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Testimonials...  2017 

Testimonials are requested from each and every one of our clients and are posted in their entirety without any editing by us (just Grammarly). These clients have also graciously offered to be contactable via email if you have any questions regarding their testimonial or their kitten(s). We try to be totally transparent here at BTC.

Jen, Oakland, CA, "Dobby", seal point female (Annalisa/Brody, 11/17)

I wholeheartedly recommend Tom and Black Thai Cattery. The care they put into raising and socializing their cats and kittens really shows. In the past, I've had to work very hard with new cat arrivals to overcome varying degrees of shyness or fear. None of that happened with Dobby. Dobby is, without doubt, the most well-adjusted, outgoing, crazy little bundle of kitten energy I've ever met. She fit right into our household of three existing cats from day 1. She seems to love all of them, and with her around, they have developed a renewed fervent interest in playing. She never hides from anything or anyone. In fact, she's become our household ambassador, as she loves meeting new people. She's also just as smart as you'd expect from her breed, and has already learned to walk nicely on a leash and jump on to my shoulders on demand.

Lee, Redwood City, CA, "Lexi & Gracie", seal point females (Annalisa/Brody, 11/17)

Our family has had many siamese over the years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We just love the human connection, affection, and intelligence that the breed offers. When we unexpectedly lost a lilac point last year, we knew we needed to find her brother a companion and went on a hunt for a new pair of kittens to join our family. I could tell right away that Tom’s family was raising their kittens underfoot and with love, so they would be great pets who connect with their humans and are a part of all the household activities. It was a long wait for a pair of girls, but well worth it, as Lexi and Gracie were immediately at home with us when they finally arrived and quickly made friends with our 11-year-old chocolate point. These kittens have been well socialized and raised - they are a bundle of confidence, fun, and love. Both kittens have bonded with each family member in a unique way. Lexi loves to ride on a shoulder at any time, and Gracie will just melt into your arms in a football hold, content to be there as long as you like. The girls never tire of playing fetch and race through the house like wildfire. They’re really fun to watch. They’ve quickly become an important part of our family, just as we had hoped.

Diana & Tom, Roseville, CA, "Luke & Leia , seal point male & female (Mae/Brody, 10/17)

We have known Tom for a long time so we have firsthand knowledge of how he and his daughters care for, raise and train his cats. About 6 years ago we lost our dog and two cats to old age all within a year. They had been members of our family for over 16 years. From the time of their passing Tom has been encouraging us to fill the hole in our hearts with a kitten. This year we finally broke down and signed up!!  We got a brother & sister from the “Golden Girls” litter. Tom kept us up to date with emails and pictures of the kittens as they were growing. 

We LOVE our new additions to our family, renamed to Luke & Leia. It’s obvious how much love and attention Tom and his daughters have given to raising them. When they came home to us, they immediately fit right in. They are both very affectionate and loving. Luke and Leia both greet people who come to the door and are eager to say hi. They are both lovers. I think Luke is in love with me (sshh!...don’t tell my husband!!) – I think he thinks he’s my boyfriend. He sits on my lap all the time, follows me around the house, talks to me all the time, and just purrs whenever we’re together. They are both talkers, and it’s easy to distinguish between the two. Leia’s is a sweet, feminine meow. She sometimes talks to us from down the hallway. I call her to let her know where I am & she comes running. Luke has a deeper meow and he’s usually not wondering where I am because he’s somewhere near. They are the best of friends too. I would recommend getting two cats. They keep each other company, chase each other down the hall, get into mischief together and nap together.

We couldn’t be happier with these two. Tom does an exceptional job raising kittens to become part of your family. 

Kathy & John, Pleasanton, CA, "Athena & Ruby", seal point females (Mae/Brody, 10/17)

Athena and Ruby are a wonderful pair. Tom raised these kittens to be confident, adventurous, and sweet. They are exactly the additions we needed for our family. Both are not fazed by anything or anyone. Athena is a bit of the alpha cat but Ruby is just as mischievous (in a good way). We enjoyed being able to watch the kittens mature through photos from Tom and visits to his house. The availability and the great communications with Tom made the wait to get our kitty friends a lot of fun. We believe we are truly lucky to have found Tom and his cats. In addition, everyone who has met our kittens or who have seen their photos exclaim how beautiful Athena and Ruby are. Thanks, Tom! You and the kitties get an A+.

Jeannie & Roger, Carmichael, CA, "Kaia", seal point female (Maya/Bjorn, 9/17) - repeat client

This is our second kitten from Black Thai Cattery and we couldn't be happier! Our first kitten was from the Star Wars litter born April 30, 2017. Jax (Chewbacca) just celebrated his first birthday! Our second kitten, Kaia (Kelly) is part of the Charlie's Angel's litter that was born on September 9, 2017. She and Jax share a father but have different mothers.

In writing this we wondered where to start as it has been such a positive and happy adventure and there are so many things we could say. We may be biased but Old Style (Thai) Siamese are the best of cats and we believe the Black Thai Cattery is one of the best places to go to learn about this special breed and get a kitten from. We would like for everyone to have the same great experiences we have had with both of our kittens. 

Tom's family is wonderful and Tom is very committed to making sure that his kittens are more than ready and able to make a very smooth transition into their new families. We loved being able to be a part of the process. Following the kittens' progress through weekly email and pictures allowed us to see the kittens from the time they were born until they were ready to go to their new homes.

When we chose Kaia (Kelly) we were aware of her being strong-willed and able to hold her own with all her littermates and extended family. She is adventurous and extremely inquisitive. She is exceptionally bright, learning boundaries, words, and commands easily. She is petite and very sweet but also tough, stubborn (at times) and very vocal, all of which we absolutely love about her. She is very warm and loving, always happy to sit on a lap or snuggle in bed. She is an absolute joy to have in the family!  

She and Jax took to each other right away. They formed a very tight bond and he has taken care of her just as a big brother should. Even so, she is such a shining and warm personality that she made fast friends with our 7 months old (adopted) kitten and the matriarch of our Siamese family, 15-year-old Zoe. Of the four, Kaia is most definitely the instigator, always pushing boundaries. When she gets herself into a situation she knows is not okay she really turns on the charm and tries to cute her way out of it, which is just so hard to resist and she knows it! 

Just like her brother Jax, she is very social. She easily handles strangers, trips to the vet and unusual household commotion. She may be small but she is no shrinking violet, that's for sure. The exceptional handling and early care that Tom and his family give definitely makes for very well adjusted kittens. We are so very, very happy with both of our choices. We know that Tom's family and the Black Thai Cattery will be a part of our lives for many, many years to come.

Berta, Seattle, WA, "'Tristan & Pippin", seal point & blue point males (Maya/Phoenix & Bjorn, 9/17)

After 'placing my order', I ended up waiting a long time for my 2 kittens but, ultimately, it was worth the wait. We received them a few days before Christmas and couldn't wait to pick them up at the airport. They were so sweet, gorgeous and drew lots of attention when the clerk brought them to us. We had a bit of a rough start because they were both sneezing when we picked them up. It took a little time to get them healthy again but Tom was extremely helpful and, when asked, even paid for the vet bill and medication.

From day one we loved them and getting to know their little personalities was a joy. Tom was always available to answer questions and offer advice. I can't say enough how much I appreciate the 'guidance' they were given as kittens. They never use their claws, even when playing, and they're reasonably relaxed when I trim them. They were well trained not to bite (although I get the occasional gentle nibble). They use their litter box without fail and have never had an accident. We entertained several groups over the holidays and the boys were relaxed and happy to play. And they do love to play!!! We love them to pieces and can't imagine our lives without them. Thank you, Tom, for bringing such wonderful cats back into our lives!

Mary, Salinas, CA, "Ash", seal point male (Phoenix & Bjorn, 9/17)

Black Thai Cattery was very professional from start to finish. When I picked up Ash I received some food as well as good advice from Thomas. This kitten is very affectionate and gets along very well with my other cat. He only claws on the scratching post, has even taught my other cat to do so. My past experience with another cattery was very long ago, my last Siamese died at 21. A very healthy happy kitten. I would definitely get another kitten from Thomas, but right now 2 cats are enough.

Kelly, Cotati, CA., "Maggie", seal point female (Maya & Bjorn, 9/17)

I highly recommend the Black Thai Cattery as a great place to get a Siamese kitten. Once I contacted Thomas about getting a kitten and sent my deposit, I began getting weekly updates on the litter my kitten was in. The photos of the kittens as they grew were so much fun to see! The kittens are very well socialized and trained for riding in cars. This made for an easy ride home with my new kitten as we began our life together. Kitten Maggie is a strong and healthy member of our household, playing with the other cats and bonding with my wife and myself.  She is a joy, and we love her dearly.

Moana & Scott, Oakland, CA., "Mazel", seal point female (Maya & Bjorn, 9/17)

We are so impressed and thankful for the care, love and the entire process that Tom & his family at Black Thai Cattery do to result in such incredible kittens. We could not be happier - our kitten talks nonstop, is so playful, happy and is firmly entrenched in our family. Thank you very much.

Jeannie & Roger, Carmichael, CA, "Jax", seal point male (Annalisa & Bjorn, 4/17)

We just can't say enough good things about Tom's family and their Thai Siamese cats. We highly recommend you choose your next kitten(s) from Black Thai Cattery.

For us, it has been a "meant to be" experience. In explanation, we have been "owned" by Old Style Siamese cats for more than 40 years. Sadly, we lost our boy Jake in June. We knew we would have another kitten (or two) at some point but decided to wait for a while. Unfortunately,  Zoe was missing her brother so much that we became concerned about her health. I started researching breeders and the Black Thai Cattery stood out far above all the rest. Even though we wanted a kitten sooner we decided to get on the waiting list. When I went back to do this, much to my delight, in big bold letters was "One Male Seal Point Available"!  I immediately called Tom and we were able to make this boy our own and bring him home almost immediately  It was "meant to be."

Tom sent us all of the weekly updates from his "Star Wars" litter. Chewbacca is now Jackson (Jax) and he has stolen our hearts. He and Zoe have become the best of friends. Shortly after getting Jax we had family come to visit for several weeks. To say he made a few more friends is a huge understatement. He was the highlight of the visit. He was welcoming, loving, confident and fearless. No matter what was going on, he was right in the middle of it all. We are having such a great experience with our kitten. He is everything we know and love about this breed and so much more. This is due in no small part to the loving and stimulating environment Tom provides for his cats and kittens. It was such a treat to be able to go to the cattery to get our kitten and see this firsthand. Tom is very open and willing to answer any and all questions. His daughters are delightful and very involved. They contribute so much to how the kittens are. Thank you, Tom! We are so happy to have met you, your girls and your wonderful Thai Siamese family.

Update - We are so impressed with Tom's family and their Black Thai Cattery that we added a seal point girl (Kaia) to the mix on December 9th.

Bob & Lisa, San Anselmo, CA, "Caleb", seal point male (Annalisa & Bjorn, 4/17)

Our relationship with the kittens (and the kitten that would later come into our home) began the day they were born. This is what made our experience with Thomas and Black Thai Cattery such an amazing one. We got pictures of the kittens either the day they were born or several days later. Then each week, like clockwork, we received pictures of the kittens and updates. So we experienced their lives from nursing to beginning to explore their enclosure and to slowly exploring more and more of their environment. Later, we watched as they learned how to navigate a cat scratching post and cat tunnels that Thomas had set up for their adventures.

We looked forward each week to these pictures. It was also a learning experience for us to watch how a kitten begins to develop. And we also learned that by setting up all these things (like the tunnels), as well as, Thomas and his daughter's constant attention, that this was all part of the kitten's socialization. And it worked, Caleb is a wonderful kitten. He was never shy coming into our home and meeting our other Siamese cat who has become his best friend. Caleb is a beautiful and playful, crazy (in a good way), well socialized (never afraid when someone new comes into the house) kitten. We cherish him every day.

The day we picked up Caleb, Thomas spend so much time with us just allowing our new kitten to get to know us a bit and telling us what to expect and giving us a “kitten package” complete with toys, kitten food, and even his baby blanket!  What a great experience.

Linda, El Cajon, CA, "Han Solo & Yoda", two seal point males (Annalisa & Bjorn, 4/17) - repeat client

After doing a lot of research on Siamese catteries, Black Thai Cattery is whom we decided on and I am so glad we did. You will not find a better family who cares as much as Tom and his family do, by putting a lot of time and effort into raising highly socialized cats. I love how Tom makes sure you build a relationship with your kitten from the start. He sends you pictures and updates of how the kittens are doing from the time they are born. I couldn't wait to get the E-Mail every week or so of how the kittens were developing and socializing with each other. Every time we would get a new picture it would tug on our hearts and we couldn't wait till we would be able to pick Han Solo and Yoda up and make them a part of our family. I cannot say enough good things about our cats we got from Black Thai Cattery. From the time we got Han Solo and Yoda home, they adapted very quickly to our family and our other cat. They have the best personalities I have ever seen in kittens and love to hang out with us as much as we love being with them. We have taken them places and our family and friends can't believe how loving, affectionate and socialized they are. They are always at the door to greet us when we come home and love playing fetch with there favorite toy mice. We have had other cats throughout the years, all whom we adored but none of them were like Han Solo and Yoda when it comes to personality and being so loving and socialized around people and other cats. I would not hesitate about buying a cat from Black Thai Cattery. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. You will have a best friend for a long time to come! 

Keith, Ponte Vedra, FL., "Leia & Beru", seal point females (Annalisa & Bjorn, 4/17) - Part 1

Before going into our experience with Black Thai Cattery and the precious baby cats we are so lucky to have, I must digress for a moment. We were lucky enough to have come to know our sweet Kandi that was our introduction to the Siamese breed and lived to be about 22 years old. This cat was very near and dear to our hearts.  All she cared about was being with her people and giving and receiving love. She slept with us every night curled up on our shoulders, depending upon whom she chose for that evening. We had never experienced anything like her before in a pet. Humans are probably incapable of the level of devotion and the love that poured out of her.  Needless to say, it was truly heartbreaking for me to have to send her on to kitty heaven. It was many weeks before I could even talk to anyone about the loss my wife and I were experiencing without my eyes tearing up. We will always miss her.


After about a year, we started exploring the idea of getting another cat. We also agreed that we would want another Siamese cat as we became fond of the breed because of our prior experience. One of our biggest fears was that the bar had been raised so high from our experience with Kandi, that no other cat could ever fill that void in our hearts. We went back and forth with adopting a cat or getting a kitten. We decided to get a kitten and began researching breeders. It was very extremely important to us that we feel comfortable about the breeder and supporting a humane environment. Our search was very deliberate and far-reaching on many fronts. We finally came upon Black Thai cattery after conversations with other breeders and felt comfortable to proceed with investing time learning about the breeder and environment that the cats (stud, dame, kittens) were exposed. When we say far-reaching, it is also meant literally; we live in Florida and Black Thai is located in the San Francisco Bay area.

We began by having phone conversations with Tom and learned about his approach and philosophy to cats. We then started receiving photos of litters that he currently had but were already promised to others. Needless to say, those photos move things forward-looking at those precious little baby cats. I suspect Tom knew quite well that those pictures would get us over the hump of making a commitment. We then started learning about the dames and studs. We are very thorough people in our process with most things in life, at times to a fault. Nevertheless, this was an important decision for us and we wanted to make sure we were making a correct decision considering many aspects.


We developed a friendship over time with Tom, all the while apologizing for our desire to get to know him and his cats better. Tom was very gracious and encouraging and a large part of our decision was based upon that relationship that we developed with Tom. So, the next step was deciding on the stud and dame and we learned all about Annalisa and chose to go with her next litter with Bjorn. We had to wait for a while, but good things come to those who wait. Annalisa became pregnant and we were like proud parents checking on mom to the point we were expecting Tom to say “enough” at some point. He never did. Interestingly enough, the estimated birth date was going to be approximately the same date that our dear Kandi had passed. Tom will probably regret me saying this because it creates an almost impossible expectation for him to fulfill, but late one night we received a call from Tom after we had gone to bed. Of course, we answered and were informed that Annalisa was giving birth. Tom asked if we wanted to facetime and watch. There we were, glued to the phone till the wee hours of the morning watching Annalisa give birth. It was a very special moment and one that we are very thankful for experiencing and sharing. We were hoping for a girl to replace Kandi. Although difficult to tell at birth, Tom felt that we had one little girl. The next day we received a call from Tom informing us that 16 hours after Annalisa’s last birth he heard her meowing and was certain she was giving birth again. In fact, that is exactly what happened. This kitten was thought to also be a female. This little angel cat was also going to be part of our family and we were now getting two cats.


We continued to eagerly anticipate the weekly photos from Tom to watch these precious animals grow. And then came the time to go pick up these little babies. My wife was already out in San Diego and I flew out to San Francisco/Oakland where we both met. The next morning we went out to Tom’s house and met him and his daughters, along with all of the kittens. We were speechless when we met the kittens. They were obviously beautiful, but also very obvious was the level of socialization and interaction with people that all of the cats exhibited. More discussion on socialization later. We spent the afternoon with Tom, his family, and some friends of the family. That evening we brought our two little girls back to the hotel room and just were amazed at their calmness and desire to be with us. That night they slept in the bed next to us. This was a wish fulfilled.


The next morning my wife went on her way returning to Florida by train and I headed to the airport with two kittens to travel across the United States with a stop in Atlanta. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about this for the cat’s sake. Well, it turns out that they were perfectly fine with the travel and 15 hours later we were at their new home. They got out of the carrier and acted like they were no worse for the wear, made themselves at home, and we all curled up in the bed together for a well-deserved rest. We also have a dog, Raspberry, an Australian Shepherd and were careful to allow the kittens a few days to get to know their new home before introducing Razz.  The introduction went amazingly well and they are best of friends now and as far as the kittens know, a dog is a natural part of life.


I write all of this for many reasons. First, we had a very high expectation because of our prior experience with Kandi. That high expectation was met and exceeded (times 2) with these most precious cats. They follow me around in the morning and help me get the day starting with coffee and reading multiple newspapers. They enjoy nothing more than being in the company of their people. Additionally, when people come over to the house, they want to greet them and get to know them. They do not fear people. And that is because of the socialization and care that they received in Tom’s home. It is my belief that you will not get a more socialized, well-adapted, loving cat from anywhere other than Black Thai Cattery. The care, handling, exposure to a home environment, never being caged, and genuinely loved starting before birth is evident. I cannot even begin to express the positive difference in a kitten that you get from Black Thai compared to other stories heard. I also will say that you know what you are getting from Black Thai. These kittens were so well adapted and ready to interact on many levels from day one.


I was a bit skeptical and did not fully understand the value of choosing a breeder like Black Thai Cattery. I am now a huge believer and will recommend Tom and Black Thai Cattery to anyone willing to listen. There is a difference!


The day after I was home and marveling at my new kittens, I came to realize something. The void in my heart from my loss of Kandi that I refused to acknowledge was both safe to acknowledge now and also no longer present.  These little girls filled that void and exceeded every expectation I had. They are a source of joy every day in my life.

Mary, Ponte Vedra, FL., "Leia & Beru", seal point females (Annalisa & Bjorn, 4/17) - Part 2

Forgive the redundancy of our testimonies, but my husband and I both felt compelled to share and endorse, fully, and without hesitation, Tom, and his family’s care of the cats and kittens at Black Thai Cattery.

After researching thoroughly almost every breeder possible in the U.S., my research brought us to TICA, and their membership list of Thai Breeders. That is where we found Tom and his family, their Black Thai Cattery. When we contacted Tom, he was prompt in his response, and our initial impression was one of professional and passionate dedication to the Thai Breed. In the time to follow, that first impression held true, for the much sharing of knowledge, and exhibiting of compassion, to care for his cats, kittens, and owners, and families that received, and would receive these precious companions. Tom showed this by the many, many, attentions he offered throughout the entire process of acquiring our beautiful girls, Leia and Beru.

Tom took the time to be patient with our process after the loss of our Siamese, Kandi, of 22 years, who came to us via a family member after her passing. Tom was always kind, and genuine, and we knew we’d found kindred spirits, and friends in Tom and his family, and a Thai Siamese breeder that was right for our family, because of their genuine caring. We found Black Thai Cattery to be a breeder that is involved honestly for the sake of the animals, the breed, the respect of the owners, and the passion for a family experience, as their utmost priority.

Tom went above and beyond in shared stories, sending photos, face timing, and spending any time our hearts required, satisfying our passion for the breed as well. He was supportive of our choice to acquire kittens from Anna Lisa and Bjorn who captured our hearts. Amazingly, the due date of their litter was the same date as the 1 year anniversary of the passing of our Kandi girl. And there were many other God events to follow.


So the theme of our litter was "Star Wars", and the theme of our experience, indeed, has been that, ...the “Force” was with us, and continues to be :) . From meeting Tom and his family to Anna Lisa’s special due date, Tom face timing with us at 12:30 am, when Anna Lisa gave birth to her litter,...minus one kitten,... because Beru was born 16 hours after her other litter mates!, making up the only 2 girls in the litter, which was our heart's hope, to my husband’s finding a random blank “Star Wars” luggage tag while going through Airport security with Princess Leia, and Aunt Beru in his arms. There are so many other nuances that could be added!  


Meeting Tom, his wife, his girls, and family friends alongside the entire, beautiful family of his Thai Siamese cats and kittens, at their home, the cattery, just cemented all our impressions into this wonderful tapestry. We could not have asked for more, and we stand in their debt for their gracious hospitality and warmth. 


Our positive impression of the kitten’s socialization was immediate, and has only continued to mushroom beyond our greatest expectations, and continued to amaze us daily. From Beru napping with me immediately, to their romping through our hotel room like they owned the place, sleeping with us on their first night, and their using their travel litter box at the airport without a hitch, entertaining the airport attendants in the conference room with play, to my husband’s carrying them both through security in his arms…. They showed no fear at any point in the transition, but confidence, and, in entering our home with the eventual meeting of our family dog, Raspberry, Razz as we call her.


Leia, Beru, and Razz took only days to bond. After following standard suggested introductory procedures, Leia and Beru took a sincere interest in their new furry family member. As the days have passed, their bond has exceeded our expectations. They are a unit of preciousness that delights us daily with their snuggling, play, and romps around the room. Razz at 11 years old, is delighted to have sister(s) again. What we saw as our greatest potential hurdle, was met with the greatest jubilation. Additionally, the introduction to children in our family and neighborhood proved Leia's and Beru's adaptability. They passed the well-socialized test, literally with flying colors!  Enjoying the mutual curiosity and desire to play with every interaction, without incident.

A recent family road trip too proved their adaptability. Leia and Beru once familiarized with a litter box, food water local within the car, settled in with Razz, and their bond really blossomed after the closer encounter. Nail trimming and visits to the vet have been effortless. Our vets three doctors and staff have all claimed Leia and Beru, and Razz, as their favorite visitors, stating their sweetness, and ease. They all are over the top over their personalities, even their responding to their own names when called. Again, no fear, but only their confidence is exhibited. 

We cannot help but gush over all Tom and his girls have done in giving the kittens the best start. Their efforts allowed us the opportunity to begin a rich and joyful relationship with these dear companions. We thank Tom and his family over and over with indebted hearts, and we highly recommend Black Thai Cattery. Their claim to fame is as true blue as the color of the dames and studs and kittens eyes! And worth any waiting that must be suffered! :)

Tracy, Livermore, CA., "Eli & Andre", blue point & seal point male (Mae & Bjorn, 3/17)

Eli and Andre are truly a joy  As a lifelong owner and lover of Siamese cats I can say without reservation they are the most confident and well-socialized kittens I have ever had. They came into a busy home with a Great Dane, a mini Dachshund, and a 16-year-old Siamese cat without missing a beat. We had to wait through several litters to get two boys, and then it was a long 14 weeks, but it was worth the wait. You really do get such a confident kitten at 14 weeks, it's obvious Tom and his family invests a lot of time and energy in raising them. They literally have no fear--we call them our little White Walkers lol. I have to mention they are also gorgeous and affectionate, beautiful eye color, amazing coat, elegant, smart, playful, athletic--in short, we are in love.

Sara & Jeffery, San Leandro, CA., "June", seal point female (Mae & Bjorn, 3/17)

We had an excellent experience with Black Thai Cattery, and our kitten June is a true joy!  We have five adult cats between 7 and 9 years old and our new kitten, June, fit in right away. Each cat approached her differently, but she remained confident and playful throughout the process of fitting in. 

She is outgoing and friendly, even on her first day in the house, and she has never had any litter box accidents. In addition, she never attacks our hands or feet in play. We make sure to use a toy and not a hand if she wants to play fight but she has great manners and is gentle and sweet. She is very intelligent and playful. She loves to play fetch, as does our older Siamese. She carries toys around in her mouth and entertains herself playing with toys. She has bonded intensely with our neutered adult male Siamese, Dunebuggy. Despite the age difference, they play, groom, and nap together throughout the day. Both of them sleep in the bed with my husband and me. We are very grateful to Black Thai Cattery and would recommend them without reservation. We plan to get our next kitten from Black Thai.

Raymond, San Francisco, CA., "Freya", seal point female (Mae & Bjorn, 3/17) - repeat client

This is the second time I've added a new family member from Black Thai Cattery and to be honest, I've already decided that this is the only place I will be going to get family members. If this is your first kitten you're probably wondering about what you're going to get to bring home so i will attempt to prepare you for what's coming. Please make sure you discuss what you are looking for in your heart of hearts with Thomas he is always willing to answer questions and I consider him and his family a part of mine now. The most noticeable trait that comes with Black Thai Cattery kittens is an absence of fear and tolerance for being handled. I have had family members and friends come to visit for both kittens they aren't afraid of the garage door opening they're not freaking out with cars going past and they aren't afraid of being handed to strangers. They easily tolerate children, at least the ones in my family.  Depending on the personality of the kitten they'll either be noisy from missing their mom the first night or completely fine and not a peep. They are babies and so it may take a couple of months before you really see their personality come out but you won't be disappointed. I have 2 and I can't really explain in writing how different they are from "regular" cats. They are incredibly smart and actively seek out human attention (one of mine sits outside the bathroom and waits for me). They are absolutely worth every penny and will definitely make you the envy of family, friends, and neighbors.

Janice, Missoula, MT,  "Iris & Lily", seal point females (Mae & Bjorn, 3/17)

Iris and Lily are two seal point kittens from Black Thai Cattery. They will be 6 months old in early September. Besides being beautiful, they have a dreamy temperament--calm, confident and loving. They come to me for love and petting. They play like crazy. Running around the house, downstairs chasing and playing right at bedtime. I go to sleep glad they have each other to play. By the time I wake in the evening, they are curled up with me. They are a beautiful example of the breed and everyone who meets them falls in love. They are soft and silky with clear markings and long tails, true to the Siamese. I am so glad I found them!

Anja, Walnut Creek, CA, "Prince", seal point male (Maya & Bjorn, 1/17)

Prin-Prin, as we call him, is the best cat ever. There is honestly nothing we do not love about our Prin- Prin. He is the friendliest, sweetest, the most well-socialized cat I have ever met. He loves everyone who comes into my house and they LOVE him too. His name is Prince but my sister started calling him Prin-Prin and it just stuck with us. I can't say enough good things about him. He scratches only on his scratch post and came trained. He loves to sit and purr and cuddle with everyone. He is playful and gets along great with my other cats. Even when I recently took him to be neutered at ARF the vet tech there fell in love with him and carried him around to do her rounds because he woke up and wanted attention. My 10 and 12 years old adores him and he is so good with the kids. He never hides or is scared like some cats I have had. He loves my dogs and is not afraid of them. He is truly the best cat ever!  Even my husband who thought I was a little crazy for spending so much money on a cat came to me shortly after I bought him and told me he is worth every penny we spent on him. I can't say enough about him. He takes car rides with us and is great in the car. He is just all-around amazing!!  Best cat ever.

I also forgot to mention that the experience on purchasing him was of the highest standard one can expect from the very first contact with Thomas. As soon as the kittens were born I was sent pictures and updated weekly on the liter. Without writing a book here I just have to say everything was TOP NOTCH from the beginning.

Patt, Oakland, CA, "Bella", blue point female (Maya & Bjorn, 1/17)

Updated Comments:  I just want to drop you a note to let you know that Bella is doing wonderful. She sailed through her first vet visits and is strong and healthy. I think she believes she is a thoroughbred racehorse because she runs through our house at a fast clip!

You and your family did such a great job in socializing her... she is so loving, yet demanding of our full attention, the minute either of us sits down, she is on our laps ready for hugs and strokes. 

She is curious, mischievous and into everything. She loves to play, tirelessly, I don't see where she gets all the energy. Her favorite toy is that wire you gave us with the 4 pieces of rolled up cardboard. I can't believe something that simply drives her crazy. No matter what she's doing, if you pick that up you have her attention.

Thanks again for giving her such a great start.....she's a real pistol!

Original Comments:  I just want to thank you again for our Bella. She was a little shy the first few days, hiding under our couch, coming out only to eat and use the box. Although we tried to play with her and gave plenty of attention, we think she missed her brothers and sisters (and the human ones too), because she did cry a bit. But suddenly, it was as if a 'switch' turned on, and she was all over us, demanding attention...of course, she talks to us only as Siamese can, and follows us all over the house. As soon as we sit, she's right there nudging us and purring contently. We're both in love.

The way you raise your cat families is amazing. The care, attention, and training you provide is evident from the first time you see the kittens. The extra time you take to make sure your babies have a great start is obvious. Bella has a great temperament, is easy-going, curious, and loving. You made the experience of adopting our new family member truly a pleasure. I really enjoyed the weekly updates and absolutely adorable photos. I would highly recommend Black Thai Cattery to anyone considering adopting one of these amazing super-intelligent creatures. Thanks again Tom, to you and your family for our wonderful Bella.

Greg, Grass Valley, CA, "Mia", seal point female (Maya & Bjorn, 1/17)

Updated Comments:  Need to tell you again what a great kitten you sold me. She is doing great and so good to have around. Just had our 20 months and 3 1/2-year-old granddaughters visit for the first time since we got Mia. After a brief get-to-know-you period they all became great friends. She chased them, they chased her. She let them carry her around (in a rather unorthodox style), they just loved her. The extra time you give them with your girls and others really pays off!!

Original Comments:  Can't tell you enough how happy I am with "Mia". She is so well socialized, cautious but not fearful and so playful, (those little mice don't stand a chance!). All the time and effort you and the girls spend with them really pays off. She loves her food, uses the scratching post and box. She curls up in my lap or on my shoulder for hours!

Heidi, Saratoga, CA, "Panda", seal point male (Maya & Bjorn, 1/17)

Keeping us up to date weekly on Blackberry's progress including pictures was extraordinaire and wonderful. It felt like we already knew one another even before physically meeting. Blackberry is now "Panda". He fills the house with lots of love and happiness and is the best Christmas present ever. Panda is secure and assured and a wonderful athlete. He retrieves toys, does flying leaps and racing sprints. Rides the back of his friend 6-year-old Jake (American Short Hair) every opportunity he gets. His grooming is meticulous, has a habit of singing while using the litter box. Panda is very gregarious, enjoys being fawned over and loves being petted, hasn't yet learned to appreciate being brushed. He displays his dominance on the uppermost shelf of the cat tree. Panda does not like being restrained in a carrier. At 5 months we both survived a 5 1/2 hour flight from coast to coast. His next challenge and mine is a vet appointment at 6 months to be spayed. With many thanks, Heidi

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