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Testimonials...  2016 

Testimonials are requested from each and every one of our clients and are posted in their entirety without any editing by us (just Grammarly).  These clients have also graciously offered to be contactable via email if you have any questions regarding their testimonial or their kitten(s).  We try to be totally transparent here at BTC.

Alex, Redondo Beach, CA, "Ibuki", seal point female (Elsa & Bjorn, 12/16)

Guys - I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome job you did in raising and socializing Ibuki. She is the sweetest, most outgoing Siamese kitten I've ever had, and has had no trouble whatsoever integrating with my three older, male Siamese cats.vvShe is the only one who doesn't run under the bed when strangers enter the house - which is quite amazing.  Kudos to you guys for her breeding and upbringing.  

Terri, Seattle, WA, "Ted", blue point male (Elsa & Bjorn, 12/16)

I was looking for a Siamese kitten and I couldn’t find a breeder that felt quite “right.”  The ones I kept coming across felt too focused on pedigree and the bottom line. When I came across the Black Thai Cattery, the way they talk about and interact with their cats and kittens piqued my interest.  So much so that I flew from my home in Seattle to San Francisco, just to make sure it wasn’t too good to be true. 

Tom and his family were super welcomings and let me visit their house and see how the kittens are raised.  Wow, was I impressed.  The kittens were so confident and happy.  It was clear that they’d been raised with intent, purpose, and love.  A few months later, I went back to pick up my very own kitten, Ted.

Ted is so confident, so loving, and so much fun.  He loves to cuddle, play fetch, and ascend to the highest point in the house.  He’s never, ever had an accident.  Or hissed at anyone—and that includes his 15-year-old “brother.”

I can’t express how much Ted has added to our household.  The love and care that Black Thai Cattery raises their kittens with pays off in more ways than I could’ve imagined. 

Mary & Mike, Brentwood, CA, "Kairo", seal point male (Elsa & Bjorn, 12/16)

We purchased "AppleJacks" from Black Thai Cattery and we are so happy we chose them. Tom updates you every week and sends pictures. You pick them up and you just feel and see the love for each individual cat. Tom also will answer any questions and gives you a package to make the transition easier for coming to their new home. We changed his name to Kairo (K-eye-row) and he is such a beautiful blessing to our family. We are dog lovers but wanted a cat so bad and came across Black Thai Cattery. The best!!!

He is above any expectations. We have a chi chi jack and they both love each other and play so well.  They even share a bed together.  He purrs and just is such a cuddle bug.  We couldn't imagine our life without him.  He is 6 months now and growing so big and just a joy.  Every day we see him get bigger and his personality is such a joy. He loves to lay in your lap and just be loved!  The sad thing is Kairo's mom Elsa passed away shortly after giving birth and the poor kittens had to be without their mom. They dealt really good having to be bottle-fed and without their mom. So very sad.  RIP Elsa.  You made a beautiful litter!!!  Thank you.  

He is just so beautiful and perfect we are amazed every day to look at him and see how sweet and adorable he is. We would recommend Black Thai Cattery to anyone. Thank you, Tom!!

Virginia & David, Cambria, CA, "'Oscar", seal point male (Elsa & Bjorn, 12/16) - repeat client

Tiffany, Woodland Hills, CA, "Nala", seal point female (Annalisa & Bjorn, 9/16)

I have had siamese cats my entire life and this has by far been my best experience that I’ve had with a breeder.  I had just lost a Siamese cat to kidney disease, and my children and I were absolutely miserable and devastated.  I went out the next day, without doing much research and purchased a 6-month-old Siamese kitten.  He was very timid and scared and it’s taken us much time to get him acclimated to our home.  I really wanted my daughter to experience the same bond that I had with my childhood kitten, and I realized this wasn’t going to be it.  It was then, that I started looking for a reputable breeder to find that “kitten” that was breed for personality first and foremost.  I found Black Thai Cattery, and was a little unsure at first about them being distant (I’m in the Los Angeles area) and the “traditional” breed that I wasn’t used to.  But, after researching the breed and talking to Tom, I was confident that this was going to be a great experience.  We really enjoyed the weekly pictures and stories and felt like we were there with her.  I love the fact that these cats and kittens are being raised in a home and are a part of Tom’s family.  We are absolutely in love with “Nala”.  She has brought so much joy to our life.  She’s absolutely adorable, so playful, she even fetches.  Her nickname is “The Flying Squirrel”.  It’s almost as if she flies through the air to get to her favorite toy.  Nala loves to show off her flying skills for the company and has been quite the comic relief for our guests.  She’s even allowed my daughter to dress her in doll clothes, hilarious! She gets along great with our other pets (2 cats, dog, and bunny).   We are absolutely enamored with our “Nala” and I’m so happy she’s a part of our family.  Thank you, Tom and your family for raising and nurturing such an amazing kitten!

Kelly, Sunnyvale, CA, "Tango and Twist", seal point males (Annalisa & Bjorn, 9/16)

My two kittens adapted to their new home very quickly and curled up on my lap within 90 minutes of arriving home.  Their training shows that they are outgoing, affectionate, and have used their scratching posts and litter boxes perfectly from Day 1.  These are brave, sane, confident cats that take new experiences in stride.  Even taking them to the vet has been easy due to their relaxed natures.  I have to travel frequently for work so it was important to me to have cats that could handle that without being stressed, and these two really fit the bill.  I'm looking forward to having lots of adventures together.

Raymond, San Francisco, CA, "Anya", seal point female (Annalisa & Bjorn, 9/16)

I wasn't sure what to expect besides a Siamese kitten. What I got was the most beautiful baby in the world. The first night she was noisy but the entire time she stayed on my lap.  I have never seen a cat that doesn't claw doesn't hiss at people but for the scary big cats already living here, it took her to the 4th day and on the fifth was sleeping on a pile of cats.  Now my biggest problem is being more interesting than the other cats.  The inlaws came to visit and I brought her out to meet them and she was held by both (absolute strangers) I really can't express properly in words how grateful I am to Thomas and his daughters for whatever magic they do.

Virginia & David, Cambria, CA, "Miki", seal point male (Annalisa & Bjorn, 9/16)

On behalf of so many of us, thanks for the joy and happiness which you and your girls have brought into our lives!


Linda, El Cajon, CA, "Simon", seal point male (Elsa & Bjorn, 4/16)

We got Simon last July.  From the time we picked him up from Tom I knew there was something special about him. My husband and I had Siamese cats growing up so we knew what we were in for.  There is never a dull moment in our house with Simon around.  He has become a very special part of our family.  He loves playing fetch with his favorite mouse and thinks he is the general contractor for all home improvement jobs. He always wants to be with us especially in bed snuggling. One of my favorite times with him is when I put his harness and leash on to ride in the car to take my son to school. He has become my buddy. I never thought I would own a cat-like Simon. Thank you, Tom, for raising such beautiful socialized cats!

Gavin & Rachel, San Gabriel, CA, "Diana & Phoebe", seal and blue point females (Elsa & Bjorn, 4/16)

Black Thai Cat meezer cats are the best.  Our family got two female kittens, and the moment we got them to their new home, Diana (the blue point) chose our four-year-old daughter as her special person.  Diana follows her everywhere, meets her at the door when she gets home, and even seems to enjoy being carried around by a small child.  They are intelligent, people-oriented cats that want to be part of whatever the family is doing. They’ve even made friends with the guinea pig.  They are very sharing creatures, especially at family mealtimes. I would unconditionally recommend the Black Thai Cat kittens for any family with small children.

Laura, Santa Barbara, CA, "Griffin & Wiley", seal point and blue point males (Elsa & Bjorn, 4/16)

I’m pleased to report that Griffin (seal point) and Wiley (blue point) have become beloved members of my household. They have charmed everyone they meet, are super-friendly and love being held and snuggled.  I was recently having some work done on the house and before I could warn the guys, Griffin was right in there supervising the contractors. They both LOVE to play fetch with their favorite toys, dropping them at the feet of anyone who might play.
I have had pure-bred old-style Siamese since I was a child, and these kittens have every example of the confident, loving, and social character traits of the breed.   I’m very happy to have found Black Thai Cattery. They raise outstanding, beautiful kittens that you will treasure!

Kevin, Prescott Valley, AZ, "Turbo & Asenka", seal point male and female (AnnaLisa & Bjorn, 1/16) 

Black Thai Cattery raises awesome kittens!  I had a lot of questions and concerns before I made the choice to go with this cattery.  Tom was very helpful, thoughtful, and considerate.  When he shared with me how he and his family raise their kittens I was sold!  I waited for months (I had missed the current litter so I was on the waiting list for the next) and I want to tell you, these kittens were worth the wait!  Turbo and Asenka have great temperaments, are very easy-going, and it's very obvious that they have been well-socialized.  These little furballs of fun enjoy meeting and greeting new friends and family, and everyone who has had a chance to meet them has enjoyed them tremendously as well and had only good things to say about them.  They're like little celebrities and have become quite popular amongst the visitors!  

If you know you want the real-deal Siamese, the old-style-Siamese, there is likely no better place in the world to get them from than Tom and his family's Black Thai Cattery.  Thank you, Tom and your family for doing what you do, and for doing it so well!

Michelle & Boyd, San Francisco, CA, "Dimitri & Gyorgy", seal point males (Annalisa & Bjorn, 01/16)

Our two identical male cats Dimitri and Gyorgi are now one year old and are a joy to have in our home.  They are smart, playful and very affectionate. They got used to our German Shepherd Dog in just a few days.  Michelle owns childcare at our house and when the kittens go for a visit in the classroom, they delight the children from one to four years old, playing peek-a-boo, rolling on the carpet and chasing each other.

We strongly believe the extra time Tom took to train and refine them in his house with his family has truly paid off. Thanks so much! We're VERY happy with them.  They bring a lot of joy to our lives and the children in my business.   We'll recommend your high-quality kittens to anybody who contacts us.

Jason, Dallas, TX, "Jack Daniels", seal point male (Annalisa & Bjorn, 01/16)

Love him more than life itself words cannot say how the difference is from you. This comes from pure love from birth what a difference. Never had a kitten arrive not scared. Your process of hand on pure love shows it saved 3 days to have a kitten ready to explore the whole house.  Yes, Sam my apple head is the sweetest and gentle cat on earth and he would never hiss or raise a paw. He loves him they slept together last night. Sam is used to sleeping in my right arm. All is well not to worry. But what a great start in life he had with you. I have never seen a kitten so ready for a human-like this.  I was left in a state of shock in the back seat of the truck yesterday from the airport he gave me his belly kissed me and watched cars pass as he rode upon my shoulders. Other kittens were caged and were scared.  An airplane ride for this kitten being so fearless was a piece of cake.  This could only come from the love he received since birth. Kudos to you and your way it prepared him for flight. Thank you and your family for the hands-on pure love he received it shows.

I know it's late but I just wanted to say how great and loving he is.  He has changed and balanced out this whole household. He really is our last pet as we are close to 50 years old. We got Jack Daniels knowing given our age that Siamese under a proper or must I say a perfect diet shall live close to 20 years. I will not pass until all my babies are gone. Knowing he is the last new one is so special to my heart. It simply would make no sense at 70 years old to get an animal that could live 20 years. We love him and he will always be the crown jewel and the most beautiful joy of our lives.

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