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Testimonials...  2015 

Testimonials are requested from each and every one of our clients and are posted in their entirety without any editing by us (just Grammarly).  These clients have also graciously offered to be contactable via email if you have any questions regarding their testimonial or their kitten(s).  We try to be totally transparent here at BTC.

Janice, Newark, CA, "Thaiya & Thaiphoon", seal point male and female (Elsa & Bjorn, 09/15) 

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our kittens.  Thaiya and Thaiphoon are such loving, friendly and curious kittens.  They are beautiful living statues in our home and have wonderful personalities.  Simply the best we could have hoped for.  They have endless energy to play and chase toys with my kids but also like to snuggle and purr with us on the couch.  We are so happy that they are outgoing and greet our visitors and don't mind car rides with us and travel well to Grandma's house.  They have even become celebrities at Grandma's house when we need to go away.  I think many of her friends look forward to their visits.

Anna, Los Altos, CA, "Trouble & Chaos", seal point males (Elsa & Bjorn, 09/15)

Trouble & Chaos have been a wonderful addition to our family.  They are curious, intelligent, and active – which means that they are living up to their names.  It is great fun to watch them interact, whether they are play-fighting, chasing each other around the house, or curled up together for a nap. Trouble has the loudest purr of any cat I’ve ever known.  Chaos likes to play fetch.  They both run on a cat wheel, which they learned to use all on their own as kittens.  Both cats are talkative, and will let you know when they are unhappy with the level of service in the house.  Trouble & Chaos are without a doubt the most beautiful, affectionate, and friendliest cats I’ve ever had.  They have a Facebook page: Thank you Tom and family for such lovable cats!

Sheila, Atlanta, GA, "Jake & Elwood" (The Blues Brothers), blue point males (Elsa & Bjorn, 04/15) 

Note to ALL Future Parents/Clients interested in a BLACK THAI CATTERY Kitten, I MUST tell you that these kittens are "EXCEPTIONAL" in Every Way!  Your first encounter will tell you they have been Lovingly Raised by Tom's family.  Their Temperament is Incredibly Soft & Sweet.  (Their purrrrrrr will just Melt your heart!).  I was anxious about them playing with my Rottweiler (Huge and tiny) however it went without a hitch!  They were all fast friends, it was beautiful to watch.  They just want to "be your Everything" and go Everywhere you are!!  How can you NOT love that? !  So, If you are looking for a "Companion on your Life's Journey", that will  "Love You" Unconditionally, "Brighten" your Every day and  "Tell You how Much they've Missed you" while you were gone...then, Your Search Is OVER!!  Get Ready to "bring home two" like I did!!!  And, I am SOOOO GLAD I DID.

Yes, Jake & Elwood who have Successfully STOLEN My Heart like NO OTHER !  As a Former Siamese Cat Breeder myself I can say with 100% conviction that BLACK THAI CATTERY'S "Quality of Kitten" is SUPERB--the BEST I've seen in a LONG time.  I have loved these cats for a very long time and have owned several.  BTC Kittens are "AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL" and their Temperaments~ LOVINGLY SWEET to ensure the very best companion you could wish for!

Corki, Claremont, CA, "Figaro", seal point male (Elsa & Bjorn, 04/15)

Just wanted to let you know how much we love Figaro.  He will be five months old on September 22, 2015.  It's hard to believe he is still so young.  He has become the light of our lives and has helped me so much in dealing with the death of my beloved Siamese cat Phoebe.  It was a miracle that you called and had a seal point baby available.  His parents Bjorn and Elsa must be the best as Figaro is such a wonderful kitten.  He is so affectionate and loving.  He is bold and courageous, exploring everything and befriending even our Vizsla Riley.  He has an even-tempered personality, and is much calmer than many of the other kittens I have had. I was away for three days and he stayed at a cat "spa".  Everyone at the place fell in love with him!  He is very vocal and let's us know exactly how he feels about something!  So much fun!

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