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Testimonials...  2021 

Testimonials are requested from each and every one of our clients and are posted in their entirety without any editing by us (just Grammarly). These clients have also graciously offered to be contactable via email if you have any questions regarding their testimonial or their kitten(s). We try to be totally transparent here at BTC.

Kathy, San Mateo, CA, "Arwin & Gandalf", seal point female & blue point male, (Winter & Brody, 10/21)

Too good to be true?

We contacted a few breeders seeking the opportunity to welcome two kittens to our home after three years of not having cats. We began to get discouraged. What a difference with Black Thai Cattery. We were pleasantly surprised with how responsive, forthcoming, and friendly Tom was when he promptly replied to our inquiry. We immediately felt comfortable and also felt confident that the wait would be worth it. It was such a pleasant surprise and quite exciting to get reports about the birth of the litters and then regular updates and photos. The updates included suggestions regarding healthy food and pet products. Although we previously had cats for many years, we learned a lot. Tom welcomed us to visit his home and spend time with the kittens and the mothers.

Two litters of adorable kittens to choose from. A brother and sister, John and Christine, came home with us in December 2021. We even received a goodie bag with treats and toys for them! As much as we are Fleetwood Mac fans, within a week their names became Gandalf and Arwen.

Christmas, the family came to visit and everything Tom and his family did to prepare the kittens for life in any household setting became evident. Our 15-month-old grandson, Elliott, grabbed a tail and pulled. On a second occasion, he scooped up a kitten in his lap. Both times all the adults jumped. We expected Elliott to get scratched.

The kittens were calm and just waited for him to let go. They play, cuddle, do goofy things, purr, and entertain us and each other. Gandalf and Arwen follow us throughout the house. Often times they get underfoot and almost trip us. They are loving, alert, poor typists, mischievous, rambunctious, adorable little troublemakers!

Too good to be true? Not at all. Our experience with BTC has been terrific. Again, we were becoming discouraged until we discovered BTC. Life is good. Gandalf and Arwen are terrific additions to our family.

Amber, Redwood City, CA, "Layla, Kenzie & Elijah", sp female & male, (Summer/Winter & Brody, 10/21)

These cats are truly unbelievable. From their beauty to their intelligence to their sweet demeanor. Oh, and their uncontrollable instinct to bat at anything that dangles. They are so sweet and playful. We get endless joy watching them make anything into a toy, and games out of nothing. Our cats are so social and completely a part of the family. They would rather sit on a person, and each other, than on their cat towers. Their transition was completely seamless. From the moment we took them home, they curled up with each other and were on top of us. They follow us around and demand attention. Tom and his family are incredible breeders and deliver the most amazing cats.

Anja, Clayton, CA, "Duke", blue point male, (Belle & Brody, 09/21) -  repeat client 

Thank you for our second Kitty Duke, the a.k.a Baby Kitty. Our first kitty from you, Prince, has a distinctly different personality from his younger brother Duke. So even though we now have two wonderful cats from you, they are truly different just like children. Duke is wild, outgoing, smart as can be, has no fear, and is the boss of the bunch. He is also super lovable and social. He loves that there are other cats, dogs, birds, and people in the house. He plays with the other cats and dogs. He enjoys company. Prince is sweet, lovable and the perfect older brother. Both of our Black Thai cats have HUGE personalities. We love the whole Black Thai Cattery experience because we know there is really no comparison to other cat breeders and cats in general when they are raised this way. Black Thai is unparalleled. The time, LOVE, and CARE that went into making the two exceptional cats we have from Black Thai probably does not exist anywhere else. We love the whole experience and enjoy seeing how these amazing cats are raised and cared for. From weekly pictures and updates to visiting and bringing our Baby Kitty home, it sure makes for wonderful companion cats who will spend a lifetime as the best kitty's ever. Thank you Tom and family for another BEST EVER cat.

Anja, Tom, Ryan, and Mandy

Christine, San Ramon, CA, "Frances & ClaraBelle", seal point & blue point females, (Belle & Brody, 09/21)




Terri, Palm Springs, CA, "Boy Sue", blue point male, (Belle & Brody, 09/21) -  repeat client 

A Boy Named Sue was the right kitten at the right time, but let me back up a little.


Over 5 years ago, I bought a kitten from Black Thai Cattery, Ted. You’ll find him right there on their wall of fame. He was the perfect kitten, and he’s grown into the perfect cat—confident, smart, loving. Sadly, we lost his much older brother (22 years old) just before Christmas. Ted was beside himself. Of course, he loved his brother and was devastated when he died. There was only one thing to do, check Black Thai’s website.


I couldn’t believe it. There was ONE boy kitten available. So, I called Tom. Ted was going to get a baby brother. And after a handful of days, he did.


Is Boy Sue just like Ted? Not at all. Sure, he’s confident, smart, and loving—just like his big brother. But he’s got a very distinct personality. He’s fearless and a little bit of a goofball, too. He gives his brother a hard time daily. He cuddles up with him, too. They love each other and are so much fun to have around the house.


I’ve always felt so lucky I found Black Thai Cattery. Getting the second kitten a handful of years later just proved how right I was.

Lily, Portola Valley, CA, "Anitole & Hammish", seal point female & male, (Summer/Belle & Brody, 09/21)

“5 million bazillion stars”

“The best cats in the whole world!!!”

(quotes from our boys 8 and 4)


Tom and his family’s method makes the most incredible cats. These cats come from a loving home and it really shows. All the real-world experience Tom gives them makes them ready for anything. I didn’t know cats could be so full of personality; so loving and playful. We had been a family hesitant to get animals, however, our sons had become scarred of holding pets and for that reason, we wanted them to learn to love and care for animals. We feel so lucky we got to BTC!

Our kids are loud and energetic 8 and 4 years old. I was worried a cat would just be shy of our little rascals :) Tom assured us that his method would be perfect for our family and the cats would be happy even with our toddler and a hesitant 8-year-old. He was so right!

These cats have become the most incredible companions to our boys and to us. They follow our boys and want to play and cuddle with them. The boys handle them constantly and the cats have amazing tolerance. I was expecting the cats to hide when we first brought them home. This didn’t happen, they were so curious! Their personality has just continued to blossom since we’ve had them. As an example, when I vacuum the house, I was sure they would run scarred, not BTC cats! They follow me and try to play with the cord. They warm our hearts and have brought us so much joy and stress release. Highly recommend it to all, especially for families!

Melanie & Jeff, SF, CA, “Linden & Daigo”, blue & seal point females (Belle/Summer & Brody, 09/21) 

We are in love with our kittens Linden and Daigo! They are beautiful, affectionate, loyal, full of energy, and endlessly entertaining. Tom told us that our lives would never be the same once we took them home, and he was correct—we can’t remember how we ever lived without them! 

Our kittens have become best friends with us, and each other. It’s adorable to see them snuggle together during naps. Both are always in search of a lap to sit on, even hopping up on our legs when we briefly squat down to pet them! When we’re cooking dinner they often start meowing to hurry us up so that we finally sit down and give them our laps. When we’re on the sofa with a blanket over us, they climb above the blanket up to our faces, because they want to be as close as possible. They’re always purring and looking up at us lovingly. They never protest when we pick them up. They’re so much fun when we play with them, and it’s hilarious watching them “hunt” each other at night. 

BTC raised our kittens to be so sweet-natured. As first-time pet owners, we feel spoiled because it seems like this is the norm, but we know Linden and Daigo’s incredible personalities are unique. They are everything we hoped for and more. They’re thriving in our home and we couldn’t be happier to have them as family members! 

Alexandra, Santa Maria, CA, "Raj and Leonard", seal point males, (Aspen & Brody, 06/21)

We love our rock star, family members!

After years of wanting a cat, we finally decided that it was time to grant Oscar, our teenage son, his wish. I wasn’t what you would call a cat person and had never owned a cat, but had always admired a Siamese cat owned by family friends back in the ’80s. I was a dog-mad pre-teen but there was something so intriguing and glamorous about this cat that I would jump at the chance to visit this family just so I could admire him. Fast forward to December 2020 when I told my son if he was serious about finally getting a feline companion let’s look into getting a Siamese. I reached out to Thomas after researching cats and breeders, and even contacting various shelters and organizations to see how we go about such a mission given that it was still during the lockdown. Needless to say, I was concerned about committing to getting a cat over the internet and without actually seeing where they were bred and raised. 

From the start, Thomas was very understanding of our situation offered me reassurance, and told me to look at all the testimonials. I didn’t even have to read them all, just talking to Thomas and him patiently answering all my many questions made up my mind there and then that he was the best man for the job. Thomas was honest from the beginning and told me we would need to get two cats since we did not have any cats in our household and they would be far happier as a pair together. This was not what I was originally considering but after listening to him and seeing all the photos of the cats and kittens this made perfect sense. We had two dogs at that time and knew what great company they were for each other. So, there we were in December 2020 and signed up for not one, but two Siamese kittens. Again, Thomas explained about the waiting list and how long we would have to wait-which at that time was looking at the chance it might not be until December 2021 before we would finally have our new family members. Oscar made no hesitation in saying that yes, he would wait and that his heart was set on two Siamese kittens from Thomas. By now Thomas had also chatted with Oscar a couple of times and explained the whole process and what we could expect. After months of waiting and excitedly counting down to the summer when we could expect to hear the great news that things were starting to happen, Thomas emailed me to say Aspen was to have her kitten’s late summer. Time goes by fast when you have something wonderful to look forward to, and there are lots of discussions and planning to be had before our new arrivals. Finally, our pick-up day arrived and we made the trip from the central coast up to the Bay Area to meet our boys.

When Thomas opened his door and we saw all the cats and kittens happily getting on with their play and activities we fell in love. We got down on the floor and just hung out with every single one. We could have stayed there all day or scooped as many of them up as we could have and have happily been on our way. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen so we were sent home with two brothers Raj and Leonard. They are still called Raj and Leonard because none of us could take responsibility for giving these precious boys any of the numerous names we had been thinking about. Oh no, Raj and Leonard (or Lenny as I’m apt to call him), are far too elegant and handsome to be lumbered with our initial titles.

So back at home a few months after that wonderful car journey last September here we are with the most amazing animals ever. Sadly, one of our older dogs passed away in November, and Raj and Leonard have been constant companions for our surviving two-year-old pug Ramona. She has the best company and loves her new kittens. She is fond of licking their ears and bellies and both Raj and Leonard love to snuggle up with her when she not chasing them around at playtime or constantly trying to lick them. Thomas did tell me they would be great with other animals and that is so true. They are patient and genuinely enjoy being around Ramona. It’s not just Ramona or our family who are besotted by them, a trip to the vets for our pre neutering appointment drew a big crowd into the room. Similarly, when we had our trip to see family over the holidays and we reluctantly had to board them at the kennels we always use, we were told how much fun they had and how all the staff wanted to spend time with the boys. We have had many visitors to our home with everyone excited to see the new kittens.

So yes, it’s safe to say Raj and Leonard have made quite an impact on everyone they meet! As I sit here writing this, I have had visits from both boys and can now hear them happily playing together while they wait for me to finish writing about them so we can go snuggle up together and watch some tv and relax, and we might just have a little snooze, another of our favorite pastimes. And when the boys are left alone at home, I’m sure they also enjoy the peace and quiet to just be themselves and not have to entertain their family and our many visitors.


With Love and thanks to Thomas and his family

Dorothee, Pacifica, CA, "Lady Rose & Princess Poppy", seal point females, (Ellie & Brody, 07/21)

We never considered cats for our family because of my severe allergies. However, the pandemic has been tough on our 2 kids and they always wanted cats. As such, I did some research into cat allergies and learned that certain cat breeds produce less of the Fel d 1 allergen than others, among them Siamese cats. With this, I started my journey to find opportunities to spend some time with Siamese cats to test my allergies with them. Tom was the first who even considered talking to me, but also immediately offered for our family to come over to spend time with the kittens he had at that time. From the first contact with Tom to when we eventually got our kittens, he was nothing but responsive, caring, generous, and patient with our personal cat journey. We spent over an hour at his house playing with the kittens the first time we visited, and he answered every question we had with lots of patience. It was also obvious that his cats are his babies, and he cares with the utmost love for them. I have never met a breeder, but it was very clear to us that this is NOT the norm. His love for his cats is infectious.

Tom told us that he had a waitlist of 10 months and that we would need to take 2 kittens and not just one, as they do so much better when they have a feline companion. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted one kitten, then talking about 2 gave us pause. After our visit, we were all in love, and even our kids thought that it would be worth waiting 10 months for the kittens, after talking to my allergy specialist I also started allergy shots to minimize my allergies (and waiting that long would give me time to get enough of them to make a difference). I was doing much better around Tom’s cats than some other cats but do not think without allergy shots that we could have brought cats into our house in the long term. Thus, we informed Tom that we wanted to get on the waitlist and would want 2 kittens (I was still not completely sold on 2).

Then we waited. It was hard to wait so long, particularly for the kids. However, Tom informed us even a few months ahead of schedule that Ellie was pregnant and that it was our turn to choose from her litter. From that moment on we were in constant contact with Tom. We received immediate notice and pictures after Ellies’s litter was born (an all-female litter, fitting as we also have 2 girls). We received weekly emails and pictures that were the highlight for the whole family. Bringing home cats started to feel very real. I personally have never had any pets, as such, I started to feel a bit anxious about it, as this was a big commitment. As we live in the area, Tom allowed us to visit the kittens when they were 4 weeks old, which made us really fall in love with them all, as now we knew 2 of them will be ours. I had so many questions and Tom answered them all, and soon sent us a long email with lots of information about bringing them home and how to prepare for it. He then also let us visit again at 8 weeks. He never seemed to mind when asked about visiting.

Rose was the smallest of the litter and received extra handling and care by Tom from day one to ensure that she gained strength and was healthy – but around week 4 she wasn’t doing so well – and Tom spent around the clock nursing her back to health. It the end she survived and gained weight and strength, although, stayed the smallest of them all. I hoped for a Blue Point, but there wasn’t one in the litter. As such, our family picked Poppy who is a seal point, and Rose, as I have a soft spot for the little ones. Our kids also decided that we need to keep their names, thus, they stayed with our (Lady) Rose and our (Princess) Poppy.

We were very excited (but also a bit nervous) about bringing them home. They were pretty friendly with us from the 1st moment at home, and pretty curious. They showed some shyness towards us during the 1st night but that quickly went away. Rose, probably as she was being handled a lot more, was the absolute lover early on with everyone in our house, but also showed some favoritism towards me. We termed her the purrator – as she loves to purr for hours on end in our lap. Poppy is a little bit more independent and a curious explorer and took a bit longer than Rose to show pure love. Now she loves to settle right next to us on the couch or on our legs for her nap. She also loves to purr now but more likely rolls on her back and wants endless tummy rubs. It is really “hard” to get anything done in our house now with them around, someone always finds a kitty on them and is “unable” to do anything else. Initially, we got the kittens for the kids, but now we are all in love, and they are really Mama’s kittens. Well, everyone gets to play and cuddle with them. Also, we could not even imagine having only one kitten. It is a lot of fun watching them wrestle and attack each other (you would not know that Rose is quite smaller than her sister when they are wrestling – she is fearless while jumping off the couch onto her sister) before they nap on top of each other, and we understood immediately, why having 2 is so much better than 1. Thus, Tom was right all along!


The kittens have only been with us for 6 weeks, but we could not even imagine our life without them anymore. Tom is just amazing with his cats, and I could not imagine having had a better, more personal experience through this journey. He totally turned me – someone, who never had any pets and never thought that I would have any – into a total cat person (and the combination of the Siamese cats and allergy shots seems to have worked for me so that I can enjoy them).

Jeanne & Lisa, Alameda, CA, "Izzy", seal point female, (Ellie & Brody, 07/21) -  repeat client 

Susan, Craig, AK, "Felix & Oscar", seal point males, (Willow & Brody, 07/21)

We love our boys, Felix and Oscar. We have had the kittens for about a month and a half now, and it is hard to imagine our home without them. There was some concern initially that our two older cats (2-year-old Tortoiseshell sisters) would be a negative influence on the boys. The girls have never been cuddly or even friendly, even with each other. They prefer to spend the majority of their time outside (they are both fixed), so we encouraged them to stay outside at first. They were predictably hateful towards the boys every time they saw them, but the boys never seemed to mind. Felix and Oscar have been a refreshing difference from the girls. They seek our attention on a daily basis. They crawl into our laps when they want to cuddle (which is a frequent occurrence). They have even inspired the girls to be friendlier to us. The girls are beginning to seek occasional petting from us; in the past petting was always met with hostility from the girls.

We brought a new puppy, Frida, home one month before Felix and Oscar joined us. Frida loves to play with the kittens. She can get a little too aggressive at times, but even when we pull her away from them, the kittens chase her down to continue playing. Frida and Felix are especially close; the two of them sometimes compete for space on my lap. More than once, Felix has ignored the fact that Frida was already on my lap, and he made himself comfortable in the limited space available. Sometimes we find the two of them cuddling on the couch by themselves. Our adult dog is curious about the kittens, but he usually leaves them alone. The kittens aren’t afraid to attack his tail on occasion, but they typically don’t seek out his attention either.

About a month ago, I finally got around to giving all of the baby animals their long-overdue nail trims. I started with Oscar because he was closest to me at the time. He loved it; he purred the entire time I was trimming the nails on all four feet. I sent him away to trim Felix’s nails next, but Oscar jumped back into my lap while Felix was getting his nails done. Felix didn’t enjoy it as much, but he also didn’t fight me. Both kittens have received more than one bath since they’ve been here. My fifteen-year-old daughter gave each of them their baths both times (she determined that they had gotten themselves filthy enough to need it both times). She says they didn’t love being bathed, but they didn’t fight her too much. I have never known a cat who wouldn’t shred a person who tried to bathe them, but these boys are special.

Felix and Oscar are frequently rambunctious trouble makers; “catting hour” happens multiple times per day, at any time of day. Nothing is safe during catting hour; they don’t hold back when it comes to teeth and claws when they feel it is time to be crazy. Fortunately, it is usually short-lived. They go back to being sweet and cuddly pretty quickly. 

The boys also missed the memo when it comes to how much they should eat. We tried to keep their food separate from the adult cats' food; that was a losing battle. All four cats will find any food that is set out, and will happily help themselves. The adults eat at various times throughout the day when they happen to be inside. We haven’t worked out a schedule for feeding the boys, because they will immediately gorge themselves on the girls’ food when we set it in front of the girls. As a result, they lost their long, lean look. Hopefully, that will change when they are done growing; you would think they are starving. They are worse than my teenage son.

While I was typing this, Oscar woke Felix from a nap by aggressively playing with him. I called Felix and he quickly came to me, curled up in my lap, and began purring. Both of my teenagers, my husband, and I love Felix and Oscar. There is never a shortage of attention for these two. I could write a much longer testimonial, but hopefully, this answers most questions.


Joanne, Seattle, WA, "Ginger & Wasabi", seal point and blue point female, (Willow & Brody, 07/21)

I had to wait quite a long time for two females (and one Blue Point) to finally come up in the same litter, but it has been worth it. My Wasabi and Ginger are such sweet little devil angels. I can’t get enough of how loving and social they are. They make me smile every single day, whether it was from Ginger licking my nose to wake me, Wasabi cuddling up on my lap as I start my third video conference call, or one of them bringing me the toilet paper roll from the bathroom to play. LOL. They are perfect and so very loving in every way.

Tom was great to work with. He and his family kept me abreast of the kitties' weekly progress as they grew up in their care. He was always available to answer any questions and take additional pictures if I wanted them. My suggestion to anybody who lives farther away is to take Tom up on having them deliver the kitties. The planes currently with their regulations and strictness did not make an easy transition for my girls and they didn’t have the comfort yet from me. Tom was there to give me some ideas to help get them acclimated to the house and I am very thankful for that. It was a pleasure working with Tom from Black Thai Cattery to adopt my two fur babies and I’d recommend their cattery wholeheartedly.

Marco, Playa Del Rey, CA, "Hopper", seal point male, (Emily & Brody, 06/21)

The Black Thai Cattery Experience

My experience with Black Thai Cattery has been amazing and nothing less than stellar. Throughout this entire process, they were friendly, communicated clearly, and always answered my questions. I loved receiving updates/emails/pictures of my kitten from week 0 through week 12, as this enhanced the bonding experience. My expectations of friendly people/services and good communication were exceeded. My expectations of a kitten that is healthy, highly intelligent, matches my aesthetic preference, and with a friendly, affectionate, and loyal personality, were also exceeded.


Once In a Lifetime Companion

I previously had 4 cat companions for 20 years: a Siamese Seal Point (Damien), a Black/White Tuxedo (Bandit), a big brown/black tabby (Maximus), a smaller brown/black tabby (Ashley). Damien was extremely intelligent and affectionate, and I always referred to him as a cat-dog. Bandit was very similar as well. They were once-in-a-lifetime companions, rare and hard to find. The type of personality and level of affection you yearn for. My Black Thai Cattery kitten is also a once-in-a-lifetime companion, as his traits and personality remind me so much of Damien and Bandit, the best companions I’ve ever had.


Temperament and Personality

My kitten, Hopper, is a cat-dog. I feel lucky to have received him from Black Thai Cattery, as he is such an amazing companion, a cat-dog, a lap cat. He is healthy, bright, intelligent, trusting, warm, loyal, loving, confident, affectionate, and loves receiving attention and affection. He’s very talkative and we have conversations often. We play fetch! Imagine that, playing fetch with a CAT! He is everything I have ever wanted in a Siamese cat companion and more. I feel extremely lucky to have him in my life. My kitten's personality is a product of how the Black Thai Cattery Kings and Queens were raised, receiving love and affection from a very young age. This was then passed down to the hand-raised kittens. The kittens are then raised the same way, with love and affection from a young age, resulting in beautiful, confident, and outgoing personalities.



My kitten Hopper was best friends with my Lynx Point Siamese, Ghost, within a couple of hours of bringing him home. Hopper was outgoing and friendly from day 1. He quickly adjusted to his new environment and wanted to be friends with and play with Ghost as soon as I put the carrier down. Ghost needed a few hours to adjust, but Hopper was good to go!



Hopper constantly crawls on top of me or next to me to curl up and nap or lay down. He loves to nap in my lap or to lay next to me, wherever I am. He follows me from room to room, as does Ghost. He’s very similar to the best Seal Point Siamese companion I’ve ever had, Damien. He is a once-in-a-lifetime companion and it’s all thanks to Black Thai Cattery. It’s all thanks to how they raise these majestic and glorious animals, and the love and attention the kittens, mothers, and father received from a young age throughout their lives.


Confident and Outgoing

Hopper is incredibly confident, he has no problem playing with Ghost, play-tackling him, chasing after him, and vice versa, even though Ghost is huge! He’s socialized with other animals and has no issues walking up to any guests/friends I have over to visit, he's not scared of anything in the house, sounds or otherwise.



When I brought Hopper home, you could tell he was already socialized with other animals, and people, he wanted to be held, petted, played with, slept on my chest while on the couch, and has slept next to me every night since I brought him home. 


I Did My Cattery Research!

Before I contacted Black Thai Cattery, I reviewed many (10+) other catteries around the country, and out of them all, I chose Black Thai Cattery due to the information I read on their website. I knew, hands down, this was where I would find my next best friend. Hopper is truly an amazing companion, with an amazing personality, high intelligence, and all the desirable traits you WISH for and CRAVE when adding an animal to your home. I am extremely lucky and blessed to have him in my life, and I want at least one more, maybe two!


Thank You

I can’t thank Black Thai Cattery enough for everything they do to ensure their kittens have all these wonderful traits, personalities, and more. I love my kittens, Hopper and Ghost, so much, they have changed my life. They bring me an incredible amount of joy and happiness every day. Thank you so much Black Thai Cattery!

Mel, Shreveport, LA, "de Lenclos (Dylan) & Clauswitz (Claus)", seal point males, (Emily & Brody, 06/21)

There's nothing like adding two kittens to your life to remind you of the incredibly wonderous inherent in the mundane. Over the past few decades, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the lives of Siamese cats and kittens from at least six different catteries. My current pair from Black Thai Cattery outshines them all in temperament, overall health, and looks.

The loving attention my boys received from birth to the time I picked them up is reflected in their wonderful dispositions. The Black Thai Cattery method of care exceeds any other breeder and they do an over-the-top job of keeping clients informed and educated about their particular kittens and their personalities.

The boys are amazing! George (now "de Lenclos"; "Dylan" for short) definitely favors his mother while Georgie (now "Clauswitz"; "Claus" for short) looks like his sire. They are into everything and, thus far, there has only been one furniture casualty: a lamp (my fault for not securing it better). They get really excited when packages are delivered (they get a KitnipBox and a Chewy goodie box monthly), so every box is thoroughly inspected. Georgie is more of a talker and George brings me toys while I work to throw. They are a wonderful pair.

Wes, Juneau, AK, "Maggie & Judi", seal point females, (Emily & Brody, 06/21)

Maggie and Judi have proven every bit of what I thought they would become: teddy bears, terrors, misfits, partners in crime, housing inspectors, and tiny royals. Even earlier than when Tom first introduced me to them in person, I got a glimpse of their personality through the many baby photos that he provided along the journey to adoption day. The kitten that would become Maggie looked straight at the camera, pleading to the world to make her siblings stop stepping on her. She still makes that face sometimes when Judi steps on her, but wouldn’t you? I first met Judi at the Seattle Airport, when Tom was doing the best job he could to contain her boundless energy. She is the fearless one, who marches into everything, be it the center stage, trouble, or my clean laundry. She asserts her royal decrees with a little brawn, announcing her presence by knocking whatever is in her way, even her sister sometimes. Oh but Maggie makes up for her sister’s Braun in cunning and careful thinking. As my Mother quickly observed, she is the intellectual of the two. And while her sister looks for trouble, she finds the top perch and watches her sister tear up the place. Despite being the smaller, she has successfully defended the top of the cat tree from even her bigger sister. A born royal for sure. The only thing that will coax her down is fresh food in her dish, a chance to greet me coming home from work, and the tv turned to sports where she takes each opportunity to attempt to intercept footballs, bat at basketball players, and topple divers from the platform before they even see her coming. She considers herself quite good at virtual sports by batting at the television.

They are the most dangerous kind of double trouble: so adorable you want to kiss them for punishment in whatever trouble they get into. And they readily accept affection, even tolerating it when cool cat stuff is calling and Daddy’s only delaying their fait accompli de jure. Maggie loves to be held and instantly revs the motor when in your hands. Judi is a bit less lovable in your arms, but will instead reserve you for bedtime love, as she will readily step in the centimeter of space between her sister and me when she’s ready for evening affections. She’s a bed sheet digger, too. And on cold Alaska nights (the only kind we have in Alaska), she’s going to use your body heat like a furnace. Maggie, too, only closer to your face.

I love the beauty of seal points. But after telling Tom that I wanted to adopt two female seals, I wondered if I could tell them apart, that it might be a mistake. But yes, I can. They have grown into two different kitties, with different personalities, different likes and dislikes, and different interests. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. And unsurprisingly, one resembles daddy (Judi) and the other Mommie (Emily). They love each other like sisters, and any sisters out there will know exactly what I’m talking about. While the slumber parties are long and warm with love and temperature, sisterly fights are just as common. This brings me to any other point. While a Siamese is a known talker and expert communicator, I appreciate Tom letting me raise them to talk or to be a little quieter. And while Maggie and Judi certainly know how to get my attention, they are not a broken record. They have discovered they can get Daddy’s attention in other ways rather than meowing: just by being so irresistibly adorable, pawing gently on the arm, and nuzzling my nose in bed.

Tom knows exactly what he is doing as a breeder. They are warm and people-friendly to anyone they meet. Teddy bears with murder mittens. Innocent faces with diabolical kitty-centric plans for taking over my world. Judi and Maggie have never met a stranger, they have already traveled cross country to visit grandma in Alabama and even enjoyed a momentous tasting of sweet potato casserole before using it as a launchpad when Grandma yelled disgust. But not five minutes later, Grandma picked them up to kiss them, innumerable times. Yes, even little royals receive “punishment’ for dirty deeds.

Mia, Lowell, OR, "Pinky & Greenbean", seal point females, (Aspen & Brody, 06/21)

The kittens are simply amazing. They are bold, confident, and self-assured but ALSO super affectionate, loving, and sweet cuddlers. Everyone who meets them notices how unusual they are. They love to ride around on our shoulders everywhere, even outside. One of them is obsessed with playing fetch and the other likes to watch YouTube videos of other cats. They are not afraid of anything even though they are tiny 4-month-old kittens. They put all four dogs in their place and already rule the household. It’s clear they were very well socialized. When not on our shoulders they are rarely far away, preferring to sit on their people instead of the couch. They are vocal and call out to each other and to us in the cutest way. We are absolutely delighted with them and couldn’t be happier with our purchase. Worth every penny. Thanks so much!

Rochelle, Crete, IL, "Agnetha (Ms. Jackson) & Anni-Frid", seal point females, (Summer & Brody, 04/21)

My daughter guilted me into buying her a pet. She wanted a cat but is allergic to cats. I have never had a cat and knew nothing about cats. After doing extensive research on cat breeds I opted for Siamese. I found Siamese is one of the breeds that are best for someone who has allergies. And because Siamese is considered the “dogs” of cats. I believed my daughter would want a pet that was affectionate and social. I had considered three different breeders but opted for Black Thai Cattery after having an extensive conversation with Tom. He confirmed no cat is 100% hypoallergenic. He offered to send me a swatch of a blanket to expose my daughter to the cat fur. A week later we received the swatch. We rubbed the blanket on her arm for a few days and waited. No reaction; green light to move forward. I got busy and lost track of time. By the time I reached out to Tom again, he said there was a year waitlist. Then COVID 19 hit and life hit “pause.”

I was shocked when Tom reached out to me 8 months early to tell me he had a litter that would be ready in April and I was next on the list. We debated only because we wanted a kitten from Wynter and this litter was from Summer; sisters mind you. My daughter had been e-learning and wanted something positive to happen sooner vs later. Another sign this was meant to be…the litter name, ABBA. My daughter’s favorite movie is Ma Ma Mia and her favorite song, Dancing Queen, and her favorite group, ABBA. I told Tom she was extremely excited. He was surprised to hear a 14-year-old would know who ABBA was and chuckled as he heard her scream in the background.

The communication with Tom was non-stop and reassured us that we had made the right decision. Tom strongly recommended two kittens (if there are no other pets in the home) and of course, we bought two. This was the best recommendation and best decision. As I type this the two sisters are rolling on the floor playing in front of me. We looked forward to the weekly updates and pictures. Through Facebook, I connected with two other people who had purchased cats from Black Thai Cattery. They had nothing but positive things to say and shared more pictures of their beauties.

We have Anni-Frid and Agnetha aka Ms. Jackson. From the first night until now they have been nothing but loving. My husband has owned several other cats is shocked at how socialized they are, even with total strangers. I will say pay very close attention to Tom’s feedback it will serve as invaluable ie. check the recliner bottoms now. Anni-Frid and Ms. Jackson had a full roam of our home after day one; FYI, they do not like closed doors. From the 5:30 am wake-up meows, jumps on the bed to bite our feet, to the constant stoppage of the litter robot; we love them to pieces. In four short months, they have become family members and we can remember our home without them. The ABBA girls are priceless!

Thanks, Tom for raising such special cats.

Cara, University Place, WA, "Benny", seal point male, (Summer & Brody, 04/21)

I feel so incredibly lucky to have found Black Thai Cattery and the family who raise them. They are devout about how Siamese breeding should be and how the family is involved in it as well. Dogs, people, etc. There is sincere care and love that has been established. Thomas is firm about how these babies are raised and how we continue the care. I love that. I bought my daughter a kitten and she wanted another. After visiting the home, I was so impressed, I now have a baby and he has become the love of our life, my husband who was “no more Siamese”, now has this baby sleeping with him, climbing on his neck, and nesting while in virtual conferences. When Benny is not in a conference, people ask, “Where is Benny” That is how popular he is. Benny likes to lay on my husband’s shoulder and the big tough guy now gives this kitten kisses and noogies.


This family has three kittens from Black Thai and we joke “when is the next one.” I am sincerely in LOVE.


I have been raised around Siamese for 40 years and Thomas is the best breeder I have ever come across. Hands down. Thank you for my “Nugget” Benny. ABBA forever!

Lily, San Francisco, CA, "Kyo", seal point male, (Summer & Brody, 04/21)

I cannot say enough fabulous things about Tom and Black Thai Cattery. Where to begin…I reached out to Tom in September of 2020 when I found his cattery through extensive online research. Tom responded back to me within minutes and we face timed that very night. I sent over a deposit and joined the waitlist. Tom was very communicative, thorough, and honest in letting me know how long I would be waiting for my kitten. While FaceTiming, he showed me some of his cats and kittens and my heart was so full and excited for when I would take my own home! I was completely fine with waiting as long as necessary for one of Tom’s kittens. Tom replied to every question over the following months, was always available to chat, and was overall a really kind breeder to answer all of my questions. When my kitten was finally born, Tom sent out emails every Sunday with updates on how the kittens were growing, their activities, and with pictures. These emails were the highlight of my week every week until I picked up my kitten, Kyo.

Kyo is an exceptional cat. My father says Kyo is a one-in-a-million kitten. My dad is a cat lover and said he has never met such an awake, alive, intelligent, beautiful soul in a kitten. Kyo has a special aura about him. He is cuddly, curious, so very soft, loving - he fits into our household perfectly. I was very nervous about introductions with my resident cat, Liam, and I can say within 24 hours they were playing. They now cuddle, Liam grooms him, and Kyo follows Liam around like he is a big brother. Everything Liam does, Kyo wants to do too. Kyo talks often, but he cries out the most when Liam is up high and Kyo is not able to be with him. Kyo cries because he wants to be everywhere Liam is. It is heartwarming. Kyo is very energetic and loves to play. I plan to order a harness and see if I can teach him to walk on a leash or a few other tricks. Tom is just so good with his cats. The way he raises them is unique, and he handles them often, places them in many different situations, and exposes them to kids and dogs, all of this creates an exceptional, confident kitten. I am so happy with Kyo, and my only wish is that I had taken home two kittens. Thank you, Tom!!

Anne Marie, Gaston, OR, "Tommy & Eddie", blue point males, (Belle/Winter & Brody, 03/21)

I am so fortunate to have come across Black Thai Cattery in my search for our current family members. The online pictures and testimonials are what drove me to investigate further. Tom was easy to contact and correspond with whether by text, phone, or email. Our hunt was for two oriental, friendly, people cats and what we saw on Black Thai's website convinced us we found the right place so we got on the waiting list. We are so fortunate to have added two lovely boys to our residence. Tommy and Eddie are growing like weeds!

The process was so positive. Tom's daughter kept us updated with pictures and a narrative on the kittens during the weeks prior to their arrival. She does a fabulous job of describing how they are advancing their skills. Our anticipation grew with each week's posting of pictures. Tom provided a package of food and toys for us. He gave us information on how to create our litter boxes which have made our utility room dust-free since they are enclosed. Everything was set before we picked them up at the airport.

The care and time your family spends with these adorable kittens show itself daily. We have had Oriental Shorthair cats, a Korat, Siamese mixes, and many American short hairs during our life together. Both my husband and I can say that these two have been the most acclimated to human interaction of all of them. They are curious, play at the drop of a hat, and love to cuddle when they've exhausted themselves from attacking the toys. They even sleep in their own bed at the foot of our bed at don't wake us up all night. That's amazing! 

My husband was looking for a lap cat after the passing of our last cat about a year ago. Well, we've got two of them now!

Jessica & Brad, Glenwood Springs, CA, "Felix & Theodore", seal & blue males, (Winter & Brody, 03/21)

We lost a beloved Siamese mix in July 2020, and our family wanted a cat with a similar disposition. We agreed that the Thai Siamese was the breed we were looking for, and the Black Thai Cattery website caught our attention. Last year, Tom was very receptive and responsive to our questions about his cattery and the breed. One concern was that we own Rhodesian Ridgeback (RR) dogs, which have a prey drive. We desired a cat that would stand up to the dogs, just as our previous cat did. Tom assured us that this breed would typically be friends with or warm up to dogs in the house. Since we had no cat, Tom told us about his policy of two kittens because of the breed’s social nature. We decided to join the BTC waiting list for two kittens.

We received occasional updates while on the waitlist. Once the kittens were born, Tom and his daughter(s) emailed weekly with descriptions of the kitten’s activities and pictures. Tom also sent a care package of cat toys and cat food to our home several weeks before the kittens arrived to help us prepare. At kitten choosing time, Tom met with us via Zoom to see the cats live, answer our questions, and help us choose. One particular cat (Felix) did not mind interacting with Tom’s young, active Basenji. We decided on that kitten and another male (Theodore). Tom provided excellent service and delivered the cats to our regional airport on June 22nd as an extra stop since he was traveling with another delivery to Chicago.

Felix and Theodore arrived as curious and interactive kittens and settled into our home within a matter of days (probably would have been an hour without dogs to acclimate with). Their litter box etiquette has been perfect. The kittens have bonded well with every human family member (two adults, two youth) - we took turns leaving our bedroom doors open until they gave us up to sleep near the dogs! If anything, the cats, especially Felix, get along too well with the dogs. Little did we know that choosing the dog-friendliest kitten would result in many tongue baths and our younger ridgeback carrying Felix multiple times in his mouth! While Felix never seemed to mind, we couldn’t relax with that activity and trained the young RR with a “no mouth” command. Theodore insisted on sleeping against our 6-year-old female ridgeback and was miffed when she had puppies and was no longer available to cuddle a month after his arrival. Once she was sleeping outside the whelping box again, Theodore was right back on the dog bed with her! To keep the kittens ultimately safe amid newborn puppies, we put our 48” exercise pens around the puppy area, which the kittens did not climb.

Besides naps, Felix and Theodore are usually at our feet, on our laps, or in the room with us. Frequently chatty and always up for playtime, the kittens are great companions to each other, the humans, and the dogs. They appreciate and utilize the three different styles of cat trees that we have for them, as well as a cat shelf in our kitchen eat-in area. Felix and Theodore greet and play with our numerous friends who have come over to meet them. Their favorite visitor has been a dog trainer. She arrived with dehydrated lamb lung in her training pouch, and the kittens never left her side. The trainer has experienced countless kittens at the local animal rescue and could not get over the forward, friendly nature of the BTC kittens. Felix and Theodore have unique personalities, which complement each other.

We adore our Thai Siamese littermates, and we highly recommend Tom and Black Thai Cattery!

Cheryl & Marc, Milton, WA, "Kenny & Kona", seal point males, (Belle/Winter & Brody, 03/21)






Jennifer, San Jose, CA, "Belloq", blue point male, (Belle & Brody, 03/21) -  repeat client 

I can think of no other high praise for Black Thai Cattery's kittens than coming back for one more. We got two boys over a year ago and then decided we needed one more to add to the mix. We patiently waited our turn and were not disappointed. If anything, Tom's kittens have gotten even better. Our third kitten is even "more" friendly and outgoing and not afraid of other humans, cats, dogs, or vacuum cleaners. The older boys took a couple of days to adjust to the new kitten and now it's like all three were always together. Cat piles, cat grooming, sharing food, chasing feathers, all together. I couldn't be more pleased and happy with our trio. We've had our share of kitties over the years, friends, shelter kitties, but nothing compares to what Tom produces in his loving, hand-raised home. Do not hesitate to get your new fur baby from Tom.

Grace, Northbrook, IL, "Nori & Roscoe", blue point male & female, (Belle/Winter & Brody, 03/21)

Our family’s first interaction with a BTC kitty was with my sister and brother-in-law’s beautiful kitty named Kimba. We absolutely loved Kimba’s sweet and loving disposition. (I was also amazed at how Kimba never triggered my cat allergies!) When our kids got a little older, we finally decided to contact Tom to get on his waitlist.

We were so excited to learn that our two kittens were finally available! Tom and his daughter sent weekly photos and updates so we could see how the kittens were developing and growing. I really appreciated the meticulous detail and care they used in communicating with us. Before the cats arrived, Tom also sent a care package of cat food & toys and provided great advice on caring for the kittens during the first days. We will never forget meeting Tom and his daughter at the airport to finally meet our kittens, Nori and Roscoe. We instantly fell in love with our kitties! They immediately used the litter box when they came home and have been so easy to take care of. They are both super affectionate and always want to be around us – you’ll find them sleeping on our laps or on our desks while we are working at home. The kitties love to play games and also keep each other entertained throughout the day. I also love how they greet us with a ‘meow’ whenever we walk into the house – it’s like they are saying hi to us!

Given my cat allergies, I never thought I would ever be able to have a cat – let alone TWO cats! I am so thankful to have two kitties that don’t trigger my allergies. Tom and his family have the gift of raising wonderful kittens – they provide the perfect amount of love and human touch during those first 12 weeks. They also do a great job of matching the right kitten(s) for your family. I highly recommend BTC to anyone looking for Siamese cats!

Lisa & Jeanne, Alameda, CA, "Blue, Gus & Woodrow", bp & sp males, (Ellie & Brody, 02/21)

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways (in no particular order, of course)…

1. Gus
2. Woodrow
3. Deacon Blue

These three little boys are bundles of joy and wonder. Their playfulness and confidence in exploring (and staking claim to) their new home is a testament to the loving and thoughtful care they received at Black Thai Cattery from the moment of birth through their release to their new homes


Tom and his family provide stellar care and conscious training and socialization to prepare their charges for a nearly seamless transition to new environments. Our three guys have shown amazing intuitiveness in introducing themselves to our adult “lone wolf” grand kitty Olive. Due to the kittens’ friendly spirit and inquisitive persistence, Olive has progressed from hiding and hissing whenever they approach to, if not necessarily happy coexistence, at least a tolerance of their presence within her “space”. We expect them all to be friends and playmates soon.

If we hadn’t already adopted three kittens from Black Thai we would definitely be back for more!

Gavin, San Gabriel, CA, "Freyja Moonlight (Meepers)", blue point female, (Ellie & Brody, 02/21)

The newest addition to my household, the little blue point kitten that we named Freyja Moonlight, but everyone calls "Meepers" from the noise she makes, has been wonderful. It took a day and a half for my older Siamese (the kitten's aunt) to realize that Meepers was a friend and someone to play with. She's much happier now that she has a companion to keep her company while her human is away at work. The kitten, of course, thinks everything is awesome and has taken to hiding under things and leaping out to ambush anyone that walks by. Meepers is the fifth kitten that I've gotten from Black Thai and the most extroverted of the lot. She wants to be involved with everything that's going on and is completely devoted to her favorite aunt.

Meredith, Northridge, CA, "Jack & Janet", Seal Point male & female, (Emily & Brody, 01/21)

Thank you for your email! The kittens are absolutely extraordinary! I have had cats my entire life, yet feel like I have never known how wonderful cats could be until I got these kittens. They are so tame that they treat me like their mother cat, with trust, love, and adoration. They are always with me, wanting to sit on my lap, play at my feet, and snuggle under the covers. I really get the feeling that they adore me as much as I adore them which is very unusual for cats!

I am so happy that you suggested two kittens. It is one thing to have one kitten playing and snuggling with you, but to have two is an experience of love and bonding that I never could have imagined! The enjoyment and pleasure I am getting with my two new baby kittens is truly an extraordinary experience that I didn't think was possible between humans and animals. Thank you so much for raising them the way you did, I owe it all to you! You can use this as a testimonial!

Linda, San Leandro, CA, "Shiro & Snoko", SP male & BP female, (Aspen/Emily & Brody, 01/21)

I am so happy that I found Black Thai Cattery, and my new kittens Shiro and Snoko. Because of the careful way they were hand-raised and incorporated into family life, they were friendly and unafraid from the moment I brought them home. They are such sweet & loving cats and are constantly entertaining me with their antics. Because they’re from two different litters, and Shiro is slightly older than Snoko, there was a period of adjustment when I finally brought them together. But pretty quickly they made friends and have become inseparable. It’s as if they have always been here! I am so glad that I am working from home during the pandemic and can help with their adjustment and just enjoy them, day after day.

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