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Thai Cats are Back Baby!

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Welcome to  Black  Thai  Cattery!

 The most confident kittens 

 you'll ever find! 

Since you made it here to our website you should consider yourself very fortunate. 

Nobody we know raises their kittens like us. We have truly amazing kittens!

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Our Thai (Old Style Siamese) kittens are hand raised in our large home and we now have several litters a year, spaced out appropriately, so all of the kittens get plenty of nurturing and attention. We give them the run of the house after they have been litter trained at around the age of 6 weeks. At this point, they also start taking a lot of trips with us - field trips, other clients' homes, and to relatives' birthday parties and family get-togethers. They all get very accustomed to and comfortable with riding in vehicles. 

The kittens are flanked by my two daughters, ages 16 and 15 years old, our queens and kings, and our two Basenji dogs, Destiny (3 yrs) and Chance (1 yr), are also a big part of the dynamics and mix. This results in our kittens being exceptionally well-socialized top to bottom, right from the beginning. This nurturing affects the kittens for the rest of their lives and it cannot be done as they get older. All of this ensures that the kittens will join and become part of your family as a companion, more than a pet.


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Part of the family. . .

While your experiences might be different (very unlikely), I can tell you that our cats enjoy greeting visitors, attending family functions, riding in cars, walking on a leash (with a little training), playing fetch, and consistently following us around the house. They are great with young kids and other cats and dogs. They are not fazed by busy and chaotic households.

However, BEWARE! You will never do anything alone again! They will be underfoot, in your lap, and want to sit on your shoulder or chest. They will sleep on or near you most of the time. They will be a significant part of your family and will require an appropriate amount of attention. It is very important that they have a constant companion of another age-appropriate feline since they are so socialized.

Additionally, Thais can live between 15 to 20 years.  

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The Thai breed (and native wichianmat specimens) have a much more customary cat appearance, with rounder eyes, face and body, and normal-sized ears, compared to the "new-style" Siamese breed, which is remarkably almond-eyed, thin-faced, thin-bodied, and large-eared, having little in common with the traditional variety other than point coloration.  

In 2006 a proposal went forward to recognize the Old-style Siamese as "Thai" in The International Cat Association (TICA),[6] and proponents of the old look met in Hannover, Germany, to introduce the Thai breed proposal. From 2007–2010 this very old breed moved through the New Breed process in TICA, requiring documentation of active breeders, registration of cats and litters and showing cats in many different regions. On January 20, 2010, the TICA board voted to advance the Thai to Championship status beginning on May 1, 2010.[7] On that date, the Thai began competing along with the other breeds in TICA Championship classes.

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