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About Us

BlackThai Cattery is a new adventure for me, sort of, I got involved in cat breeding again after about a 10-year absence. A little under thirty years ago I began breeding the Old-Style Siamese (OSS) kittens for family and friends. I had the same line for 15 years. Then I got married and started a family of my own. Knowing that I would not have the proper amount of time to devote to the kittens, I stopped breeding. Now that my two daughters are old enough to be fully involved, we started breeding again and are fully dedicated to supporting the Thai breed.

Our females, stud, and kittens are never locked in a cage and all kittens are hand-raised by the entire family. My two daughters, now 15 and 16, being teenagers, are a little less involved these days but they still can't resist playing with the kittens! We also have our two Basenji dogs, our 4-year-old Destiney, and our 2-year-old Chance "training" the kittens. Our cattery is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Visits to our cattery are only available to clients on our waitlist. We do not offer stud service and we do not inbreed. We are totally against declawing (onychectomy) and devocalization (ventriculocordectomy). When a kitten is raised properly it will not have negative behavioral traits.   


As the photos on this page show, we have had Siamese in our lives from a very young age. These photos were taken in the late ’60s. The cats were always members of our family and not living “ornaments” to have around the house just for show. 

I was the youngest and only boy with four older sisters (see 2nd Photo). I never got to hold the cats when I was young (see photos), only my sister did, maybe that's why I now breed them!  LOL!!!


The photo of the cat next to the birdcage is a little disturbing. Sorry, she eventually got the bird!  



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