After bringing our kitten home, she adapted shockingly quickly- within a day, she was comfortable with roaming the house, and within just three days, she was socializing successfully with our resident cat and the two would chase each other around and groom each other. Our older cat finally started getting some exercise again as he chased his new little sister up and down the stairs! We ran into a small issue a few days later when our kitten started throwing up in the morning- Tom was incredibly helpful in his advice throughout the process, and later gave us some probiotics when it repeated a few times. She's now doing quite well and grows a little more every day.

Overall our experience with BTC was fantastic, and we have a beloved new member of the family now. I'd absolutely recommend anyone looking for a confident, social, and loving kitten, reach out.

Rachael, Ewing, NJ, "Mary", seal point female, (Willow & Bodie, 06/22)

From the moment I connected with Tom, I knew I contacted the right Breeder. Tom was so generous with his time and knowledge, by the time we got our kitten we were more than prepared to receive her. It was a delight to get our weekly photo updates, and the week’s synopsis was filled with Tom’s great sense of humor. I believe he’s so laid back that his kittens and cats can’t help but take his lead.

From the moment Mary was brought into our home she fit. She wasn’t afraid of meeting our crazy dogs. She went right over, gave them a sniff then went off the explore the rest of the place. Our 6-year-old cat Ziggy was a little harder to crack. It took a good 2 weeks of Mary showering him non-stop with love and play to break him down. Now, Ziggy is an absolute mush for her. What an addition to our family. Mary has become the missing piece. She is absolutely perfect! She is so stable and confident. She got the absolute best sense of humor and has us in stitches daily.

We will be getting all our future cats from Black Thai Cattery. We can’t recommend them enough. 

Therese, Oakley, CA, "Ramses the Great & Amun-Ra", seal point males (Willow & Bodie, 6/22)

I first contacted Tom in March 2022 a couple of weeks after I lost my 14.5-year-old male Siamese to heart failure.  He was my heart (no pun intended) and while not looking to "replace" him, I could not fathom life without a Siamese cat. I researched a lot of breeders even though I was hesitant to use a breeder since there are so many cats that need to be rescued. Finding no Siamese to rescue, I wrote Tom an email. He answered immediately and we spoke via phone. I must admit, Tom's method did not line up with my tried and true method of letting the cat choose me and that any one of his kittens would bond with my family. Also, I have always had male cats and Tom told me a story about similar clients that actually went home with females and preferred males. Sounded a little suspicious to me! I chose to trust the "expert". Tom spoke the truth. I requested a visit to Tom's cattery and was welcomed the following weekend. Several of his Queens immediately sought me out and I did fall in love with the sister of my boys, Mary, a female. Alas, she was already spoken for and on her way to New Jersey! What a setup! These cats/kittens want nothing. There are plenty of high perches, tunnels, toys, treats, and food everywhere.  Several members of my family became regulars and participated in Tom's socialization program. We have also become a stop on Tom's road trips with the kittens.

A couple of days after we brought the kittens home, Ramses developed an upper respiratory infection. I called Tom and sent him a video of the symptoms he was experiencing. Tom immediately diagnosed and sent me the antibiotic needed. This was in no way a reflection on Tom, this was a result of Ramses coming into a new environment. I really appreciated Tom's quick action and sure enough within the timeframe Tom said he would feel better, he did.

These kittens are everything Tom promises. Tom's love, expertise, and diligence for his chosen profession are evident in the loving, well-adjusted, and confident kittens he delivers. Special shout out to Tom's daughter, the photographer who shoots all the weekly photos. We had the pleasure of watching one of her photo sessions. The kittens love her too. I actually miss Tom's weekly email updates - my consolation is that he is only a text or phone call away.

Trust the process! These kittens have brought such joy into our house. I unconditionally recommend Black Thai Cattery to anyone that desires to provide a loving home to these beautiful babies.

Dr. Sam, Alameda, CA, "Rain & Aster", seal point males, (Emily/Ellie & Bodie, 05/22)

It is hard to adequately put into words how wonderful it has been to work with Tom. I reached out to him after our beloved Siamese cat Abby died quite unexpectedly, leaving a gigantic hole in our lives and hearts. It was hard for me to imagine how we could find another companion that would match what she brought to our lives. We have a 5-year-old daughter who had been raised on a cat that was impossibly patient and loving and tolerant of her handling. I began searching online for possibilities on how we could find another cat that could even come close. I found Tom’s website on a list of the best Siamese breeders. I loved what he had to say about his cats, and I began to hope that maybe we had found what we were looking for. I emailed him, and he reached out immediately. From the beginning, he was so open and welcoming of questions. I think we spent about an hour on the first call, with me getting all of my questions answered. He told us of his policy to not sell single kittens, and though it was not in our original plan to get 2 kittens, it quickly became clear how right he is, and how he has the best interest of his kittens and their families in mind with his policy.


From the moment we put down our deposit for our kittens, Tom was beyond accommodating and welcoming with letting us spend time with his cats and kittens, allowing us to socialize with them and to have some cat snuggles while we waited for our kittens to be born. We ended up getting news that we could get kittens earlier than we anticipated, and we were so grateful and excited. We spent those early weeks making visits to his house to see the kittens and play with the older cats. Tom was so gracious and generous with his time and home. He also began bringing the older kittens to our house for kitten field trips, where they got to be handled by our excited 5-year-old, and experience meeting our bearded dragon Lemon. But this isn’t really the important part of the story, though we are so grateful for the opportunities we had to visit with the kittens as they were growing. 


The best part of the story is when they finally got to come home. We got 2 boys, from 2 different litters. Aster and Rain have been the best addition to our family, and I already know I need to make sure Tom is breeding for decades more so that I never have to accept any less in a companion. For everything that Abby was to our family, these boys have exceeded all expectations. They are completely calm and fearless and take handling by a spirited 5-year-old with complete confidence. We have never had to worry about them being fearful. In fact, our biggest concern when they came home was that they just were completely unbothered by any way our 5-year-old handled them….which meant we had to set a lot of boundaries for her and be very watchful in the beginning. They are always near us and underfoot, and have completely fit into our family in the most amazing way. It’s hard to imagine that they haven’t been with us for years, they are just so settled and happy and loving. They are always bringing us smiles and joy and have healed our hearts more than I ever thought possible. We have had more than one guest to our house comment on how amazing they are, and that they are more dog-like than cat-like (which is what we love about the breed). Even our Vet was completely impressed with their personalities. They don’t shy away from anything and have no concerning behaviors. The few car trips we have taken have been a breeze. And the follow-up from Tom since they came home has been wonderful too. We had a slight hiccup with some digestive issues, which Tom was completely on top of and made sure we had everything we needed. His devotion to his cats and their health and happiness is very clear. I feel completely spoiled now and wouldn’t want to get a kitten any other way. They came to us with everything they needed (toys, food, litter box, fearless personalities). We are unexpectedly moving in a few weeks, just a couple of months after bringing them home, and I have absolutely zero concerns about how they will handle it. I know they will handle it like they handle everything else, with complete confidence. I cannot highly enough recommend working with Tom. You will not be disappointed any step of the way!

Em (Thai breeder), Centreville, VA, "Vivenna & Siri", seal point females, (Ellie & Brody, 05/22)

Vivenna and Siri (formerly known as Donna and Kelly) have made wonderful members of our family. From day one they integrated seamlessly into our household, offering affection and playfulness both to us as humans, and to our other cats.  This is a testament to the hard work of Black Thai Cattery in socializing and raising them to be excellent examples of the Thai breed. I'd highly recommend Tom to anyone looking for a furry member of their family.

I thought I'd also let you know that they (especially Siri/Kelly) have been doing excellently at shows. I've been showing those two and my girl Avacyn (out of Kemba and William), and Siri has been racking up points despite still being very young. They are absolutely bomb-proof in the show hall, and great (and shockingly quiet - who knew a Thai could do that) travel companions.

Suzi, Waco, TX, "Sklar & Aravis", seal point females, (Ellie & Brody, 05/22)

Amanda, Newport Coast, CA, "Kimchi", seal point male, (Ellie & Bodie, 05/22)

I’m not even sure where to start with this review but I will say this, every step of this adoption process was very enjoyable and went very smoothly. Tom is a pleasure to work with and I looked forward to the weekly updates on our baby boy, we could not have asked for a better experience. These kittens' behaviors definitely reflect the love and care that goes into raising them, I must say at first before even reaching out I was very apprehensive about what I was about to get myself into, but I can say we have absolutely no regrets, my husband was the one who was very much on the fence about this. We can now say with confidence that we would once again adopt from Tom in the future.

We have had Kimchi now for almost 6 weeks. It took him about two days to adjust fully to our family and our other three cats, he’s definitely very talkative and makes his needs very much known, he’s always down to cuddle but he’s also very good at being a little clown and getting into plenty of mischiefs. I have adopted Siamese in the past but I have to say Kimchi takes the cake, his personality is the best, anyone who has visited and approached him has been surprised at how calm he is with being held by a complete stranger and how affectionate he is. He isn’t just loyal to one person in our family but to all of us, he is a true family companion, we really are his people. He makes each and every one of us feel special.

Thank you Black Thai Cattery for my best friend, I couldn’t imagine him not being in our lives, we will be back again one day.

Mike, Morgan Hill, CA, "Luna & Zena", chocolate & seal point females, (Ellie & Bodie, 05/22)

The experience we had getting our two kittens, Luna & Zena from Black Thai Cattery far exceeded any expectations! Thank you, Tom, you truly go above and beyond in every aspect, and the details shine through. With your knowledge, consistent communication, visual weekly updates as well as advice. You have done an outstanding job providing do’s and don’ts to support the future homes of your kittens! Having adopted cats before, this experience is truly like no other. Recommending BTC is an absolute no-brainer.

The effort that was put into exposing the kittens to various environments within their first 11 weeks of life is amazing. The character of these kittens is a direct reflection of the thoughtfully executed environment that they were raised. Luna & Zena adjusted to our home rather quickly, they show no fear and are extremely confident, very playful, and intelligent. They are so friendly and open to play and be loved by anyone that comes over! We couldn’t be happier with the process or outcome of choosing BTC!

Tally, Eugene, OR, " Bjorn & Vito", chocolate & seal point males, (Ellie & Bodie, 05/22)

We have 2 male Black Thai kittens raised by Tom. Vito and Bjorn arrived about 6 weeks ago. They are very social, confident, affectionate, loving smart kittens. We are thoroughly enjoying living with them and have quickly fallen in love! I have had Siamese cats before and these two are wonderful examples of the breed. They adjusted very quickly to us and their new home.  We are very social people and have had plenty of friends over for visits.  The kittens have not been the least bit afraid or intimidated by anyone and have enjoyed playing with all our visitors, children, and adults.  They are so calm that they don’t even mind the sound of the vacuum.
From the very beginning, Tom was friendly, communicative, professional, and patient with all my questions and I had a lot.  It was clear to me from the start he is dedicated to the health and well-being of each kitten and adult cat. I am impressed that he has a policy of adopting two kittens together. My kittens are constantly playing, chasing, wrestling, and grooming each other.  They are so much better off in every way with a sibling to grow up with. It is hard for me to imagine now any kitten growing up without another young cat to play with.  They have wrestling matches in the living room or play chase through the house and entertain each other in many ways. 
When Tom brought the kittens to us they were friends right away and I was impressed at how bonded they were to him. Tom does a great job with these kittens and it is obvious he genuinely cares for each one.  He does all the right things to make sure they grow up strong and confident.  In addition to all the wonderful personality traits in the kittens' process, they are also the most beautiful cats I have ever seen!  They are wonderful cuddly companions and we feel so fortunate to have these two kittens in our lives.

Big Thanks to Tom and BTC.

Mary, King City, CA, "Dylan", seal point males, (Emily & Bryce, 05/22)

This is the first time I have worked with a breeder. My experience with Tom and the BTC, from the beginning to the end has been A++. Our little bundle of joy is the smartest and most affectionate cat I have ever owned. He has already made a road trip out of state and did fantastic in the car without the cat carrier!!!

Thank you Tom for breeding such great cats!!!

Marley, Lakewood, CO, "Cirus & Otter", blue point & seal point males, (Belle/Winter & Brody, 04/22)

I would describe my entire BTC experience as nothing but exceptional. Tom was, from the beginning, very professional, friendly, and generous with his time and knowledge. Additionally, he was always quick to answer if I had questions of any kind, and I had many. Through his fielding of all of my many questions, I came to discover that Tom is pretty much a living “user’s manual” for BTC kittens! He provides each new kitten parent with the most thought-out, detailed preparation emails several weeks preceding the kitten pick-up date. It was very comforting to me, someone whose last experience with kittens was close to 19 years ago, that so much forethought went into this process for the client. And on top of that, he provided each of us with the best kitten care package you will ever receive! As helpful as all of this information was, though, the most delightful part of the period leading up to the actual pick-up was the weekly update emails! My husband and I would excitedly await the fun, detailed litter updates each and every week. The beautifully photographed pictures of the kittens that accompanied each email allowed us to view, from many angles, settings, and activities, the visual details evident for each individual kitten. Over the weeks of updates, the picture albums seemed to reveal some personality attributes of each kitten to where we almost felt like we knew each one and what they were like without even knowing them yet. It was so enjoyable and provided lots of excitement and something to look forward to each Sunday night.

Now to the kittens!! To echo so many cat parents’ testimonials on these pages, these are very confident, sweet, intelligent, and super playful kittens. As Tom’s website quips, "BTC kittens are the most confident kittens you will ever meet" -- and boy has that been the truth for our two kittens Cirrus and Otter! They live their little kitten lives to the fullest, and nothing seems to bother the little rascals. They are not scared of the vacuum (they’ll follow me around to each room whilst vacuuming), nor the Vitamix (they sit next to me on the counter while it’s blending), nor fireworks on the 4th of July, nor water (Cirrus climbs into the bathtub with me!) They are also wonderful passengers in the car and ride like old pros—exactly as Tom claimed that they would. New and unknown situations and places do not faze them either; in fact, on their first trip to the vet for their pre-neuter exams, after coming to our home their reaction in words could have been, “Yay!! We get to meet new friends, explore new places and jump on new furniture!” This is only a small sampling of the hard work that Tom puts into a BTC kitten that shows the deep confidence and curiosity that is embedded within them. And the icing on the cake is these are the sweetest, most loving kittens you will ever meet. They are little angels. My favorite part is having a constant companion in everything we do. And I do mean everything!! They follow us everywhere, greet us at the door when one of us comes home, and curl up in bed at night. They love to be loved and are little purring machines. We love them both so much. Yes, it’s true, Tom KNOWS how to raise kittens, and to say that he does an exceptional job does not do enough to describe the care and knowledge he pours into the curriculum of BTC kitten development -- it definitely shows!

Thomas, Agoura Hills, CA, "Binx & Rosebud", seal point male and female (Winter & Brody, 04/22) 

Our kittens:


Best new companions. Best Thai TV. Best arm candy. Best facetime. Great motor skills (purr purr). Best love bugs. Open to anything. Legends in their own minds! Healthy. Most entertaining zoomies (see Thai TV). Best Siamese soccer games. Adorable beyond belief. Lovable. Good eye contact (just remember the slow blink). Smart (really smart). Good in the car. Great greeters. Up for anything (oh yeah, said that already). Not afraid of water (no, 
really). Very adaptable. Have good appetites (will be picky, c'est la vie). Beautiful coats. Never fail to impress. Never fail to let you know their opinion (must know or learn Thai). Great watch cats. Can hunt you down with ease to get what they want (well, they are still cats). Empathetic. Sweet. Energetic (until they're not). Redefine cuteness on a daily basis.





Tom and Black Thai Cattery:
A true professional. Very personable. Great communicator. Very caring. Very concerned about the kitten’s health and welfare. VERY knowledgeable. Tom provides the absolute best possible environment and kitten experiences from birth to adoption. Great sense of humor. Knows all the best cat toys (learns from his cats). Very dedicated to his work. Must be tireless. Great follow-up when needed. Provides thoroughly enjoyable weekly photos and updates concerning playdates and other pertinent information as the kittens mature toward adoption. Hand delivers kittens if necessary. Allows home visits. Offers rehoming service (which we all hope we never need but is still quite extraordinary).




Other than this, all we can do is to echo, echo, echo, echo, what everyone else has said that got kittens from the same litters as us. And to thank Tom for making this happen. We can't thank him enough or recommend BTC enough.

Jie, Emeryville, CA, "Tony", seal point male, (Winter & Brody, 04/22) 

Tony is the first kitten I got from Tom but I’m already planning to get my next one from him in the future.

Before moving to the bay area, I lived with my two years old orange cat Twelve in San Diego. While I’m still adjusting myself to the new environment, I want to get my cat a buddy for the company first, so I started searching for a siamese as I always love their funny looks and dog-like characters. Tom’s website caught my attention quickly because his Siamese looks very happy with dogs, babies, or other cats, so I reached out immediately. Luckily Tom responded the same day and he was so patient to answer all my questions on the phone. But I was still not sure so I asked for a visit. I made up my mind the minute I stepped into the house, as I never imagined myself being welcomed by a large group of siamese kittens like they’d been waiting to play with you for hours, they kept jumping and chasing after each other, the house is a kitten paradise, with two dogs who are always looking for an opportunity to break in and play with the new-born babies.


Before the pick-up date arrives, Tom sent out a weekly email with tens of kitten pictures taken with love, in his letters I know that he took the kittens on so many trips and whom they met each week, and what to be prepared, once I even saw the kittens playing with a big bearded dragon. After months of waiting, I finally meet Tony, who proves everything Tom has said about his cats is true. I’ve never seen another cat more confident and energetic than Tony. He purrs loudly when touched. He's curious about everything, what I'm eating, reading, or typing. He follows me everywhere, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, I feel he's my little tail, or he has a dog's soul. Tony is also a social king, still can't believe he made himself the best buddy of Twelve the first day they met like they know each other from the last life. 

Lastly, I feel Tony is totally worth the long wait, he's the happiest, healthy, and smart kitten I've seen. He's also a good passenger in the car. Now he can even walk out with me on a leash every day. Thanks, Tom for all the efforts to bring this Angel into my life. You're always so responsive at every stage to make sure Tony's transition is smooth and he's good and healthy in the new family.

Keith, San Jose, CA, "Kona", seal point male, (Winter & Brody, 04/22) -  repeat client 

We brought home Kona on July 9th. We told our other two cats Finn and Maui that the new baby was coming home. Karen brought up Kona in the carrier upstairs. Finn would not let her out of the carrier. As time passed that day the cats got better. Kona just wanted to play. It took less than a week and the cats were the best of friends. They all 3 bonded and we were so happy. This makes 3 from BTC and Karen and Keith cannot be happier.

Rhys, New Haven CT, "Astrid & Danny", blue point female & seal point male  (Belle & Brody, 04/22) 

I am not sure exactly what I was sold - but I’m pretty sure they are half kitten and half pterodactyl/badger, respectively. Astrid and Danny (aka JD) have brought such light and life to my home! 

Astrid and Danny are officially my first non-family pets (aside from a slew of foster animals and Betta fish in college) and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to adjust to animals from any other source. They have adapted amazingly well into my parents’ home on our summer pitstop from California to Connecticut - they have won over our 10-year-old horribly behaved Boston Terrier and are tolerated by our resident crotchety 15-year-old tortoiseshell queen bee “Wisconsin Barn Cat”. I am sure they will handle our next week’s move up to my new Connecticut home just as well. 

It was a long and worthwhile wait - I contacted Thomas in October 2021 to inquire about two kittens and the Thai breed in general (I was also looking at Russian Blues). I developed an initial interest in the breed due to its personality (“dog-like” per online sources) and low-allergy/easy maintenance coat (for the interest of mildly allergic extended family members/close friends). I also was prioritizing a great temperament/upbringing.

Not only did he spend close to an hour on the phone with me on that first call, but Thomas also answered all of my questions before I was ready to get on the waitlist. It was amazing news when we heard that Belle had such a large litter. I was initially set on two boys but eventually decided to take the remaining blue-point female along with one of the seal-point males. They are a perfect pair (Yin and Yang) but I do believe any of the kittens would have been an excellent choice. I do have extensive experience fostering and homing kittens and it is very evident that Astrid and Danny are not your typical cats. My family’s and my favorite part about them is that they react to nothing. They ride the vacuum cleaner (Astrid also has started riding our Litter Robot as it cycles) and try to get in the shower with you (actual contact with water is different so I guess they do have some cat in them!). They also adjusted perfectly to harnesses with just a small bout of wiggling. I am sure no one reading this testimonial needs convincing on this part, but they are truly gorgeous (they are photogenic, but photos do not do them justice). 

It was a lovely experience visiting the Cattery. Astrid and Danny began to get restless on the last leg of our red-eye journey to Philly but otherwise were perfect travelers. I am so impressed with Thomas’ commitment to go above and beyond to make the transition from Cattery to home go so smoothly.

Felicia, Bozeman, MT, "Charlie", seal point male, (Winter & Brody, 04/22) -  repeat client 

Charlie is our third BTC cat and they are all amazing. Smart, friendly, and truly a joy to have in the family. Charlie is our cuddle bug. Except when his kitten energy is high and he wants to play fetch or with his older brother, he is always sitting with one of the people. If everyone is doing something too active for Charlie to sit on them, he's still right next to someone, watching what they are doing. He's quite happy to meet new people and is talkative and friendly toward everyone. No one has been able to do anything other than fall in love with him. I really cannot recommend these wonderful cats enough. I feel incredibly lucky to have them in my family.



Klarissa, Park City, UT, "Frankie & Esmeralda", seal point females, (Belle  & Brody, 04/22)

Esi and Frankie have been an absolutely joyful addition to our family.  We now can’t imagine life without them. They are so easy-going, adaptable, loving, hilarious, and happy. Having the two of them is great as they love to entertain and play with each other. And they actually like to be with us… so different than some of our previous cats. If you want an integral new member of your family, these are the pets to get!


Moreover, our cats come with us all over the West as we travel frequently between our places in Utah, Wyoming, and Montana and even go camping in the forest with us — no RV here. They sleep with us in our tent with our Irish Wolfhound and cruise around with their harnesses outside living the big life catching bugs and dreaming of climbing the giant trees. 


Thank you so very much for raising such incredible animals! 

Christina, Sunnyvale, CA, "Merry & Pippin", BP male & SP female, (Willow/Aspen & Brody, 01/22)

Merry and Pippin are so very different, but both are an absolute delight!

Our gregarious Pippin (blue point male) is a constant companion: ready for snuggles and food at all times. His greatest desire is to be in the middle of everything, and I mean everything: any open door or drawer is a new adventure. He loves to play with everyone, especially our mini schnauzer, Pretzel. The give-and-take between them is adorable and hilarious.

Kleenex and paper beware, Merry is here! Our sweet shy little Merry (seal point female) came to us with a little kitten cold which developed into a full-blown respiratory infection with fever by our second day at home. After multiple rounds of antibiotics, she is finally now her true playful paper-shredding self. I couldn’t ask for a more sweet demure little kitty. She is the yin to Pippin’s yang, and between the two, we have perfect balance. 

You can tell that Tom loves his kittens before all else as he was in frequent contact with weekly kitten updates after they were born. The pictures as they grew were the highlight of my week. The kitten care package was lovely, and the mommy-scented blankets really eased the transition into their new home.

Thank you to Black Thai for the perfect kittens who captured our hearts immediately and seamlessly integrated into our little family!

Theresa, Oakland, CA, "Sandwiches", blue point males, (Willow & Brody, 01/22) -  repeat client 

Sandwiches is the second kitten from Black Thai, and he was the perfect kitten at the perfect time. I lost my cuddly playful boy unexpectedly and tragically leaving 2-year-old Noodle with an 18-year-old cat for company.  After less than 3 hours, it was obvious two people and an 18-year-old cat are not enough company for a 2-year-old Black Thai cat -- they need hours of highly involved and stimulating play on a daily basis. A week later we visited kittens; a boy was available, but my heart wasn't ready. 3 days after it didn't matter the sex of the kitten -- Noodle NEEDED a playmate as soon as possible for her best mental health to meet her stimulation needs. All I cared about was that this kitten is brave and not an OCD overthinker -- Tom provided significant evidence plus I'd seen Sandy's antics during our visit. Just weeks later Sandy came home, and just like Noodle, he hated closed doors.  All the cats were hanging out together within 2 hours because the Black Thai cats hate nothing more than a closed door. Basket was immediately his cuddle buddy, but Noddle was standoffish and hissy! She watched him play and wanted to join in, but she couldn't help herself but be envious and hissy. We couldn't figure out what was going on for a few days, but then we noticed she got most upset when he'd crawl into her favorite old tiny kitten spots. Noodle was sad to be a grown-up and taking it out on poor Sandwiches.  :(


After less than a week, they were top-notch play buddies and a month in they're going nuts. Sandwiches came with excellent cat manners just like Noodle did, but with a completely different attitude. I see some similarities -- a love of the bathtub and wall furniture, the way they shake their dry food, the way they step on other cats to form a cuddle pile, etc. However, they're extremely different. Noodle is a type A overthinking cat who is honestly the bravest little scaredy-cat in the world -- she's skittish of her own shadow sometimes,  but that's not going to stop her curiosity! She also just thinks of food as fuel and hates most of it.  She only meows when she wants string. Sandwiches is fearless, loves jumping, loves cuddling with humans more than any cat I've ever met, loves all the food, and loves to go exploring while meowing to himself. Some days he's so cuddly he's like velcro, but then we find the 18-year-old cat so they can snuggle and give us a break from Sandwiches. The most interesting part of this process though was figuring out that Noodle was secretly a chocolate point -- I look forward to Sandwiches being a true seal point! She's genetically a 1 in 100 chance, and a 1 in a million personality. I think Sandwiches is another 1 in 1 million personalities; these two couldn't be more different. Every Black Thai cat is a winner, but I do think I got the best two.

Rico, Roseville, CA, "Sisu & Suki", seal point & blue point females, (Ellie/Aspen & Brody, 01/22) 

Our experience with the Black Thai cattery was truly wonderful. We live within a couple of hours of Tom, and over our eight-month wait, we were able to visit his home and become acquainted first with his older cats, and then our kittens-to-be. His process of sending weekly emails with a progress report and photos is delightful, though I think we particularly enjoyed the candid photos and videos we'd get surprised with mid-week at times.


Tom dealt with a LOT of questions from us. He was terribly patient and I appreciated all of his advice and encouragement. Trust Tom's process and be patient, everything will work out beautifully!

When we picked out our two kittens it was a tough choice, but Tom was very correct in that I don't think you could go wrong with any two you bring home. We happened to bring home two introverts because our process of adjusting them to our home did not go as seamlessly as many describe. Upon recognizing they were overwhelmed we reverted to the typical way you introduce a kitten to home and set up a home base in our Master Bathroom, and let them expand their perimeter as they felt comfortable. This worked out perfectly with these particular kittens and they were running the house within a week. Their biggest hurdle was adjusting to our dogs... but they've gone from being pretty freaked of them, to snuggling with them within weeks, so I'd say they acclimated just fine in the end. It was disappointing to have them be so fearful upon arrival, and if I'm entirely honest they aren't quite what I expected after reading so many incredible reviews of perfect companions. They do their own thing a lot of the time and though they are friendly, socializing is very much on their terms. But they are beautiful, bright, inquisitive, hilarious, and sweet, and we are enjoying them immensely!

Suki had some tummy issues which we determined with our vet to likely be her having a hard time adjusting away from mom's milk- apparently, some kittens just struggle with that. The first thing we tried worked, and she's all better. Tom was supportive, honest, and forthcoming as we figured this out, and I am very grateful for his help. 

Michael, Albuquerque NM, "Jasper & Austen", seal point and chocolate males, (Emily/Ellie & Brody, 01/22)

I knew it would be an adventure, but I just wanted to let you know just how thrilled I am to have Jasper and Austen! They are fearless leopards who live life with gusto! Their exuberance is contagious and I thoroughly enjoy the shows they put on for me. They are a total delight and live up to everything you said they would be. After an 11-year hiatus from having pets since my 21-year-old Seal Point Matthew died, these guys made me realize how much having pets adds to our lives. I was still a little cautious but I am so glad I have them - it’s like they have always been here. So we have turned back time to 1990 when Matthew came home as a spitting, hissing, endearing little soul.

I had mentioned how I was fearful of drawing comparisons - and indeed they do some Siamese things Matthew did such as retrieving their toys and they stick to me like glue. Most of the toys from their “kitten room” have made it to the living room where they like to spend time with me. Talk about Velcro kittens! They accompany me to the bathroom and I awaken to their morning battle royales ON ME! So worrying about my memories of much loved Matt the Kool Kat was really, in retrospect, quite silly. When they do something he would do, I just laugh and enjoy the moment. So anyone putting off a Black Thai kitten because of memories of past pets, don’t! In a way, we honor their memory by opening our hearts to the special relationship we have with new members of the family.

While I also was not specified in the market for two kittens, the wisdom in having two cannot be praised enough. The work is not double, but since they entertain each other my need to constantly entertain them is cut in half! They “help” with everything and each has his own unique personality. I have also never purchased a pet sight unseen, but once again I would do it again - from Black Thai. Having Tom deliver the boys made it much less stressful for them and me, as being out of practice since Matthew was a kitten way back in 1990, picking them up and getting them home on my own seemed a somewhat daunting task.

Their Dachshund baby sister “Hildy” is coming home the weekend after Easter - a bit sooner than I had planned - but I have no doubts Jasper and Austen will warm to her quickly and welcome her home. I will send pics after she settles in! As they are so well socialized I am not expecting any issues, and it will be so awesome raising them together with Hildy and not having to deal with the usual issues faced when introducing new pets to older animals.

In closing, I just want to say thank you for these two little delights! I am so happy they are here and I look forward to many adventures over the years ahead! Black Thai kittens are truly the gold standard and I recommend them over any local, cheaper, or convenient options. I am a Siamese (Thai Cat) purist, as we have discussed, and the fact that you offer the original Seal, Blue, and Chocolate colors are just fine with me! Being able to have a Seal Point (Jasper) and a Chocolate Point (Austen) is terrific - no need for more exotic hybrids for me! Quality over quantity and 100% Siamese is what I wanted - and what I have!

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