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Testimonials...  2020 

Testimonials are requested from each and every one of our clients and are posted in their entirety without any editing by us (just Grammarly). These clients have also graciously offered to be contactable via email if you have any questions regarding their testimonial or their kitten(s). We try to be totally transparent here at BTC.

Katrina & Keith, St Petersburg, FL, "Pepper & Mint", seal point males, (Aspen & Brody, 12/20)

From the first phone call to pick up day and after, the communication has been flawless, we truly feel Black Thai Cattery is a very special place and Tom must be a cat whisperer as our kittens Pepper and Mint are so wonderful. They are very confident and loving and enjoy cuddles from everyone. We have 2 older cats and Pepper and Mint are so respectful of them, it didn't take long for all to get on making playtime lots of fun.

From the day Pepper and Mint were born we received beautiful photos, videos, and emails from Breannalyn and Tom. We felt very connected and looked forward every week to the updates, it has been a fantastic experience and we look forward to adding a little girl kitten to our family in the future from the wonderful Black Thai Cattery.

Thank you, Tom, Breannalyn, and all the family for our loving, beautiful kittens.

Rick & Malinda, Lees Summit, M0, "Matilda & Mortimer", BP female & SP male, (Aspen & Brody, 12/20)

When my husband and I decided to bring Siamese cats into our household, we researched responsible breeders and chose Black Thai Cattery. While we were on vacation, we made plans to visit Tom’s house. We were impressed with the love and care he provides to the cats and kittens. Unlike a typical backyard breeder, all the cats are treated like pets. After spending over three hours at Tom’s house, we were amazed at the interaction of the cats with each other and with us, complete strangers. The amount of time and money Tom spends with all the cats was evident.  It amazes us when we read posts on social media about other people having trouble with the cats they received from other places, hiding, and not being social. From hour one, this was never the case with our cats.  These cats are lap cats with us and anyone that comes to our house and they even greet us at the door when we come home as a dog would.

We were also thoroughly impressed with the communication we received from the time the Momma cat went into heat, to the moment they were born. My husband and I always looked forward to our weekly updates that included pictures and their activities.

It has been an absolute joy to have Mortimer and Matilda join our household! I’m grateful Black Thai Cattery kept Mortimer and Matilda until they were 12 weeks old, to help ensure they were socialized to humans. And with Tom knowing we have a dog, we also appreciate how they were able to interact with Tom's dog. Mortimer and Matilda quickly grew affectionate and interactive with my husband and me, and it has been entertaining to watch them establish a playful relationship with our miniature dachshund, Sophie. It is also amazing to see when guests come over how they remain out and playful.


With being first-time owners of Siamese cats, my husband and I have appreciated all the guidance we’ve received from Black Thai Cattery. Tom made this process as stress-free as possible, and we would definitely recommend Black Thai Cattery to anyone interested in having Siamese cats.


Thank you Tom for your dedication to these wonderful cats!

Stephanie, St. Louis, MO, "Maggie and The Bartender", seal point female & male, (Aspen & Brody, 12/20)

I have always had Siamese cats, and when my last, beloved cat passed away last year, I knew I wanted another Siamese companion due to their beautiful looks and loyal, stick-by-my-man temperament. In fact, I knew I wanted two! I spent weeks scouring the country for Siamese rescues and breeders, comparing catteries and their practices as I determined where to get my new family members. Black Thai Cattery stood out from the others due to the emphasis placed upon the care, socialization, and attention the kittens would receive in their first twelve weeks of life. This was incredibly important to me; I wanted kittens that would be loved and cared for and learn what to expect of life as a pet, not just cute babies that had been pumped out for the highest bidder.


Luckily, although I live several states away, Tom agreed to fly my kittens out to me once they were purchased. In fact, the distance worked in my favor: in mid-August I contracted with Tom and was put on the waitlist, expecting to get a kitten sometime in June. In early December, he called me to say there was an unexpectedly large litter, and that as the other cats would be going to a home near mine, would I be interested in two of the cats from there, to take home in late February? I certainly was!


My luck continued, as I was able to pick my preferred cats, male and female seal point, from the litter. Tom sent pictures and a narrative update every Saturday, and I got to watch the kittens grow and develop distinct personalities, which helped enormously with the final kitten pick in selecting a male cat (there was only one female seal point) that would fit our household. We named the kittens' Maggie and The Bartender.


We had prepared a slow, gradual transition into our home and life when the kittens arrived, but to our surprise and delight, they showed no signs of shyness, fear, or trepidation when shown their new quarters! They wandered immediately out of their carrier and claimed the place as though they’d always lived there, and as we opened the rest of the house to them they carried the exact same attitude. We found they had this same adventurous attitude to other things we tried with them, like climbing tall cat trees, chasing toys, and going outside in a harness. They are curious and wanted to get into EVERYTHING, but they were easily directed in their energy: we had no trouble securing the nice furniture from them by simply pointing out the nearby scratching posts and pads, and we haven’t had to put up sticky tape or anything!


The biggest thing we love about them, however, is that the cats are AFFECTIONATE as anything. The minute they came into our home, they decided that we (my partner and I) were THEIR humans, and they have been trotting at our heels ever since. When napping, they prefer to be in our lap or curled up next to us, but will sleep in a cat bed nearby if we need our limbs for some silly human reason. When we go from room to room, they follow right behind. When going out in the harness, they’re more interested in riding on my shoulder, rubbing their cheeks against mine, and watching the passersby, than in wandering away from me. And they are not at all shy about conversing with us, either to inform us of an empty food bowl, an interesting bird going by, or simply (and most commonly) to demand to be picked up and pet. I have never, ever in my life known cats who were so happy to be picked up—who not only tolerated but DEMANDED it!


Tom was great even after handing over the kittens. He kept us abreast of a minor medical issue that had affected other kittens and airmailed medicine when The Bartender started sneezing. He made himself available before, during, and after the kittens’ time in his home for questions, advice, and concerns. But most of all, he gave the kittens confidence and curiosity, and they adjusted seamlessly to their new life.


It is my fervent hope that twenty-plus years down the line, when I must say goodbye to Maggie and The Bartender, Tom is still in the cattery business. I will certainly be directing all friends and family interested in a Siamese his way.

Linda, San Leandro, CA, "Shiro & Snoko", SP male & BP female, (Aspen/Emily & Brody, 01/21)

I am so happy that I found Black Thai Cattery, and my new kittens Shiro and Snoko.  Because of the careful way they were hand-raised and incorporated into family life, they were friendly and unafraid from the moment I brought them home. They are such sweet & loving cats and are constantly entertaining me with their antics.  Because they’re from two different litters, and Shiro is slightly older than Snoko, there was a period of adjustment when I finally brought them together. But pretty quickly they made friends and have become inseparable.  It’s as if they have always been here! I am so glad that I am working from home during the pandemic and can help with their adjustment and just enjoy them, day after day.

Anthony & Helene, San Leandro, CA, "Dax & Jadzia", seal point male & female, (Ellie & Brody, 10/20)

Sara, Los Angeles, CA, "Mondo2", seal point male, (Willow & Brody, 10/20) -  repeat client 

Mondu2 came home with me and I immediately fell in love, never thought I could love a little beautiful creature so much but I do. He pounced straight into my heart from day 1. I have been working remotely this entire time and have been with all my kitties every day, the best co-workers hands down! Mondu2 and Honcho (my 5-year-old Siamese from Thomas) took to each other about two weeks in, surprisingly Canelo (my redpoint Balinese) took to him the fourth week, and Midnight (all black Balinese/Oriental and my only female) was the only one who held out the longest but she eventually accepted him in 6 weeks. Midnight was probably a lil jealous as she is not the baby anymore out of the group. Now they are all just a lil gang of kitties. Mondu2 engages/chases the other kitties in playtime and they all cuddle together during their cat naps. Mondu2 and Midnight still try to get "milk" from Honcho and Canelo is Honcho's best friend and always tries to block them and protect Honcho from getting suckled! Mondu2 is very bonded with me, he tries to jump in my arms sometimes as Midnight jumps in my husband's arms. Mondu2 already knows his name and comes running when I call him. When we have playtime with the kitties, Mondu2 always brings the toy or the wand back to my feet or in my shoes! All the kitties sleep in my bed at night and sometimes Mondu will stay under the covers next to my leg, Honcho rests on my shoulder or his paw is on my arm, Canelo either sleeps next to Honcho or Midnight or on the pillow next to me until they try to trick me and wake me up at 4 AM in the morning then I have to keep them out of the room for an hour till feeding time at 5 AM.  He gets up with me when I go to the restroom at night. He brings me so much joy and comfort.  Mondu2 follows me everywhere, he is my lil shadow, he is my lil angel, I just adore him so much, I love the lil guy to pieces, each and every one of my kitties has their own purrsonality and I love each one, but this little one just stole my heart, they are my babies.

Nicole, Lake Stevens, WA, "Meeko", blue point male, (Summer & Brody, 10/20) -  repeat client 

We got our first Black Thai kitty from Tom 3 years ago. He has been the coolest and most unique cat we have ever owned, so when we decided it was time to add to our feline family, it was an easy decision to go back to Tom and Black Thai Cattery.


Our newest family member, Meeko, is a blue point male who is not only beautiful but such a fun and silly boy! He and our current cat hit it off in no time and have become the best of friends! It's so much fun to watch their antics as they run all over the house, playing with anything and everything they can touch. They are the perfect companion for each other! Meeko is affectionate, acrobatic, curious, fearless, and loves to play. Integration with our dog went as smoothly as we could have hoped. All our fur babies get along great, and we couldn’t be

While I regret not getting two cats our first time around, we are so thankful we were able to bring our cat a brother that we knew he would love and thrive with. We are looking forward to getting to know Meeko more as he continues to grow and we are very thankful to Tom for all of the love and hard work his family puts into each litter. Always a pleasure to work with and we never hesitate to recommend them!

Nila, Fort Collins, CO, "Zuzu & Zander", BP female & SP male, (Summer & Brody, 10/20)

Meena, Bozeman, MT, "Dean", seal point male, (Belle & Brody, 10/20)-  repeat client 

I have a male kitten with beautiful coloring and the most adorable face with bright shining eyes and perfectly proportioned features. His name is Dean and he is definitely high energy, playing with people, our other cats, or even just by himself. I don’t know if he taught us or we taught him, but playing fetch is one of his favorite games. He loves everyone he comes into contact with and is always open to cuddles. Every morning he wakes me up by purring next to my face before enthusiastically greeting everyone in the house, including our other cats. He’s the most adorable alarm clock I’ve ever seen. He is very friendly with humans and cats and loves to hang around people even when he’s not playing. I definitely recommend getting a kitten from Black Thai Cattery. Thomas is extremely kind and open. He is reliable, provided lots of information and pictures right up to the day we picked Dean up from him, and did his best to give us what we wanted.

Lauren, Los Angeles, CA, "Jolie & Charlie", blue point female & seal point male, (Belle & Brody, 10/20)

I absolutely adore my kittens. Jolie, my little blue point girl, and Charlie, little seal point male, cannot get enough of my attention, and I theirs. They are very sociable and love to cuddle. I usually wake up in the morning with Charlie tucked into my neck, and Jolie tucked under one of my limbs. They both have very sweet and loving personalities. Thomas did a fantastic job preparing them for new homes. I didn’t have any problems with their adjustment to a new litter box, and they are very interactive when it comes to playtime.

The entire process exceeded my expectations. I’m glad I submitted my deposit months before the birth of three litters because the order of deposits determines the order of selection. I was able to get the first pick of the litter. My favorite part of the process was seeing the growth of the kittens. The Cattery provided weekly photos of the kittens from the day they were born until their pick-up date. What’s funny is I had two kittens in mind upon the day I had to pick them up, and I ended up leaving with two different kittens. I chose my kittens based on whichever two seemed to interact with me the most.

This is my first time purchasing kittens from a breeder, so I really can’t compare experiences. However, I certainly plan to buy more kittens or perhaps adopt a queen when I have more living space. I was born and raised with siamese, and my kittens definitely fit the profile. They’re beautiful, and I love them wholeheartedly. Thank you, Cattery, for the amazing business and my little companions


Raymond, SF, CA, "Miko & Loya", BP female & male, (Winter/Belle & Brody, 10/20)-  repeat client 

Black Thai Cattery has given me several different family members over the years. When we lost my Mariska to a car accident, Thomas and his daughters helped me to grieve and come to grips with the trauma. I wasn't ready for a long time to open up my heart again but eventually got on the list for a boy and girl. It turned out that I was the only person not disappointed with the pandemic Christmas since I was waiting for my 2 babies to come home.    No words could do justice to explain how much I love my babies. Miko came up to me soon as I sat down on the stairs and sat behind my legs. He is my chubby baby I swear I've never seen a cat watching a human eat and roll their eyes and swipe at his sister when he doesn't get to taste it. His mister personality of the house went to discover all the other cats and introduce himself never phased by the hissing of other cats. He ended up sleeping on my mom's bed with the other cats first. My Lola she is my bright and shining everything the sun rises and sets in her eyes. She is the most loveable sweetest little lap cat in the world. She has the most precious ugly meow and growled at the other cats for a long while until she finally realized they weren't gonna eat her. My every day is better and I'm still discovering their individual personalities.


I can't tell you the pride I have when ppl who have cats already leave saying how they've never met a cat like that before etc. These are not just cats these are the kind of cats that you speak about with friends and family recounting that there was something special that no other cat since has bonded, shown intelligence, understood, and loved back as much as this one. If you want that kind of experience then Black Thai Cattery is the place to find your fur family. I don't know what I would do if Thomas and his family ever decided to stop. Let's hope that's not for a loooong loong time.!

Tamara, Denver, CO, "Goose & Gunner", blue point males, (Winter & Brody, 10/20)

Goose and Gunner have been an amazing addition to our family…well, we’re empty-nesters and our pre-kitten family was comprised of our two canine rescues, Lewis, a 19-year old hairless Chinese Crested, and his little sister, Gracie (age 2.5), a powder puff Chinese Crested. I’ve had cats most of my adult life, including Siamese and Bengals. Our last Bengal passed away two years ago and the time seemed right to bring in a new member (members, as it turned out, good advice, Tom!) to our family. While we’re open and supportive of rescues (most of our furry family have been rescues…although as the bumper sticker says, I’m not sure who rescued whom), we found Tom and Black Thai Cattery and hoped to bond with our new family members as kittens. Enter Goose and Gunner….although they are brothers, they could not be more different in personality. Goose is a bit shy and reserved while Gunner is outgoing and adventurous. The common theme, though, is they are both calm, affectionate, and loving.  Since we love to travel in our RV, we just recently took them on a “test run”…it couldn’t have gone any smoother as they immediately adapted to their new surroundings and just sat back for the ride!


Our interaction with Tom and his family gave us confidence that our kittens would be healthy and well-adjusted and it could not have been more true. And, by the way, what puts the “pep back in the step” of a 19-year old dog?  Try two Black Thai Cattery kittens!

Ron, Provo, UT, "Gus & Beau", blue point male & seal point male, (Belle/Summer & Brody, 10/20)

Our two kittens, Gus (blue point) and Beau (seal point) came to us from the Black Thai Cattery.  We couldn’t possibly be more pleased with them and the manner in which they were bred and carefully brought through early life so they arrived as beautiful, healthy, well-behaved pets for us to love. We have followed through with the great advice given us for the kittens’ well-being from the breeder, and have commented repeatedly about how grateful we were to turn to “professionals” as we sought new Siamese kittens. We have had Siamese cats as pets most of our married lives. Our Rosie (blue point) lasted 20 years through the rearing of our four children. Her death left a huge hole in our hearts, and that hole needed to be filled by high-quality, loving, beautiful kittens. Gus and Beau have brought us hours of sheer delight. We are extremely pleased we found Black Thai Cattery.

Natalia, Hayward, CA, "Siren & Coco Puff ", BP female & SP male, (Ellie/Summer & Brody, 10/20)

We Adore the Kittens. Their new names are Siren and Coco Puff. You were absolutely right! They are the friendliest cats I’ve ever had. They love to play fighting and love to sleep with us in bed. When I came to Tom at Black Thai to inquire about getting a kitten, he interviewed me and suggested I get 2 kittens since they are very social. Let me tell you, I’m so glad I did. I can’t even imagine them being by themselves. They follow each other everywhere…they even use the litterbox together lol.

Lisa, San Jose, CA, "Gamer", seal point male, (Winter & Brody, 10/20)

Cole's new name is Gamer. He is the sweetest cat that I have had, he is loving, he gets along with the other cats, and has a wonderful personality. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Siamese to get a kitten from you. We love him dearly.

Kate, Orinda, CA, "Kramer & George", seal point males, (Cleopatra & Brody, 07/20)

George and Kramer have been a wonderful addition to our family. They are sweet and affectionate kittens who are wonderful companions. It is incredibly fun to watch them play together- chasing each other and surprising one another with a big pounce as they roughhouse. George and Kramer are also incredibly well adjusted and are unphased by any change in their lives (including big ones like a 3-day car ride!).

Thomas has also been wonderful! The love he has for his cats & kittens is evident and he cares deeply that his kittens go to good homes. He was also very flexible when we went through a major life change, and continues to be a source of support when questions arise. From the beginning, the kitten adoption process has been awesome. We are so grateful for the cuddles, joy, and laughter that George and Kramer have brought to our home. 

Kristin, Olympia, WA, "Luxury & Lucifer", seal point female & seal point male, (Cleopatra & Brody, 07/20)

My family has had Siamese for generations, many of which are photographed with family members. There have been many stories that have been shared about the cats over the years, too. This is what really drew me to Seal Point Siamese. 

I have had cats for most of my life, of varying types, mostly Siamese mixes. I had a pure white, blue/green-eyed Japanese Bobtail that I rescued from a pound. She had been declawed and left to wander with her stitches still in place. She loved to go with me on car trips home for the holidays. She was super affectionate. She was a dream cat.

When I was in college, I adopted a sister and brother pair of Siamese mixed kittens that had been abandoned at a very young age. They were the size of my palm. My first concern was their health. Then, I tried really hard to make sure they were potty trained and socialized. However, I experienced a lot of accidents trying to get them to box train, carpet scratching even though they had scratchers, curtain climbing to the roof and back, and general mayhem. My Japanese Bobtail tried to help by cleaning them, against their will. The brother and sister loved each other and they were inseparable. I really loved their connection and knew I wanted a brother and sister pair. 
We lost three elderly cats around 2014. It was heartbreaking. I swore off pets, of any kind, for years.
We have a large family with lots of children. We knew we would be moving from CA to WA, where we would have lots of land. One of the promises was to add two kittens and a puppy to our family. We were ready to love again and we were ready to make memories with them. That’s when I started stalking Black Thai Cattery. We moved at the end of Feb. 2020. I talked to Tom at the beginning of March 2020. It was nice that we were both on the same page with not declawing. The plan was to go on a mother and daughter vacation, with my eldest daughter, to pick up the kittens when they were ready. Then, the pandemic hit. I wasn’t sure when they would be available or if we would get a girl and a boy Seal Point in the same litter. I wasn’t quite sure how any of this was going to play out.

We found out in June 2020 that Cleopatra was pregnant. We received texts and emails all along the way from start to finish. You could feel the excitement in each message. I could tell they truly cared. Once a week, typically on Saturday, we received wonderful emails with photos and sometimes texts with photos and videos. It was truly the highlight of many weeks, especially during such a grim and trying time. The emails and photos really helped my family bond with the kittens early. Even though the wait was sometimes grueling with my little ones asking several times a day, when we were going to get our kittens, it was really helpful to be able to show them how the kittens were growing and learning. I was very pleased to see them being box-trained early. We also got to see them having fun in their cat tubes and socializing with older cats and a dog. Tom and his daughters did such a wonderful job.

When it came time to pick the kittens up in September, I was really torn about what to do. The pandemic wasn’t easing. There were riots along the way. The icing on the cake was the fire that closed a freeway. Tom offered to fly the two kittens to Seattle, for an additional price, for which I was happy to pay. I am still a bit shocked that he offered and so very thankful.

A bit before the delivery date, a pretty sizeable package arrived. It was filled with food (canned and dried), nail clippers, and LOTS of toys for the kittens. It was a great “Crazy Cat Lady” starter kit!! LOL


Delivery day came a bit early, which was awesome! I drove to the airport with my daughter. Tom was able to fly with the kittens in a carrier from CA to WA. We found him sitting with the kittens out of their carrier in the terminal waiting area. They were so calm and well adjusted. Tom came with all of the necessary paperwork, including their microchip paperwork, vaccine sheet, agreement, and lineage pages. We visited for a bit and he showed us just how well adjusted they were. We put them back in their carriers, said our goodbyes, and made our way back to the car. I told my daughter she could hold them on the way home. I put them in her lap. The kittens sat on her lap the entire way home, which took about an hour. It was so amazing that they didn’t howl and they were not afraid of their new family members or the car. It was wonderful!

We named the kitten's Luce (short for Lucifer... my handsome devil) and Lux (short for Luxury). They are my light-bringers! When we got home, I showed them their new cat box. Lux was the first to use the box, eat, and purr loudly in less than 20 minutes of being home. Lux is fearless and super playful! Luce took a little longer to adjust but, really ... it seemed like nothing compared to other cats I’ve had. Their adjustment took about a day or two. It was amazing!

Our four-month-old Great Dane, Rousseau, is a very welcome addition to our family. He’s also a little bit of a handful. He had never been around cats but, he was very excited to meet them. We knew it might take a month or several months, and lots of patience, to try to coax them all to make nice. It took a solid week before they could all sit on the bed together. I’m still in awe when they do. I think it will take some time for them to actually cuddle but, you never know with winter coming. Luxury is so interested in Rousseau. He tries to smell her too closely. She is VERY gentle with him. He has never yelped from her nose boxing. If she feels the need to run, she runs but, not even two minutes go by when she’s not trying to get back to him again. 

Luce is my chowhound. He will do just about anything for a treat, including sit next to the dog. He prefers watching Rousseau from the top of his kitty tower, judging him silently. Luce loves to snuggle. He is such a sweet boy. He likes his belly rubbed. He also puts up with Lux sucking on his ear when they snuggle in the window. 
Luce and Lux are completely cat box trained. I have not had any accidents with them. They are very gentle and affectionate with my husband and all of our children. They have attacked feet in play while walking but, they are still very gentle. They have never drawn blood. They love their scratchers and toys. They haven’t scaled the curtains. They really like my spider plants, which is a little sad but, I’m not surprised because they look like great fun. Both of the kittens do very well when I clip their nails. They make it seem so easy compared to Rousseau. LOL

Tom messaged me that he had a report of fleas. He asked that I please get a comb and inspect them and anything they were accustomed to laying on. I hadn’t seen them itch at all and I hadn’t noticed any fleas but, I bought the comb and supplies, just in case. It was better to be safe than sorry. I scoured over them. Luce and Lux rather enjoyed being combed and inspected I didn’t see any eggs or fleas. The one thing that I really came away with, from this potentially unfortunate news, was that Tom told me, just in case. He didn’t have to mention it at all. He cared enough to tell me and to ask for a report back. 

In the end, I would do it all over again. Luce and Lux are amazing in every way. I look forward to all of the love and adventures. I would highly recommend Black Thai Cattery to anyone with a heart of gold looking for a Siamese or two. 

Nancy,  Santa Rosa, CA, "Diana & Steve", seal point female & male, (Summer/Maya & Bjorn, 05/20)

Once upon a time in late 2019, I decided it was time for some young feline energy in the house. It was clear that one of the current cat-crew desperately needed someone to play with – someone who actually wanted to play with him, that is. The older ones needed a break and demanded payback time! All seemed to be in good states of health and I began to research to pick a new kitten and responsible breeder.

For over 25 years, my cat crew consisted of mostly Egyptian Maus who were all super smart, super social, super friendly, and super handsome/beautiful. Current circumstances made it unlikely any new Mau kittens could compare favorably to the “originals” and it wouldn’t have been fair to ask that of them. I never had a Siamese cat but my family had lived in a second-floor flat with a Siamese “landlord” downstairs. One day Ming came upstairs, turned the knob, opened the door to the apartment, and then jumped onto the top of an open interior door. That was my intro to and direct experience with Siamese: clever, graceful beauty. After Ming popped into my memory, I discovered the newly designated Thai cat breed; it was a fantastic find as the current breed standard of Siamese is just too extreme and pointy for my taste. Thai cats looked like Ming. Next to find a breeder who bred for more than looks, someone who bred for temperament and health. Bam! I found Black Thai Cattery. I stalked the website countless times and absorbed as much info as I could and then started to bombard Tom with questions. (Sorry, Tom, I know my questions were endless even after the pick-up!

By December 2019 I knew I needed a Black Thai kitten (or two, according to Tom). I was second on the waitlist: two of us each wanting/needing 2 kittens. The first available litter comprised only 3 kittens. With older cats, I needed my 2 kittens to arrive at the same time in order to lessen stress on the older cats. So I waited for the next litter. My litter had two tiny kittens, a boy, and a girl. Tragically, the little boy died soon after birth. As I needed two and a time, I moved to the top of the next waitlist. But I couldn’t get the surviving kitten out of my mind so I contacted Tom and asked how she was doing. She had a pretty rough beginning and would not have survived without Tom’s (and daughters’) herculean efforts. The tiny kitten wasn’t feeding properly; she didn’t latch to mom so Tom fed her every couple/few hours or sometimes someone held her in position when she tried to nurse on mother/grandmother cat. She had swimmer syndrome with her rear legs splayed out. (I had to research it, viewed several videos, and read as much information as I could find.). Tom told me that most swimmer kittens are euthanized but they can be live normal lives if a human takes extra care and intervenes. It seems most breeders don’t want or aren’t able to bother with that. But Tom and his girls undertook the project to give her the best chance at life – at a normal life. They bound her rear legs so she was able to stand and hop around while her ligaments/tendons strengthened and grew. He sent me my first pic of this precious little girl when she was about 6 weeks old. She was staring into the camera and she hooked me right then. He thought she was Wonder Woman, given her strength, bravery, determination to survive, and, of course, her extreme beauty!  Yes, indeed, she was Wonder Woman, Diana Prince. He was going to keep her some extra weeks, which meant she’d be around for the Mae/Maya litters. Little Diana Prince would be ready to leave when those kittens were ready. I waited to see how she developed. (Aside: All of my interactions about Diana and the care she was being given – the care taken for one tiny kitten –and Tom’s openness to sharing information further confirmed that Black Thai Cattery was definitely THE responsible cattery that I had been looking for.)

Every week I received my weekly assortment of photos of Diana and of Mae and Maya’s litters. Those emails were the best emails of the week. Pictures of kittens and stories about what they did during the week…what better messages could there be?  Even now I miss receiving new kitten pix and stories. Then the time came to make the final decision on Diana, she was doing fine and I did choose her as my first pick. I decided that she should choose her best buddy to accompany her to her new life. That buddy turned out to be “June” Cleaver, who is a boy. Note to Tom: Naming this kitten June was like having a boy named Sue. Maybe next time name a boy Ward or Wally Cleaver!  June was the boy with the blue ribbon collar. There had been a pic of him where he looked like such a character and clown. (He is that and more.)  I was happy to discover that he was Diana’s preferred playmate. Diana Prince needed her Steve Trevor, so Steve it was. 

Steve has turned out to be the life of every party and if there’s no party, he starts one using one of his many toys. All he needs is a lampshade. Well, he really has a lampshade; I have seen him sitting on the back of a chair with his head up inside a big lampshade. He jumps from the ground to my arms whether or not I am ready for him or signal that he is welcome. I designate him as “needy” In the best possible way. He’s a purr machine and is starting to head butt a lot. He follows me around and is a great help with such domestic chores as stripping and making the bed. So what’s the downside? He hasn’t shared his true name with me. I still call him and refer to him as Steve but he hasn’t accepted that name yet. I’ve tried a few different names or variations. For a few days, I thought his true name might be “Getdown.” He responded to that right away!

Meanwhile, Diana is the petite princess and fits Shakespeare’s dialog “…though she be but little, she is fierce.”  (I have tried calling Hermia, about whom the statement is made, but so far Diana isn’t having that name!)  She initiates wrestling with the big cat (more than twice her size) and with Steve. She doesn’t seem to mind being referred to as Princess or Little Princess; that little one knows her position in life! She has been very independent as far as people are concerned. She is, after all, Diana Prince, a princess, and demi-god. When she arrived, she was reserved, discriminating, cautious with people but not with Steve Trevor or the other cats. I told Tom that I would make her love me and I have gone about doing so by letting her figure it out on her own. I give her space and time. There was no need to rush and provoke anxiety. I let her initiate contact and closeness and it has worked. She is so much more relaxed now and enjoys touching and hanging out with me even if Steve Trevor is somewhere else. Win. Win.

Diana and Steve instantly liked my (now) 6-year-old cat and the feelings were mutual; he turned out to be the best kitten babysitter ever. Now I often find one kitten snuggled up in a cat bed with one of the older cats. Even the sometimes grumpy old girl (16) thinks snuggling with a kitten is OK. The integration has been remarkably easy. I was expecting some drama from the adult cats, but other than a few hisses (even now). Diana and Steve have been tiny therapists during a rough personal time and during the pandemic in general. Admittedly, they have also been tiny terrorists – at least in ways that made me laugh. And they have starred in a number of video conferences. I hope they would agree with me that this whole experience could not have been better.

In summary: So. Worth. The. Wait!

Marla, Eugene, OR, "Opal & Frieda", blue point female & seal point female, (Maya/Mae & Bjorn, 05/20)

We love our kittens. We have two very sweet, kind, and easy kittens. We have had no problems training both to the automatic litter box, adjusting to life with an older hunting dog, or the transition to a new household. They are quite healthy and vigorous and have been invaluable in providing their young mistresses with the company during the COVID lockdowns we have endured. Neither of our two kittens has been skittish, displayed any antisocial behaviors, but both have obviously been well socialized from a young age. They are both kinds, mellow and easy-going. One is more social and vocal than the other, but both are always looking for a lap to occupy. My mother is often at my house and enjoys playing with the kittens as well and always comments on how [obviously] stunningly gorgeous they are.

Thank you Thomas for helping me through the process of acquiring our two lovely kittens, and escorting them safely via airlines to their new home. I too, enjoy them very much, they are not any 'trouble' at all, but invaluable members of our family and provide for much entertainment and warm laps. I found them to be especially consoling after my father passed away from a long illness. 



Sage, Santa Clara, CA, "Calvin", blue point male, (Mae & Bjorn, 05/20)

Just ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I don’t like to say goodbye. Strong bonds and longevity are the foundation stones of my life. Unfortunately, in February of this year, I had to say goodbye to my male blue point Siamese of 12 years after a long battle with a deadly disease termed “idiopathic”. When literally translated it means “unknown”. 

It was into the unknown that I now discovered myself in looking for his successor. After all, it had been a long time since I had the need to find a breeder. I found myself checking out websites, halfheartedly wondering if this was a good idea. With these thoughts in mind, I stumbled across Black Thai Cattery. The cats looked achingly familiar to my Siamese. In scrolling through the pictures, one caught my attention. A young boy held a cat who had decided to drape himself over a shoulder and was sleeping contentedly. At that point I knew I had to try – I am happy that I did.

I called the number, left a voicemail and Thomas called me back quickly. I explained my situation and inquired as to the litters. Two were on the way. Thomas was very helpful and realistic in the process. Not many kittens born are blue points. There was a waiting list. I was a little late in the game. However, he gave me encouragement to try. I did just that and left a deposit. I figured things would happen at the right time. The kittens were born. Their gender and color points developed. I waited. Thomas and the team were great in updates and pictures. I watched it from afar. Finally, I got an email. Many seal point Siamese, (1) female blue point, and YES (1) male blue point! Pick up on Aug. 30. I named him Calvin Watterson after the creation and creator of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip–my favorite. It was a joy to watch Thomas and his family set up a healthy environment for Calvin to develop in the following weeks. The updated pictures, the trips to different houses as socialization lessons were charming and helpful. It was like getting reports of a child while at summer camp and very comforting. When I arrived on August 30, it was an amazing experience to see so many happy rambunctious kittens. I knew then as I know now, I had made the right choice as I watched Calvin joyfully bound about with his littermates.

Calvin today is a happy, healthy, outgoing, growing young cat. He has his own personality but enough of the Siamese in him that bring warm memories and reminders of his ancestral bonds to my old friend. Currently, he is draped over one shoulder sleeping in the sunlight as I type this letter. I am grateful to Black Thai Cattery and all they did. Calvin has a personality I don’t think he would have developed without Thomas’s and team’s influence. 

So, if you find yourself in the unknown and are looking for a great cat, that comes from a great place please call Black Thai Cattery. Take encouragement from Thomas – it is worth the try. 

Karen, Half Moon Bay, CA, "Satchmo", seal point male, (Mae & Bjorn, 05/20)

This is the first time that I have gotten a cat through a breeder. It is immediately obvious that Satchmo has been well-loved and handled. He is very trusting of people. I would not recommend that anyone get a singleton from Black Thai – Satchmo so clearly cannot be left alone. He is now very bonded to Savannah (the Havana, 3 yo). I am working from home due to the pandemic and he spends a lot of time hanging out with me, and sometimes ‘helping’ (his spelling is terrible). If I need to not have a cat crawling on me during a Zoom meeting, I must find his pal Savannah to distract him. If you don’t want a very social and interactive cat – this is not the cattery for you. The care for the cats was apparent from the beginning – Tom and his daughter provided weekly updates and lots of photos throughout the 12 weeks leading to adoption day.

Shelly, Paso Robles, CA, "Mochi & Obi Wan", seal point female & male, (Mae & Bjorn, 05/20)

We've had our kittens for 2 months now, and they are absolutely wonderful! We were looking for talkative, interactive cats, and that's what we found. Big sister "Mochi" loves to snuggle up under my chin and purrs like crazy; she will leap up to the top of a chair or ledge to get as close to my eye level as possible, and then call out to me to come to pick her up. She looks deep into your eyes - not a blinker - and has such a soulful look!  Little brother "Obi Wan" is more laid back (he would be a surfer dude if he was human) and likes to play all morning before he decides to stretch out next to me. I find Obi and my 9-year-old daughter have bonded:  he loves to stretch out in her lap and get belly rubs many times throughout the day. My daughter is absolutely delighted with him. Both cats have such a friendly and curious dispositional - they are FEARLESS!  Most cats would run away and hide when there is a loud noise, but these 2 come running to see what the noise is all about. 

The most amazing thing is the way they react to our dog. We have a lab/pointer (rescue) mix who now thinks he's a kitten too. He loves to run along when the kittens are zooming around the house and forgets that he is a 60-pound dog. When they hear the dog behind them, they will run out to the front room and turn to face him; they sniff noses with him, then roll on their back and soft paw his face to play. We also have a senior cat who's turning 19 next month. The kittens are very patient with her and approach slowly and will sit a couple of feet away when she's in a hissy mood. Our old cat has never been very social but the kittens are not giving up on her. Lately, we have had all 3 cats and the dog all come to relax on our bed at the end of the day. Amazing!! I would definitely recommend Black Thai kittens - they are worth the money and worth the wait.

Debbie, Las Vegas, NV, "Bella & Pearl", seal point females, (Maya & Bjorn, 05/20)

Tom and his daughters lived up to their promise to provide truly amazing kittens! I have lived most of my life with cats. I have to say the two female kittens, Bella & Pearl far exceeded my expectations.

Let me start by saying that they are the most gentile, solid, and intelligent kittens I have ever been around. 

1. Litter box trained (not one accident) 

2. To this day I have very few scratches. Only a few miss calculations when jumping into my lap, etc. 

3. They are smart. They understand No and have easily been taught the rules of our home. 

4. They sleep all night.

5. They are solid and are unaffected by loud noises, new items in the house, person, dog, whatever. They don’t scurry off into the nearest hiding spot. Their little heads pop up and instead of panic curiosity sets in. 

6. When they are awake they’re always near us. 

7. They let me hand them to new visitors; they tolerate the experience with little to no resistance.

8. They choose to sleep out in the wide open.

9. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Pearl is a love and purrs almost instantly when I pick her up. When she gets into one of her I’m going to love you moods she is a riot. She is the braver of the two.

Bella is just a tad more cautious, and a tad more intelligent. She figured out her treat puzzles in no time flat. She is now just starting to solicit our affection. Don’t get me wrong she definitely enjoys being picked up and cuddled. Unlike Pearl who will jump into your lap any time. Bella will follow her but I get the feeling she wants to be with her sister, not me. 

It has taken us almost no time to fall in love with these kittens. Consider yourself lucky to have found the Black Thai Cattery. However long the wait, it will be worth it. 

Kate, Holly Springs, NC, "Sammy & Lucy", seal point male & female, (Phoenix & Brody, 03/20)

Absolutely every step of working with Black Thai Cattery was seamless! We were slightly hesitant about 2 things in the beginning though. We have a pretty crazy household with 4 kids and a dog, so we only originally wanted one kitten. After talking with Tom we found out that because of the extremely social nature of Siamese (Thai) they need feline companionship. It made sense to me.

I had a single Siamese growing up and he tended to keep himself occupied by getting into trouble, play attacking my mom, knocking things off tables, etc. He was a great cat but the idea of two mischievous kittens doing this terrified me. My cat growing up in the ’80s was also declawed and I worried that the kittens would possibly destroy furniture or scratch the kids. Luckily my fears were unfounded! Lucy and Sammy almost act like they don’t know they have claws. They never have used anything but their scratching posts, and even that is pretty rare. Also getting two of them was seriously the best decision ever! They keep each other entertained and are adorable to watch play. They were each other’s shadow and safety blanket when we first got them. They would call each other from different rooms. I honestly can’t imagine one without the other.

Lucy and Sammy also are fabulous with kids. My children are picking them up constantly and the cats just go with the flow. Most kittens would bolt from a 7-year-old trying to pick them up! Getting our babies from Black Thai Cattery was seriously one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Susan, Divide, CO, "Jaxon", blue point male, (Phoenix & Brody, 03/20)

Jaxon is one of the sweetest kittens we have ever brought into our home. He is a snuggler, loves to play and he knows where to stretch his claws! He loves to be held and can often be seen in my daughter's arms, on my husband's lap, or snuggling up against my legs. Jaxon and his mother, Phoenix, play together, cuddle together, and are an enjoyable addition to my family. Tom and his family made sure they were well socialized. I can’t thank them enough for all they did to make sure he was ready to be home with my family.

Jana, San Francisco, CA, "Shishito & Zare", blue point male & seal point male, (Malee & Bjorn, 01/20)

We got two kittens from BTC in April 2020. 


About the kittens:
They are everything one could wish for in a pet.
- The obvious part: our cats are absolutely gorgeous, with their bright blue eyes, shiny coat, and sleek oriental build. 

- Very affectionate; they spend their entire day (and night) with you and on you; they purr and request pets; they follow you around the house, participate in all the activities, join your Zoom calls, help out with unboxing deliveries, or just sit in your lap and watch TV; they are also very chatty.

- Playful and super smart; they both play fetch!
- The two brothers do everything together (they sometimes even use the litter box at the same time!...) and get along great.
- Kittens came 100% healthy; the vet noted they were doing great at their check-up at 4 months of age. 
- Extremely well behaved; no biting or scratching humans, not even in play; the vet also noted they were very well mannered; they consistently use the litter box, and don't damage any furniture.
- Fully trustworthy of humans; you can pick them up, hold them any way you want, they are relaxed as they know you got them. 
- Very social; we had a few friends over, and also took them to a friend's house where they displayed their fine upbringing.
- Very confident; even our friends that saw them only over Zoom noted how much more relaxed they seem compared to our old Siamese cat (who was still quite social and affectionate).


About the cattery:
From the very first phone call, it was clear that Tom loves cats and is looking out for their best interest. When we first got in touch in 2018, we just lost our beloved 14yr old Siamese to kidney failure (he was a foster kitty, adopted an obese weight, and had health issues his whole life because of it despite losing some of the weight and eating healthily). Tom inquired about our lifestyle and habits and immediately said he would not sell us one cat, only two - we were somewhat taken aback by this attitude, but he was 100% right. These kittens love each other so much and keep each other company, they would really be miserable alone, with two adults who are full-time working long hours and traveling frequently. When somethings finally fell in place, we got in the kitty waiting line in November 2019, for an April 2020 going home litter. 

Tom kept us informed throughout the whole process from pregnancy to the birth of the litter, and we got weekly detailed updates with photos of the mom and her kitties until the pick-up day. One could see in the pictures that this is not just a cattery but rather a home where people raise cats as part of their family. The amount of care and attention these guys get is evident through the pictures, and even more so when you bring them to your own home. Tom has been very patient with all of our questions, before and after picking up the cats, and he sends you off well prepared for welcoming the kitty with great advice on how to handle them the first days, a weekly supply of (highest quality) kitten food, and a bunch of toys to keep them entertained.

When we came to get our kitties, we knew we would bring Shishito with us as he was the only blue boy in the litter, but there were two seal points to choose from. In the weekly photos, we saw one kitty that we jokingly named "Action Shot Cat" - every week, somehow he was the only one hanging off the cat condo or laying upside down in the kitty tunnel, and he was also super playful when we got to Tom's house. So we said "Pack'im up!" and we are super happy with our two little guys.

Jennifer, San Francisco, CA, "Frodo", seal point male, (Malee & Bjorn, 01/20)

I lost my beloved Seal Point Siamese, Chewie, in late 2019 at age 18 to cancer. I was heartbroken. After having an extremely loving, affectionate, friendly, and outgoing Siamese in my home for almost two decades everything was so quiet. I began looking around online for traditional Siamese cat breeders and after a few other contacts found Tom at Black Thai Cattery. I assumed I’d wait a year or so to get a cat and didn’t even know if I’d want a kitten, but once I found out how wonderful Tom’s kittens are I couldn’t wait that long to have a Siamese in my home again.

I wanted another beautiful Seal Point boy and fortunately, the next litter had one. “Hades,” whom we named Frodo, came into our lives and is such a joy. He’s affectionate, extremely playful, and smart. He makes sure to spend time with my husband and me and another new addition to our home: a lovely 2-year-old Blue Point Siamese I adopted named Arwen. It’s wonderful to see them play and cuddle and run around together. I put my deposit in thinking I just wanted one kitten because Chewie was our only cat for so many years. But…Arwen showed up in our lives and I’m glad I ended up with two cats because with all of Frodo’s love and energy he really needed a cat buddy in his life!

All of Tom’s kittens are socialized and friendly and sweet little darlings. Every cat’s personality is different, but bringing home a kitten that is so outgoing, and well-trained is wonderful. It was fun getting the weekly updates on all the kittens, too. We couldn’t wait to go pick up Frodo and bring him home!

Frodo has filled our home with happiness. I love his meow! He and our other Siamese will ‘meow meow’ at each other to play and the chasing and frolicking begin. We were surprised to find out Frodo likes to jump in the shower after someone finishes and plays with the water droplets on the wall. He’ll come out of the bathroom and leave his little wet paw prints on the floor and it’s adorable.

I have a feeling you really can’t have too many Siamese and I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt another kitten in the future from Black Thai Cattery! 

Theresa, Oakland, CA, "Noodles", seal point female, (Malee & Bjorn, 01/20)

I've lived with Siamese cats my entire life, and I've had the pleasure of enjoying multiple kittens since I was a child. Noodle reminds me of the Siamese kittens we'd get in the '80s -- raised by a family, allowed to run around the house, and they enjoy people. The price is high for one of these kittens, but what you're paying for is a well-socialized kitten in good health that has never had a bad experience in its life.

When we got Noodle (Hera of the Greek Gods litter), she got out of the carrier and started exploring -- confident from the get-go. One older cat hissed at her, and this scared her under the bed. I tried shutting the door, but it seemed to hurt her to be away from cats -- after a couple of hours she wanted out again. Since then my female 16-year-old who hates other animals has become her mother, and the hissing boy has become Noodle's lifelong playmate.

Noodle is intelligent, and our favorite things about her are that she is weird and sweet. She wants the other cats to be happy -- I've never seen a kitten who shares toys at 3 months. She cleans my older girl, and they sleep together all the time -- mother and adopted daughter. My older boy tried to hate her, but she was persistent in gently trying to get him to play with her.

My favorite thing to say about Noodle is that she has runway looks, but she's the class clown. She prefers to spend most of her time on her back or curled into impossible positions -- anytime she lays in a sphinx post we think she's being ironic. Pick her up, and she goes limp. If she flops onto her belly, rub it, and then she'll start purring louder than any cat you've heard in your life. I had a loud purrer, but she out-purrs him!  
If you're looking for a kitten that will insert itself into your life, this is the one. A kitten will not leave you alone nor will it leave your other animals alone -- the kitten needs companionship from both humans and other animals. Otherwise, expect an intelligent unique Siamese kitten who will instantly become part of your life. Getting her a few weeks into the shelter in place was also a game-changer -- she brought so much laughter and joy into our lives with her sweetness and kitten antics. Sheer luck on the timing of mid-April 2020!  I also appreciated that since Thomas knew everyone was around, he changed the pickup date so that we all had the kittens 2 weeks sooner than planned. I also appreciated getting pictures every week since birth so I could watch the monkey grow up.

Keith and Karen, San Jose, CA, "Maui", seal point female, (Malee & Bjorn, 01/20) -  repeat client 

We picked up Maui in April our new female. She has bonded with the year-old male we had got from Tom in 2019. They are both so happy and love to play. We have had cats over the years but these are very social and smart and we are very happy.


We found the best breeder and is so nice to work with.

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