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Testimonials...  2018 

Testimonials are requested from each and every one of our clients and are posted in their entirety without any editing by us (just Grammarly). These clients have also graciously offered to be contactable via email if you have any questions regarding their testimonial or their kitten(s). We try to be totally transparent here at BTC.

Shara, Fairfield, CA., "Echo", blue point female (Mae/Bjorn, 10/18)

When I came across the Black Thai Cattery website I knew I had found something special. As most might say, I was looking for a specific breed. After reviewing the website, reading the testimonials, and skimming through the kitten photos I was intrigued. Tom was quick to respond to my inquiry and spent the time to talk to me and my husband. Our Echo was born on Halloween 2018. She will be one year next month! My favorite part while we patiently waited to pick her up was the weekly updates and photos. The whole family gathered together to look at the kitten photos. Like most I’m sure, I kept all the photos that Tom provided. At about 6 weeks we started to recognize and distinguish the kittens and could easily pick out our girl. I’m so glad we got to be a part of her early development. Luckily we live relatively close so we were able to visit and meet Echo at eight weeks of age. That was a very special day as we got to finally meet the family that had welcomed us into their lives for 12 weeks. Echo has a wonderful personality. She is very playful and lovable and is comfortable around all people and animals. Echo has brought our family closer together and for that, I am truly thankful to Black Thai Cattery.

Mallory, San Jose, CA., "Mochi", seal point female (Mae/Bjorn, 10/18)

We gained our beautiful Seal Point Girl, Mochi, from Black Thai Cattery at the end of January 2019 and our whole family has been obsessed with her ever since! 

Mochi possesses all the wonderful characteristics of a Siamese, she talks constantly, gives us lots of snuggle time, and many purrs!  She settled in perfectly with our already established 8-year-old cat and 5-year-old dog. She is super social with everyone that comes to visit and seeks us out on a regular basis for attention. When I first came across Black Thai Cattery and contacted Tom, I felt like I had finally found the right place to find our girl. Tom talked with me over the phone and answered all my questions. Tom and his family graciously allowed our whole family to come to their house the day after Christmas to meet all the kittens. My kids were thrilled to have that opportunity to be surrounded by all the kittens. It was an amazing opportunity!  Mochi came to us fully litter box trained as well as scratchpad trained, she is such a well-behaved kitten!

Now about 6 months later, we can't imagine our lives without Mochi in it!  She is such a delight!  
We definitely recommend Black Thai Cattery for finding your puuuurfect Siamese kitten!!  We would for sure go back to Tom if we ever decide to welcome another Siamese kitten into our home!

James, Pinole, CA., "Pazuzu, Miss Velet & Ember", blue point male & two seal point females (Mae/Bjorn, 10/18)

Our path to Black Thai Cattery began when a stranger showed up to our back patio. He was a Siamese cat who we quickly dubbed Mr. Scruff. We hosted him for a couple of weeks and during that time he crawled into and created his space in our hearts. In preparing to make him a member of our family, we found that he was chipped. Reluctantly, we returned him to those who were missing him.

To fill the space he had created, we searched for a reputable cattery which led us to Tom. Our first two came from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” litter; Ember and Miss. Velvet. About two weeks after they came to the house, Tom called to see if we would take in a third. He was a little rough – weaker and a bit smaller – after having weathered some illness for a few months. However, we were so impressed with the two we already had, we did not hesitate to say yes. We named him Pazuzu. Pazuzu is now the largest, strongest, and most pleasantly affectionate of the three. They are not without their individual personalities. Miss Velvet is the least affectionate but by no means unaffectionate. She just needs a little coaxing. Ember demands affection and will refuse to leave and embrace until fully satisfied. Pazuzu just invites himself into open arms whenever the opportunity presents itself.


They are all as Tom describes; exceedingly curious, highly intelligent, gloriously affectionate, entertainingly playful, and constantly underfoot. We had zero problems leading up to and after taking our trio home. Tom’s process of raising the kittens has proven to be effective in creating fabulous family members. After only having had them for a short period of time, it is difficult to imagine our home without them. Our home has changed. It is alive. Our conclusion? Worth it! 

Hazel, San Francisco, CA., "Jumbo", seal point male (Mae/Bjorn, 10/18)

We strongly recommend Tom and his lovely cattery if you were considering having a social, easy, outgoing, and sweet Siamese cat in your family! We reached out to Tom when thinking about having our very first cat in San Francisco, he reached back quickly and answered our questions patiently. We've been looking for a cat with 'doggy character'  for a while - following people around and would not be freaked out when being cuddled. And Tom provided us Barrel - the furry little ball that is exactly what we've been looking for! Jumbo has been so well trained with getting together with people, playing around, eating, and using litter boxes before we took him home. He took a rest on our chest on the very first afternoon we took him home, that's so, so sweet!

Again, everything is absolutely awesome. I will come back to Tom if we want to get another Siamese cat in the future!

Jess, Vancouver, WA., "'Ezra & Eli", blue point male and seal point male  (Cleopatra/Brody, 09/18)

Eli (seal point) and Ezra (blue point) are wonderful cats and a perfect addition to our family. We have two children, ages 2 and 5, and the boys are wonderful with them- tolerating not-so-gentle affection and always coming back for more. Although they are very content playing with one another, they never pass up an opportunity to snuggle with us. They arrived fully litter box trained and have never had an accident in the house. They are hearty eaters and show no signs of being finicky, even when switching brands. The socializing that they experienced at Tom's is very evident. They don't know a stranger. I can't speak highly enough of this cattery. It's funny to see how different their personalities are- although both of them are very affectionate with us, Ezra is a little more of a troublemaker. When we hear the tell-tale thump of paws hitting the kitchen counter, 9 out of 10 times he's the culprit. Yet even with his mischievous side he has yet to do any damage in the house (nor has Eli). I highly recommend getting Siamese kittens from Tom!

Lisa, Phoenix, AZ., "'Tiki & Mia", seal point females (Cleopatra/Brody, 09/18)

I have grown up with Siamese cats all my life and had two Siamese sisters from 1999 to 2016 and 2017. I really didn't think I could find kitties like these two that I had, which is why I'm so thankful for Black Thai Cattery. It was not an easy task finding the type of Siamese I was looking for. I found many Applehead breeders and severe wedge-head breeders. After coming across Black Thai Cattery on the TICA website, and finding the exact type of Siamese I wanted on Black Thai Cattery's website, I texted Tom and he got back to me immediately. He was very informative about their cats and spoke with me at length answering all my questions including transporting them to Phoenix. I knew this was the breeder I wanted to go with so I put a deposit down for 2 female seal points. 


Tom kept me informed and called me the day Cleopatra was giving birth and even texted me photos. She had seven kittens - the "7 Dwarfs" litter!  Tom and his daughters sent weekly emails with updates and photos which was great so you could see the kittens' development each week. I didn't know how I would pick two out because they were all beautiful. After talking with Tom, I thought the best way to choose would be to go there in person to observe their personalities and also to be with them on the plane flight back to Phoenix.


On the big day, Tom and his daughters picked me up at the Oakland airport with the kittens in tow! They were all just adorable and didn't mind riding in the truck at all. When we arrived at his house I was able to visit and play with all the kittens and see how they were raised. He has a lovely home with all kinds of toys, cat condos, and even a round treadmill for the kittens to run on. It was difficult to choose two as they all were playful and so sweet. I chose "Happy" and "Dopey". They seemed to play with each other quite a bit and I was drawn to them.


They were perfect on the flight back to Phoenix and adjusted very quickly once home. They took to the litter box immediately and played on the cat condo the first night. I named them Tiki and Mia and they are the sweetest kitties. They are both so smart and so loving. They talk all the time and will have conversations with you. I call both of them my shadow because they follow me wherever I go. They always want to know what you are doing and they want to be a part of it!  During the day they take catnaps at the top of the cat condo, but at night they want to sleep on my bed right next to me.


They are also very extroverted and love when people come over. I take them in the car to visit my friend who has a dog and Tiki and Mia have become friends with Lexie the dog...they all actually get excited to see each other!


The way Tom and his daughters raise these kittens really has an impact on their personalities. I'm so happy with Tiki and Mia. They are wonderful companions and I would recommend Black Thai Cattery to anyone looking for a loving, confident, happy cat!

Aerin, Newport Beach, CA., "Adra & Vespera", seal point females (Cleopatra/Brody, 09/18)

My brother and sister had had a very positive experience with their two Siamese cats from here, both of whom I love dearly, so following their example was an easy decision. Getting to see the kittens and hear about how they were doing and what they were getting up to as they grew up before they were old enough to come home with me was a treat. Tom was very accommodating when a problem kept me from picking up the cats myself, so my brother and niece went for me and picked the two sweetest kittens. Vespera and Adra have been a joy. They're playful, creative, and so affectionate. With me and with each other. Even when they're chasing and tackling each other. They've fit right in with my family, whether that's alone with me or the whole extended family, complete with a small child. Vespera is more outgoing and will play with and cuddle with anyone. Adra's a little shyer and wants to watch from a distance for a bit or be introduced by me or someone else she knows well, but once she gets comfortable, she's just as affectionate and playful.

Mary, Salinas, CA, "Suki", seal point & blue point male (Phoenix/Bjorn, 9/18) -  repeat client 

Suki is a very sweet and well-behaved kitten! Again the whole process of picking up the kitten and the added food and toys were terrific. We came a little early and Thomas was nice to let us come on in and choose our kitten. She gets along with all my other kitties, one being her full brother! The other from the SPCA. She uses her scratching post, which she learned from her brother, who also taught the other cat! They are fastidious at using the box and sleep in their beds, or mine if I let them. She was a little shy at first but has grown into a very affectionate and loving little girl. I love my Black Thai kitties. 

Kurt & Kevin, Chicago, IL., "Cosmopolitan & Manhattan", seal point & blue point male (Phoenix/Bjorn, 9/18)

We adopted two male kittens from Tom and Black Thai Cattery in December of 2018; one seal point (Cosmopolitan – Cosmo) and one blue point (Manhattan – Manny). We were very excited that they were brothers. We did a lot of research about Siamese catteries within the country, and what we liked most about Black Thai Cattery, and ultimately why we chose them, was that is that the kittens were born and raised with a very loving family, in a safe, active and open home, and not in cages. As a result, the kittens had been socialized and dealt with change very well. Both our kittens were very affectionate and playful in a very positive way from the very beginning. There is nothing more precious than hearing your new kittens purr for the first time. Both of our kittens were purring with us within the first hour of picking them up. 

What we liked most about the journey to adoption were the weekly photos that we were able to access as they started to grow. Every week, we were excited to receive an email letting us know that new photos of all the kittens had been posted. We traveled across the country to get our kittens, and although our journey required a car, a plane, a train, and a bus to get home, the journey home was very smooth. The kittens handled it amazing well for the most part. 

We feel extremely fortunate to have found Black Thai Cattery and highly recommend them for people considering adopting Siamese kittens. Our kittens have brought us such joy over the last six months and our experience in getting them was truly amazing. 

Thanks again for everything.

Raymond & Kevin, San Francisco, CA., "Mariska", blue point male (Phoenix/Bjorn, 9/18) - repeat client

This is my 3rd testimonial for Black Thai Cattery. This time I had been on hold for a little girl for a while but when my girl came I ended up wanting a silver boy. I had just lost my 15-year-old Siamese after a long painful life suffering from amongst other things constant IBS. He had his issues but the best way to describe it for every moment of the needed special care he gave back 100 times more in sweetness and love. When I lost him it broke my heart and right or wrong I wanted to fill the void with hopefully an amazing cat but at this point, anything that would have filled the hole would have satisfied me and then came Mariska.

I immediately knew from the weekly photo updates and video (from his gorgeous noble long muzzle to the fact that he was constantly in front of the camera. I asked to come to visit because I wanted to get to know his personality I could tell immediately he was something special even more so than usual but wasn’t sure how. At one point it was up in the air and someone had the choice before me so I crossed my fingers and said a prayer and luckily the other boy must have been making eyes at the other person the same way Mariska was when I visited him. When I picked him up  I was already noticing how fearlessly he climbed up on my lap and how he immediately went into a full purr. On our way back to SF he was freaked out in the car but not by the car he was freaked out because he was used to being in cars but not used to being locked in a carrier. When we got him home he wasn’t really freaked out didn’t really have to deal with much of the fear or calling for mama or brother and sister yowl until later in the night. Almost immediately from when he got home he knew there were other cats in the house and being as they were sea points from Black Thai Cattery he decided from that moment that they were going to love him no matter what and that they didn’t have much choice in the matter. The other cats hissed and complained for around 2 days and I’d say it took them another week to actually like him. Since then he has Freya to play with and Anya to keep him clean and sleep with. We did have to go through a period where Anya wanted nothing to do with either of us cat or human since we dared share her spotlight. Thomas sent him home with his favorite toy. He still has that toy he came knowing how to fetch. Yes, you heard that right the cat fetches naturally like a dog. We now use the furry mice and each and every time he brings right back and drops it in front of me or directly in the palm of my hand. I think this behavior may have worked its way into mouse catching as he brings them to me and puts them down on the bed just like the toy and when I ignored him he actually flung it at me.


If it isn’t clear from my long gushing testimonial I’m trying to say that whatever kitten you get you’re going to get the best possible start for that cat. That means this cat is going to let you handle it pretty much how you wish without scratching you. In the case of Mariska, he helped me start to heal my heart from the loss of the other cat. He is the sweetest cat in the world. I have never owned a cat who regularly several times a day comes in says hello and when you respond jumps up next to you and bumps his entire body into you as he rolls and loves on your lap the whole time purring like a motorboat. I’m used to the siamese picking one person in particular not the case with Mariska. He makes the rounds to my finance my mother and my father giving each love sleeping on/with etc. He also has the siamese slightly ugly raspy baby cry meow which some ppl can go without and Thomas takes care not to activate. I, of course, had to undo that by meowing back each time he meowed and now we have conversations that drive others in the house crazy but are my own personal joy.


I hope I helped you to make this decision with this little window into my own experience. I promise you that you will not regret it. I can’t imagine what I’m going to do when Thomas eventually retires. (clones?)  I’ve met other breeders and certainly, you can locate a gorgeous siamese yes it will be breathtaking and if you’re lucky and choose well then you might end up with a great cat. Black Thai Cattery sorta takes the if you get an amazing companion and pretty much changes it to you will have an amazing companion whom you will show off with pride all your friends. They WILL comment  REPEATEDLY about how loving your cats are even to strangers and you will start to get paranoid knowing that if strangers saw the combination of gorgeous and sweet that they’d snatch and grab in a second but that’s sorta how you feel when you realize that you have something precious. You will have a new family member that you will definitely almost immediately consider him or her precious.

Alison, San Gabriel, CA., "Ava", blue point female (Phoenix/Bjorn, 09/18)

I absolutely love my blue point, Ava!  I was skeptical at first about waiting so long to get her, worried that by the time she arrived at my house she would already be grown up and not a kitten anymore! BUT I couldn’t be happier! She was a completely socialized, box trained, lap cat who demanded to be picked up and loved!  She loved playing and running around and was fearless in exploring my home  It took a little doing to get she and my existing Siamese to get along but now they are great friends. I recently changed her litter to a pellet type and she had zero problems with the conversion. I don’t know what Tom and his family do but this kitten is the sweetest loving kitten anyone could ask for. If I ever get another kitten, it will definitely be with Tom. It was worth the wait and a couple of waitlists!  

Greg & Janet, Torrance, CA., "Kimba", seal point male (Maya/Bjorn, 08/18)

Kimba, aka Peanut, is a dream cat. He is now almost 10 months old and a joy to have. Tom you and your daughters did such an amazing job preparing him for his new home. From day one, he knew to use his litter box and a scratching post and having him in the house has been absolutely stress-free. He’s also super affectionate with us and with his best buddy, Chloe, our Frenchie puppy who is only one month older than Kimba. He sleeps with Chloe every night and has become quite well-known to our neighbors as he follows us on our morning walks with Chloe. We have raved to all our friends and family about Black Thai Cattery. My sister wants a cat and wished your cattery was in Chicago because she is so impressed with how well-behaved and loving Kimba is (on top of being gorgeous!) At first, we thought it curious that you were so strict with the exact time we could pick up the kitten – 14 weeks, with only a few days flexibility. And the wait seemed long! But we loved the weekly updates about the kitten, which came with beautiful pictures and cute anecdotes. Looking back now, we see the wisdom in having had Kimba socialized and trained with the mother and the rest of the litter during the first 14 weeks of his life. We also appreciated being able to meet you in person at your home and being able to see Kimba’s surroundings, his mother and all his siblings. Knowing we had a long drive back home, you provided us with a portable litterbox, his favorite toys, and some food. Your daughter even carried Kimba to our car since he was a bit skittish. All the personal touches made the transition so easy for us and the new kitty.

Thank you for the wonderful job of preparing him for us and for the well-thought-out process in which he transitioned into his new home. Kimba has exceeded all our expectations of a cat and we would highly recommend your cattery to anyone interested in a Siamese Cat.

Jeanene, Battle Ground, WA., "Tiger Lily", seal point female (Maya/Bjorn, 08/18)

I picked up Tiger Lily in December. After seeing pictures of her from birth to 12 weeks I was so looking forward to bringing her home. She fit in with my other cats and dog. I love her so much. Black Thai Cattery was so easy and comfortable to deal with. Thomas spends the time to talk to you about the mother cats and kittens. He really cares about them all. His daughter takes great pictures of them as they grow. I would love to deal with them again.

Jeanne & Steve, Portola Valley, CA, "Cami", blue point female (Maya/Bjorn, 08/18)

There aren’t words to describe the joy Kami has brought us. She is truly a part of the family and wants to be with us all the time. She is beautiful, funny, curious, playful, smart and affectionate. And, to top it all off, she has perfect manners in regards to her scratching post, litter box, retracting her nails, and using her teeth only for toys and food. Now, if only I can teach her to put her toys away after she’s done playing with them!

Christine, LaHabra Hts, CA, "Mochi", seal point male (Annalisa/Bjorn, 04/18)

I have had the pleasure of welcoming a Blackthai kitten into our home. He is a seal point male named ''Linus'' (now Mochi) from the ''Peanuts'' litter Annalisa/Bjorn 4-18. I looked far and wide for the dearly loved modified wedge-headed Siamese cats I knew and owned. Only ''apple heads'' or extreme show cats were all I could find. I didn't know about the ''new'' breed Thai cats which in reality is the OLD Siamese breed I had been searching for!  I was so grateful to find Tom and Blackthaicattery. Not only were they the EXACT breed I wanted, but Tom and his family also go above and beyond caring for their cats and kittens. I have been associated with the Siamese cat breed for over 30 yrs. and have not met a more caring person than Tom. He was very knowledgeable in answering my questions. When it came time to pick ''Linus'' up he spent considerable time with me, you can't BEAT the care package you are sent home with your new kitten! Linus/Mochi is the MOST social, friendly, laid-back Siamese cat I've ever known! He lets my 2 yr. old haul him all over, he is SO patient with her, no teeth or claws, he just goes limp. I have other cats and Mochi is just a hang-loose kinda guy that gets along with every soul in our house kid or cat! The WORST problem I have is I must be satisfied with the rare cuddle since Mochi is in high demand around here. To just LOOK at Mochi is ASKING him to start purring!  In summary:  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Tom, his daughters, and Blackthaicattery as the purrfect place to acquire a new, well-socialized companion.

THANK YOU, BTC for exceeding our expectations!

The Snyder Family

Cassie, Los Angeles, CA, "Angelique & Blue", seal point female & male (Annalisa/Bjorn, 04/18)

Angelique and Blue are very affectionate and highly intelligent cats! They have added to my life immeasurably! Blue is a rascal, he stands on his hind legs and to turn the doorknob, but also knows how to turn on the faucet in the kitchen sink. He will come over to me and have water on his back...he likes to play in the water. Angelique is a great huntress. I will play with her for sometimes 2 1\2 hours, throwing the mouse, (Blue prefers the caterpillar) Both of them fetch.

They like to curl up on my chest (because it's warm near my heart), or even my lap but get a bit jealous if I don't pet them at the same time. They are Big cats already, but I must warn you, they need to get their claws clipped no later than 30 days for their claws are long and curled. Blue likes to jump on my and others' shoulders and jumps up very high up on the bookcase. They both have distinctive meows for when they want to eat or talk to you about something. Oh, I just love these cats! Thank you for making it all possible. I will always buy my cats from You in the future!

We’re so glad we found you,

Arlene, Portland, OR, "Leola & Diocletian", seal point female & male (Mae & Annalisa/Bjorn, 04/18)

Our experience with Black Thai Cattery was exceptional throughout, unlike any other kitten adoption. We loved retrieving them because the visit allowed us to see our kittens in the environment wherein they were born and raised. Your wife and daughters clearly helped to influence the kittens to be well-adapted to a variety of energy level surroundings. 

The house was well-kept and tailored to caring for the lovely family of cats, from exercise treadmills, quiet coves for sleeping in the sun, open areas to jump and frolic. 

The kittens seemed each to be spectacular, truly; as you said, I think we could not go wrong in choice as each is so wonderfully connected, interactive, beautiful, and smart. We chose the tiny female with the kinked tail, and she is my little companion; we named her Leola. We also chose the white-tipped male who is the most affectionate and tolerant cat; we named him Diocletian, a family name.


You were amazing along the way, with updates and photos. It all has been a truly exceptionally wonderful experience. We feel sooo lucky.


Thank you, Tom!

Kathy, Surprise AZ, "Yoda", seal point male (Cleopatra/Brody, 02/18)

From the moment I put down my deposit until I picked up Yoda, it was an awesome experience. Tom sent pictures and updates the whole time which made it easy to get to know the kittens. Yoda was a joy to bring home as he was fully socialized and not afraid of anything!!!  Everyone that has met him has commented on how friendly he is. I appreciate the time and energy that Tom put into making sure that the kittens are the best!  If I ever decide to get another kitten I will be sure to get it from Tom.

Amy, Arron, Aria & Jacob, Livermore, CA, "Hunter & Cain", seal point males (Phoenix & Brody, 03/18)

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